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Trying to emulate CD-i, everyone. 

I put the .bin, .cue, and the .chd and the cdimono1 zip file in a folder. 
I tried to open the .chd via the Retroarch Mame emulator (the one that just says MAME and no year) ...and the one with years too but to no avail. 
I have made the right adjustments within MAME where it is set to CDRM, no Setlists, Boot from CLI. 
Do I boot the .cue with just the .chd in the folder or what? Do I boot from command line, if so, how? I will need an explanation from opening up the command line to finish on this one because this is the part on the other forums that seems glossed over a bit. It always seems like they're leaving some info out because everyone that's done CL before already knows those steps, I guess. I know cd means change directory...that's about it. I'm amazed I got the CHD from command line shit working. 
I tried MESS 2014 and MESS 2015 from the RetroArch GUI but I couldn't get it to work. Any help at all would be great. Thanks.

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Take a look at these threads:


This was specific to MAME (not Retroarch):


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