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Close Window key mapping is using generalized Key mapping instead of controller specific.


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Hey All, 

Hopefully this is a nice quick thing im missing. I have a console build i am creating that has 4 players with Sanwa Joysticks and generic buttons, that feed into 4 usb controllers which are then plugged into the computer. 

Mapping has been really easy with one caveat. When i got the buttons and joysticks i wanted to do a quick temporary setup with 2 controllers to see how everything was going to be laid out and everything works and iron out the kinks. When i plugged in the buttons into the boards there is 12 ports available for use per board for buttons plus auto turbo clear and mode (these only have 2 pins), the action buttons used ports 1-8 on each of the 2 buttons. Then port 10 and 11 on board 1 i put in the coin and start, on port 12 i did the "Exit" (close window) button. On Board 2, i did all the same except for the coin and player button i put on port 11 and 12.  Heres where the problem lies within launchbox. 

Within launch box when you go into the key mappings to set the exit button (close active window) it maps to "Key 10" (for instance). Key 10 is a generalized button which makes sense if you have something like an xbox controller that either controller should have a dedicated button. However, on a button and joystick setup, this would mean that any button i map within launchbox (bigbox) would effectively null out any of the other 3 boards because of the generalized "key 10" . Within MAME when you press the button it would say something like "Joy 1 Button 10" which is a specific mapping. 

The problem that caused me to find this out was that when i went to press player 2 coin, it would exit the game. So to get around it i just unplugged port 12 on the second board and chose a different slot. 

Anyone had issues with this? Im not sure how much this is going to effect my final setup as i plan on having 3 generalized buttons (Close WIndow (for exiting game), Tab (for bringing up mame window), and delete (for a mistyped keymapping and needing to clear it))

Thanks for the help. 



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21 minutes ago, tpunx99gsx said:

Hmm i do have something to try, Perhaps ill use a hold action in controller automation for the close window, (which would be nice anyway.) set to that one. and perhaps that would solve my issue. 

This is by design, at least at the moment. In the options you can select one specific controller or use all available, if you choose the all attached option then yes there is no differentiation between joy 1, joy 2 etc. Bare in mind what you set in Launchbox/Bigbox is only used there and does not pertain to emulators.

I would suggest setting up the combo anyway for exiting so you have to use two buttons, hitting just the one to exit may be too easy to hit when four players are huddled around hammering away at it.

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