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What does this solve:



Upon execution of the script, it will unarchive any 7z, Zip, Rar files you have & get the CRC-32 value of the file, then use this to download the correct xDelta patch, then apply the patch. Then afterwords you will need to process the resulting file with ClrMamePro & DAT from No-Intro for proper naming and archiving.


  1. Install 7zip if it's not already installed on your system.
  2. Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked.
  3. Now Right Click on Desktop and select "New\Folder" from the context menu, and Rename it "NDS Rom Update".
  4. Now open the folder "NDS Rom Update" and Right Click on it's background and select "New\Folder" from the context menu, and Rename it "Bin".
  5. Now once again Rick Click on the folders background and select "New\Folder" from the context menu, and Rename it "Fix".
  6. Now download & extract xDelta into "Bin" folder.
  7. Now download the AutoIt script "NDS Rom Update.au3" from this thread and save it to "NDS Rom Update" folder on your Desktop.
  8. Now open Windows Explorer or whatever your favorite File Manager happens to be and navigate the location of your ClrMamePro backups. i.e. "C:\Program Files\clrmamepro\backup\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo DS (Decrypted)\"
  9. Now copy all the files there and any that might be under a folder called "_unknown" to your "Fix" folder.
  10. Now finally execute the AutoIt script "NDS Rom Update.au3" by Double Clicking it and if all went well after some time you'll get a dialog box saying the batch has completed...and you should have the resulting files in a new folder called "Fixed"

Next time you run ClrMamePro use "Add-Paths" under Settings to add Fixed as one of the paths, you'll also need to check "Use Add-Paths" under ReBuilder then when you press the "Rebuild..." button it should pull in the new files.

This is an old script of mine...and basically forgot about it...till I just did an audited on my NDS roms...600 M.I.A....ran this..did another audit...came down to about 200 M.I.A....so a big improvement. Your mileage will most certainly very.

NDS Rom Update.au3

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