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Second Monitor Issue (Marquees)


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Hi all,

I'm a brand new user that just bought a premium subscription on Black Friday and am loving the simplicity of LaunchBox/BigBox over Hyperspin.  I'm using this on a cabinet with a CRT main monitor and an LCD marquee monitor.  Unfortunately Windows has decided to number them as CRT 2 and LCD 1, presumably because of the ports I'm using on the graphics card.  I have CRT Emudriver configured and am using GroovyMame and Retroarch, which both work great on their own with the CRT monitor.

The main problem I have is that when I exit either Retroarch or Groovymame and come back to BigBox, BigBox is now running on my LCD monitor instead of the CRT where it was running when I launched the game.  I have BigBox configured to use Screen 2 as primary and Screen 1 for marquee.  This happens with both of my emulators.

Any idea how to fix this?

Second unrelated problem:  When I try to refresh my media, duplicate versions of some of the images, particularly marquees, get downloaded and end up in the folder with a different file name (2, 3 etc appended to the name).  The file type and size is typically the exact same as another image already in the same folder.  Any idea why this happens?  I now have tons of duplicate images that I need to deal with.


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I guess I should have searched a bit harder before posting.  I found a post that recommended setting up your primary monitor to the right of your secondary monitor in Windows display settings.  Once I did that my problem with exiting games is solved!

Still having the media refresh issue though.

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