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Commodore VIC-20 is a mess


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I have 5 formats in my set, CRT, D64, PRG, T64, TAP

With WinVice i have figured out i have to change either block type or tape type to get a game working

When i got a game running with correct settings, how do i keep seetings for that particular game, when next game demands another setting?

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My biggest struggle now is multidisc, i think i have found the solution explained here


d64/tap/prg: -fullscreen -autostart

crt: -fullscreen -cartgeneric


Multipart: A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6


It starts at 13:00, this should be the solution for multidisc, but i don't get it working?

Im trying to get Donkey Kong to work 2 discs



fullscreen -autostart Formatos crt: -fullscreen -cartgeneric Multipart: A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6

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Thanks to the turtorial above i got Donkey Kong to work at least

This is for multidiscs in crt format

This works best with Tosec set

At associated platform type in this


.d64 .tap .prg  > Default Command Line > -fullscreen -autostart

.crt > Default Command Line >-fullscreen -cartgeneric

Multipart  > Default Command Line > A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6


At Default Command-Line Parameters:

-fullscreen -cartgeneric


When that is done, the tricky part then is to create a bat file, this should be place same folder where rom is

My Donkey Kong bat looks like this

"F:\Emulators\VICE\xvic.exe"  -fullscreen  -cart2   "Donkey Kong (1983)(Atarisoft)(NTSC)[2000][multipart].crt"  -cartA   "Donkey Kong (1983)(Atarisoft)(NTSC)[A000][multipart].crt"

-cart2 is becouse of the 2000 and -cartA is for the A000

Add bat file to Launchbox

I understood that part, probably are more tricky with other versions of kombination with numbers and letters on other games



It also works with the prg set Donkey Kong-2000  Donkey Kong-a000




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My method of dealing with multiple disks follows:

There is a feature in vice called fliplists. There is a header, and a list of paths/images. I've not figured out how to make it portable as of yet, as ../ doesnt work.

exampled of command line to add: -fliplist "Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ultima4.vfl

In this example we have a flip list that associates 2 images with one drive, and 2 with another.
filename = ultima4.vfl

# Vice fliplist file

Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4A.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4B.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4C.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4D.D64


A user named Wally pointed out another solution is to use m3u files via retroarch. I've no toyed with this as I prefer the over all power of native vice and multiple versions of vice.

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The issue i had with vic so far is the crt format and multidisc, i solved that problem

I got single discs in crt format to work with C64 forever, outside forever i don't get it to work

There are 4 formats left i see how that turns out

Issue i have left is i have som bad graphics with some games depending how i start them

If i start Capture the flag through Launchbox i get bad graphics

But if i start same game through C64 Forever the graphics is good?



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