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Duplicate ROM folders after import


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Hi, I am resetting up my Launchbox for about the 100th time now (Was very close to selling gaming PC, but decided not to.) But now I am having a problem that I have had before, but somehow messed around with it until I got it. This time however, I would like to know why this is happening. 

When I import a ROM folder into Launchbox, I choose to leave the files where they are. But afterwards I find that it has created a duplicate folder, although it is named slightly differently. For example, I had my folder of Gameboy games named "Nintendo - Gameboy" in my Games folder. After the import, there was a new folder named "Nintendo Gameboy" (no dash), which was empty, and the original folder "Nintendo - Gameboy" which still had the games in it.

Why does this happen? I really dont want any more folders in there than I have to, especially if they are empty.

Thank you.

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37 minutes ago, UncleDaddySwiss said:

Is it a folder naming problem? Do the game folders need to be named a certain way? 

Launchbox creates those folders to keep the portable nature of LB functioning right. Those would be the default folders created if you had roms stored in another area and on import chose to move the roms to the Launchbox structure. The folders are named by the Launchbox default system names that way as long as the games are in those folder names you would never need to remap rom location folders if you move LB around to another folder location or another pc.  

So I would recommend if you are using the \Games folder to house roms name the folders the way Launchbox wants them. 

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Thanks for the reply, I do keep my games in the Lauchbox\Games folder, and chose to keep them there during import. Is there any way to know how Launchbox wants me to name them beforehand? Right now the [platform].xml file, platform management in Launchbox, and the game edit dialog all have different paths. Which is the one I should go by?

Thanks again.


(I did already mass edit the [platform].xml files using Notepad++, while Launchbox was closed.

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