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  1. Time Soldiers aka Battle Field mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the artwork, it was a tough one, hope you like the result) timesold.zip
  2. Tiger Road mame arcade bezel (Thanks to @Mr. Do for letting me restore the artwork, scan by CAG) tigeroad.zip
  3. Yep adding the background transparency did the trick thanks to @faeran! I'll add the theme in just a few minutes.
  4. Good to hear man, all is well over here as well Thanks for finding it, I won't be changing this for my own setup or the theme itself as I see windows media player as something of the past lol hold on, @C-Beats sorry to disturb you but do you know if there is something we can do to have the video player in launchbox without black bars in 16:9 video's? A line of code or parameter setting?
  5. Hey @Kondorito long time no see bro, hope you're well and thanks for helping out man
  6. We could ask Jason or C-Beats but personally I don't want to disturb them as they are so busy. Almost all of my videos are in 4:3 but thats because I haven't started to import 16:9 systems yet.
  7. Oh this is the launchbox theme (this thread is for the big box theme lol ) I see what you mean, I also have black bars in 16:9, seems the video controller keeps a 4:3 aspect ratio, I don't see any settings/parameters I can change.
  8. Thanks, can you explain in better detail what you mean? Thanks man I don't know if there is an easy parameter you could set to do this, if not then I would have to create a custom theme and I don't have the time to do that sorry. I do honestly think it wouldn't look good, not a fan of stretched video myself.
  9. Thundercade aka Twin Formation mame arcade bezel tndrcade.zip
  10. Windows works the same way a ps4 would (as far as my experiences go) when you activate a controller it will act as player 1, second controller activated will be player 2. In your situation a simple swap controllers in person would suffice.
  11. Thunder Dragon mame arcade bezel tdragon.zip Feel free to use in your projects:
  12. Update: Thunder & Lightning mame arcade bezel (the correct instruction flyer instead of ad flyers) thunderl.zip
  13. While we thought yesterday she was declining in health, she finally started eating more and her energy level rises, also the other cat is eating more again, the vet thinks they may have some kind of virus. Things are slowly looking good again
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