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  1. Thanks man, glad you like them! That's some great work you did there I really like it, you planning to share your creations as well? I'd download and use those for sure I don't have the original images of those tv's and consoles anymore sorry.
  2. SAR: Search And Rescue mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the beautiful artwork) searchar.zip
    Awesome work, thank you so much for your work and sharing these 🤘
  3. Sand Scorpion mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me clean up the artwork) sandscrp.zip
  4. San Francisco Rush: The Rock mame arcade bezel sfrushrk.zip San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing sfrush.zip
  5. Thanks. If everyone just don't reply to the discussion the unnecessary drama will stop.
  6. Guys can we please stop this discussion, no need for this. Let's just enjoy this hobby together and be brotendos
  7. I have always had a preference in graphic design towards the grungy textures. It's the same choice Lucas made with Star Wars (lol), before that Scifi ships where clean as a whistle. The arcades that I went to where dirty as a MFer, in the past and present. These aren't compareable with collectors cabinets. So in the end you could say it's a certain taste that you like or don't, it's all good.
  8. Samurai Aces aka Sengoku Ace mame arcade bezel samuraia.zip
  9. Sakura Taisen: Hanagumi Taisen Columns mame arcade bezel hanagumi.zip
  10. S.V.G.: Spectral vs Generation mame arcade bezel svg.zip
  11. I think i've found an issue, when in unread posts page on a tablet I can't find the link/button to set option mark all as read. It does work on pc though.
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