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Capcom plays in standalone but not in launchbox mame 0.201


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all games play fine when launched in standalone mame 64 application   0.201  is the set... split merged also using the 0.201 emaulator 64bit

all games play fine inside launchbox when the entire rom set of over 2000 roms is imported to launchbox. 

Here is where my problem lies...  I only want to use about 200 games in my mame setup so I pick and choose them to import.  90 percent will play fine,but some games will not load without having the full set imported.   I am assuming some files are needed to be in the mame roms folder that is not there when I pick choose.  below are the games that give issues when the entire set is not stored in the folder.   I do not want to have the entire set on my hard drive because I am using a 120gb ssd


alien vs predator  missing avsp.key not found

alien vs predator dl-1425.bin  Q sound not sound

the punisher similar errors

street fighter alpha and  ex and ex plus will not load at all

mk 4 will not load


all these games will load inside launchbox when full set of over 2000 is imported, so I cant figure out the missing files to add to my custom set of 200 roms that will allow these few oddball roms to load.    I have tried adding any folder that had the letters cp or cps in the file name.  I tried adding the qsound folder to the rom list.   im stumped.


any help would be appreciated



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The missing dl-1425.bin qsound error can be fixed by adding the device qsound_hle.zip, which should be in your full 0.201 romset.
All Capcom 1 and Capcom 2 games use this qsound_hle.zip device.

In addition, all Capcom 2 games need a unique key file named after the game rom.
These key files normally come with the game roms, at least they do with my split set.

Alien Vs Predator needs both a key file and qsound_hle.zip

The Punisher needs qsound_hle.zip

Mortal Kombat 4 needs the device tms32032.zip

Street Fighter Alpha needs qsound_hle.zip

Street Fighter Ex and Street Fighter Ex Plus both need the two devices coh1000c.zip and qsound_hle.zip

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