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Short question about importing files


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Dear arcade fans,

I have a short question.

I am (as we speak) importing an Amiga 500 games folder. The folder structure is:

\Launchbox\Games\Amiga 500\A\all games starting with (B)

\Launchbox\Games\Amiga 500\B\all games starting with (B); etc.


After 15 minutes Launchbox finished populating all games (default import process). But what are exactly the criteria for importing files? 

I ask this, because I expected a game list with ony the name of the games.

Now I am getting a huge list with all kind of files (please see screenshot). So now I am hesitating if I must continue this import process (takes days). 

Does anybody has a suggestion? Thank you in advance!! ? ?


Best regards,





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  1. You have multiple files that are duplicates (anything with (1) info files).  So LB will not prune those out if duplicated if told it to pull in *.info files.  LB doesn't have enough information in what is named above to match anything. It either needs the file name or the directory name to match (excepting MAME).  So LB will be completely confused on what you have in your screenshot. See #2.
  2. It appears the set you have in the screen snap is a WHDLoad game set that was unzipped from the source *.lha files.  Those are managed differently and will not import directly. See info at FS-UAE site.  FS-UAE uses a matching system to compare the games using checksums (very slick).  The screen shot below shows a WHDLoad set I have. Notice they are all still zipped (in *.lha extension). If you look inside the zip you see an Info and Folder.  Looks to me like these were all unzipped which is why have a zillion *.info files.  FS-UAE manages them in compressed form (think like MAME does). See this LB thread on how to take FS-UAE pointer files generated by its launcher to import into LB.   Other emulators will be different.....

image.thumb.png.6322b33f71ce474d2ecbf25d73f32d57.png3. What is referred to above by Lou is an ADF set.  That will look like this (see snap below).  So those will import as noted above since typically either the name of directory or the name of the game is enough for LB to match.  If for some reason they are not, then you are in for a long slog to rename the files to what the game is by title if not using a checksum method like in #2.


Ultimately for any import set (excluding MAME) it needs enough of the name in the file to be able to match.  I would try and make sure your emulator your are using (wasn't indicated in post) that you can run the files you have outside LB first and then import after you sure your set is working and in correct directory path.   Edit. If have a MAME Software set, then the Amiga files are (mostly) in ADF format (with some IPF) within the zip files. 



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Hello Lou silver and Sundogak,

My apologies for the late response... It was a busy week.. ?

But first. --> I like to thank you for the extensive feedback. This is highly appreciated. ?

Based on you information a rearranged the source files, so now I can make a solid start with importing the Commodore games.

And yes, you were correct. At the beginning I extracted all the source files, so this made a mess. I will start over again and I think everything will work out fine (based on you information).

Have a nice (arcade) weekend!


Best regards,




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