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    So, I was getting the newest LaunchBox beta when my antivirus completely deleted the .exe file! I had to reinstall LaunchBox AND I lost all my data! It thought the file was "suspicious" despite that it's been fine for MONTHS! Update: I am working on re-adding everything. Update 2: So far I have gotten my Windows, Atari 2600, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games added back as of writing this.
  2. I think romcenter is a frontend, unlike retroarch. Romcenter comes with emulators. Yabause, Dolphin, and more. Retroarch uses cores.
  3. (oof I remembered wrong about the -cart1 thing.)
  4. (I don't have bezels though sorry. I usually look for title screens, clear logos and boxart, which I have for all my game.com games (I have 6 of them)
  5. IK HOW! Set command line perimeters to -gamecom -cart
  6. I'm making this topic/thread to show the progress of my ROM hacks. First: My Sonic 1 level layout hack is going pretty well. Second: Cream in Sonic 1 - I have finished the first sprite (I can't change moveset cause idk how D:) I made the sprite with a combination of GIMP, Sonic Tweaker and Sonik Sprite.Cream (Genesis Palette).bmp
  7. Wait.. you need a BIOS for DD in Mupen in RetroArch?
  8. SonicFan53

    My Setup

    I only have like 4 intellivision games. i'm assuming u have MANY more than that.
  9. SonicFan53

    My Setup

    If you wanna know what games I have on a specific system, name it.
  10. You COULD put all your files in a flash drive, install a new windows 10, then put them back?
  11. Maybe some other external application accidentally deleted them?
  12. I meant game-specific command-line parameters
  13. OK. (FYI I was the one that brought up game-specific settings in launchbox)
  14. hmmm.. maybe try going into that game's settings?
  15. OK, so, I thought I would list every emulator I can think of that is in android appstore My Boy! (Game Boy Advance) Dolphin (GameCube/Wii) RetroArch (Multi) ePSXe (PlayStation) Mupen64Plus FZ (Nintendo 64) My OldBoy! (Game Boy/Game Boy Color) Drastic (Nintendo DS) PPSSPP (PSP) ClassicBoy (Multi) DamonPS2 (PlayStation 2) Reicast (Dreamcast) MAME4droid (Arcade, anything else MAME supports) SuperMD (Genesis) Speccy (ZX Spectrum) redream (Dreamcast) Yaba Sanshiro (Saturn) Nostalgia.NES (NES) Nostalgia.GBA (Game Boy Advance) Beebdroid (BBC Micro) Spectaculator (ZX Spectrum) ColEm (ColecoVision) Hataroid (Atari ST/XL/Falcon/XEGS) PCE.emu (TurboGrafx-16) MD.emu (Genesis) mGBA (Game Boy Advance) Nostalgia.GG (Game Gear) Chipfinity (Chip-8) FPse (PlayStation) 2600.emu (Atari 2600) WonderDroid X (WonderSwan) Frodo C64 (Commodore 64) Nostalgia.GBC (Game Boy/Game Boy Color) NEO.emu (Neo Geo) GBC.emu (Game Boy/Game Boy Color) NGP.emu (Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color) C64.emu (Commodore 64) UAE4Droid (Amiga) MSX.emu (MSX)
  16. SonicFan53

    My Setup

    OK, so, I thought I would post something detailing my LaunchBox setup: The systems I play, emulators that I use, and some miscellaneous things. Systems 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Emulator: RetroArch 4DO) Amstrad CPC (Emulator: RetroArch Caprice) Amstrad GX4000 (Emulator: MAME) Arcade (Emulator: MAME) Atari 2600 (Emulator: RetroArch Stella) Atari 5200 (Emulator: Altirra) Atari 7800 (Emulator: RetroArch ProSystem) Atari 800 (Emulator: Altirra) Atari Jaguar (Emulator: RetroArch Virtual Jaguar) Atari Lynx (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle Handy) Atari ST (Emulator: RetroArch Hatari) Capcom Play System 1 (Custom/Emulator: RetroArch Final Burn Alpha 2012 CPS1) Capcom Play System 2 (Custom/Emulator: RetroArch Final Burn Alpha 2012 CPS2) Capcom Play System 3 (Custom/Emulator: RetroArch Final Burn Alpha 2012) Casio PV-1000 (Emulator: MAME) ColecoVision (Emulator: RetroArch blueMSX) Commodore 128 (Emulator: RetroArch Vice x128) Commodore 64 (Emulator: RetroArch Vice x64) Commodore Amiga (Emulator: RetroArch pUAE) Commodore Plus 4 (Emulator: RetroArch Vice xplus4) Commodore VIC-20 (Emulator: RetroArch Vice xvic) DOOM (Custom/Engine: RetroArch prboom) Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Emulator: WinArcadia) Entex Adventure Vision (Emulator: AdVi) Epoch Game Pocket Computer (Emulator: MAME) Epoch Super Cassette Vision (Emulator: MAME) Fairchild Channel F (Emulator: MAME) Funtech Super Acan (Emulator: MAME) Gamate (Custom/Emulator: MAME) GCE Vectrex (Emulator: RetroArch vecx) Genesis, Master System and Sega CD ROM Hacks and Homebrew (Custom/Emulator: Kega Fusion) Lutro (Custom/Engine: RetroArch Lutro) Magnavox Odyssey 2 (Emulator: RetroArch O2EM) Mattel Intellivision (Emulator: RetroArch FreeIntv) Mega Duck (Emulator: MAME) Microsoft MSX (Emulator: RetroArch blueMSX) Microsoft Xbox (Emulator: CXBX Reloaded) Milton Bradley MicroVision (Custom/Emulator: MAME) MS-DOS (Emulator: RetroArch DOSBox) Namco System 22 (Emulator: MAME) NEC PC-8801 (Emulator: RetroArch Quasi88) NEC PC-FX (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle PC-FX) NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle PCE) NEC TurboGrafx-CD (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle PCE) Nintendo 3DS (Emulator: RetroArch Citra) Nintendo 64 (Emulator: Project64) Nintendo DS (Emulator: RetroArch DeSmuME) Nintendo Entertainment System (Emulator: RetroArch Nestopia UE) Nintendo Famicom Disk System (Emulator: RetroArch FCEUmm) Nintendo Game & Watch (Emulator: RetroArch GW) Nintendo Game Boy (Emulator: RetroArch Gambatte) Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Emulator: RetroArch VBA Next) Nintendo Game Boy Color (Emulator: RetroArch Gambatte) Nintendo GameCube (Emulator: Dolphin) Nintendo Pokémon Mini (Emulator: RetroArch PokeMini) Nintendo Satellaview (Emulator: RetroArch Snes9x) Nintendo Virtual Boy (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle VB) Nintendo Wii (Emulator: Dolphin) PC Engine SuperGrafx (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle PCE) Philips Videopac+ (Emulator: RetroArch O2EM) Sega 32X (Emulator: RetroArch PicoDrive) Sega Dreamcast (Emulator: RetroArch Flycast) Sega Dreamcast VMU (Emulator: ElysianVMU) Sega Game Gear (Emulator: Kega Fusion) Sega Genesis (Emulator: Kega Fusion) Sega Master System (Emulator: Kega Fusion) Sega Model 2 (Emulator: Model 2 Emulator) Sega Model 3 (Emulator: Supermodel) Sega Naomi (Emulator: RetroArch Flycast) Sega Pico (Emulator: Kega Fusion) Sega Saturn (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle Saturn) Sega SC-3000 (Emulator: RetroArch blueMSX) Sega SG-1000 (Emulator: RetroArch blueMSX) Sharp X68000 (Emulator: RetroArch PX68K) Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Emulator: RetroArch Fuse) Sinclair ZX-81 (Emulator: RetroArch Eighty-One) SNK Neo Geo (Custom/Emulator: RetroArch Final Burn Alpha 2012) SNK Neo Geo CD (Emulator: RetroArch NeoCD) SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle NeoPop) SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle NeoPop) Sony Playstation (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle PSX) Sony PlayStation 2 (Emulator: PCSX2) Sony PSP (Emulator: PPSSPP) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Emulator: RetroArch Snes9x) Tiger Game.com (Emulator: MAME) VTech CreatiVision (Emulator: MAME) Watara Supervision (Emulator: MAME) Web Browser (Launched through Newgrounds Player) Windows (Not Emulated) WonderSwan (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle Cygne) WonderSwan Color (Emulator: RetroArch Beetle Cygne) Miscellaneous Info Amount of Systems in total: 92 Amount of Custom Systems: 9 Amount of Emulators (Not counting each RetroArch core separately and not counting Newgrounds Player): 12 It took me an hour to write all this.
  17. Also, the SuperGrafx is one of the few systems that is complete in the Database. All 7 SuperGrafx compatible games are there.
  18. SonicFan53


    Quick update: got Sega Model 3 working In Supermodel
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