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  1. I use outdated software for this called PhotoImpact, most people never heared of this so I guess it would be for a very select few then, it would cost me too much time to make a good tutorial where anyone could understand it and the questions that would follow would require additional time so I wont be doing this sorry I just dont want to spend all that time I can use to work on my projects. Its better if people that want to learn this would read the manual for the graphical software they use and basic tutorials to get started, i've been doing this since 1999 so it took some time to get where i'm now and explain it all lol. Now I first have to get my pc back on track.
  2. I had the same problem during the spectre/meltdown crisis, after I reinstalled everything I came to the conclusion all I had to do was to turn off safe boot, a little to late. But it doesnt work this time, I was able to see my data is still there but there is something very wrong with windows and even with a usb key I cant choose to keep my data, I really cant loose any data at this stage (didnt backup as often) so I guess I'll have to go to a pc shop to secure it. Ps I did find someone with the same problem as me, I only wish many more have this problem so it gets fixed soon but I guess not. Running windows 10 without security updates in the future is too risky for me though. Its a shame as w10 is a great OS but im getting windows millenium vibes slowly but surely due to these terrible updates.
  3. Thanks but its worse than I ever experienced before, nothing of the basic restore things will work, cant go into safe mode, cant restore windows with files being kept. I'll try to make a recovery usb drive, that did the trick in the past. Maybe its faulty hardware as I checked if other people had the same problems online after recent updates but I cant find one, only that a few people couldnt install the newest update which is also the case for me. Man im bummed out now, hate this shit.
  4. No updates for a while, having serious pc problems after friggin windows update getting bsod at boot, seems I have to reinstall everything incl windows
  5. According to my calculations you'll see them all within 1 to 1.5 years lol sorry if I crushed your dreams a bit more haha
  6. I've got 0.198 as well but it is working for me, although the sound is a bit trebble-ish. Haven't played it for real but I dont think youre missing much.
  7. Actually... *pushes up imaginary goggles*: 128 bezels to go before Double Dragon 🤓
  8. Champion Wrestler champwr.zip I stitched this bezel together from ebay photos, in case you can use it:
  9. You can select all other games/systems than neogeo and hide them, but im not sure if that is what you want.
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