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More Gold! Got (another) Sony PS3 "Other OS" Settlement Check!

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...all whopping  $3.02 of it which brings my total haul to $13.09 (got $10.07 last year). The original claim per the class action was "up to $65". For those who may not recall/or were not around for the whole ordeal see link here:


Now I wasn't delusional that would get the much (if anything).  However, I always find these class action settlements "educational" from perspective of how long the legal system takes to work through all this. This claim form was submitted in October 2016. Sony was sued in 2011 and the final settlement was in 2017.  I think I bought my "fat" PS3 ~2009 (which still have).  For the original claim (~2014),  I had to submit a scan of the boot disc showing it was used for multiple OS capability. Of course, that was a hilarious requirement since you could just label any old CD-R disc and scan it to "count".  Ultimately the judge threw out the original claim process saying it was too complicated and that there wasn't enough money (originally $55) going to claimants.  The 2016 era settlement required you show your serial number (or PS3 gamer ID) and "attest" you knew/used the OS function.  Obviously, the lawyers burning through 9 years of billable left little left for the settlement.  I was never that worked up with Sony on this since I treated the other OS capability as a curiosity. But it is an example of how these cases are meaningless from compensation to end users (witness the abomination of the Equifax settlement). 

Anyway, off to go pickup a "King Size" KitKat with my additional bounty, just in time for Halloween.  😀



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