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  1. Not sure how that could be...as I send a command line string to CHDMan myself...the only thing I do while it's processing is peek at it's error stream to be able to display a progress dialog. Maybe you are running a x64 CHDMan and it's making better use of your memory and/or CPU...if that is the case swap CHDMan.exe's and it should result in more or less the same time. I'm doing a few more call's & doing more setup than CMD...but the difference should be Nano-Seconds. Past that...are you feeding my App Zip/Rar/7z...but only feeding CMD GDI...because that would be an unfair comparison...as decompressing stuff doesn't come free....time is involved. If doing GDI in both...mine will be slower as I said...but again only by a few nanoseconds or at most a couple of milliseconds. Look at the source code...I'm not doing anything crazy to CHDman to slow it down. I'll look into it all the same...but there should be no real measurable difference.
  2. If you are using a RetroArch core for SegaCD then you can probably use CHD conversions. File sizes should be close to that of RAR. A tool can be found here.
  3. Late to the show I see...but there is an update for GDI2CHD Only took me 9 years to get around to it. :) This is a Beta...some cosmetic stuff needs to be done and a few more features added. @ Thatman84 "CHDman FE" works with v5 syntax...but it's currently more limited in what it can do vs GDI2CHD v2...mostly because I haven't updated that (CHDman FE) in like 8 years. However whats left to cover that CHDman supports, is really only for those dumping games. However AntoPISA will probably want those features since I'm back at it again for the time being.
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