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GPD XD + Wont Import Games Directly

Mikey Mo

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Not sure if I should post this at the end of the "CRASHES WHEN IMPORTING GAMES" Thread or not. If so I will gladly move this...

Hello there. Very new to emulation, and new to the community. I have 2 GPD XD+. I bricked the first one trying to install clean ROM. Bought another and Now I cant get it to load and play any roms smoothly through launchbox. I have tried loading through my windows PC and had tons of issues (im not computer savy) Now when i try to load directly on the device (thanks to the new update) i get the same crash issue and message as everyone states in the "CRASHES WHEN IMPORTING GAMES" Thread. It will crash the app and force me to close.

I hooked up my old android phone just to see if maybe I didn't know how to do it properly and I was able to load and play games through it. So I know HOW to correctly do it, but something is not working with my handheld. Thanks in advance. I guess I'm asking if anyone knows if the awesome developers have figured out how to make this work on the GPD XD +? Maybe I am doing something wrong.  

I have created a "Games" folder in the root of my SD card. I have tried moving Launchbox to the internal storage. still nothing.

I know I am new but I want to express my gratitude to EVERYONE involved in the creation, distribution and customer support/service of this awesome hobby.

THanks for everything you do for the community. Mike



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