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Some Emulators for Android


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OK, so, I thought I would list every emulator I can think of that is in android appstore

My Boy! (Game Boy Advance)

Dolphin (GameCube/Wii)

RetroArch (Multi)

ePSXe (PlayStation)

Mupen64Plus FZ (Nintendo 64)

My OldBoy! (Game Boy/Game Boy Color)

Drastic (Nintendo DS)


ClassicBoy (Multi)

DamonPS2 (PlayStation 2)

Reicast (Dreamcast)

MAME4droid (Arcade, anything else MAME supports)

SuperMD (Genesis)

Speccy (ZX Spectrum)

redream (Dreamcast)

Yaba Sanshiro (Saturn)

Nostalgia.NES (NES)

Nostalgia.GBA (Game Boy Advance)

Beebdroid (BBC Micro)

Spectaculator (ZX Spectrum)

ColEm (ColecoVision)

Hataroid (Atari ST/XL/Falcon/XEGS)

PCE.emu (TurboGrafx-16)

MD.emu (Genesis)

mGBA (Game Boy Advance)

Nostalgia.GG (Game Gear)

Chipfinity (Chip-8)

FPse (PlayStation)

2600.emu (Atari 2600)

WonderDroid X (WonderSwan)

Frodo C64 (Commodore 64)

Nostalgia.GBC (Game Boy/Game Boy Color)

NEO.emu (Neo Geo)

GBC.emu (Game Boy/Game Boy Color)

NGP.emu (Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color)

C64.emu (Commodore 64)

UAE4Droid (Amiga)

MSX.emu (MSX)

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