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Android version 0.31 Not launching games in restricted profile using retroarch


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I am trying to setup a retro arcade for my kids using NVIDIA Shield TV pro (2019) (Stock.  NOT rooted).  I am using retroarch to launch all games.  Even MAME games using 32-bit retroarch per recommendations in the app.  All of this works fine under the owner account but I don't want kids accessing file managers and other apps unsupervised.  So I created a restricted profile.  I went through the exact same setup process on the restricted profile and I can get MAME games to work only if I use MAME4DROID as the app to play MAME.  This is less than desirable.  If I try to use 32-bit retroarch for MAME or if I try using Play Store version of retroach with nestopia core for my NES games, Launchbox will not launch under the restricted profile.  I get a black screen forever unless I hit some buttons on controller and after 15 seconds or so it will return to Launchbox. app.    I have enabled all applications in the restricted profile in attempts to see if one of the apps is preventing Launchbox from launching the games using retroarch but this has not helped.  Again, there seems to be some issue with Launchbox getting Retroach to launch a game because under the restricted profile, using retroach by itself, it launches all the games without a problem.  It would be great to be able to get Launchbox to launch the games through retroarch on a restricted profile.   

Best regards and thank you for any troubleshooting/feature consideration.  This issue should be very easy to duplicate.  If not, let me know and perhaps you can help me get you some logs or something to help troubleshoot if you cannot reproduce the issue.  In the meantime, I just logged out of google account, and Netflix and removed all file managers to make it kid friendly, albeit inconvenient.

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