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Arcade.xml error (fixed but reporting issue)


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Hey all - first post...

Love the product, been using for about a month...recently did the upgrade to 10.1 per the pop-up/recommendation.

Wanted to report an Arcade.xml error that happened.  I've since restored from backup file, but was curious why this may have occurred?  There wasn't a power outage but I did force a reboot / reset because the system became unresponsive navigating via big box via my only interface connected at the time (a game pad)

I assume when something like that happens I need to attempt a safe shut down via whatever means possible else run the risk of corrupting the XMLs?

XML is here if needed for reference: https://mega.nz/#!4AVxHAIK!PcYdn2Lvv26tZdP7pcVtmE92sT7KVtbvPXT4HIM6ocA

lb error.png

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