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  1. I've been able to import some Flashpoint games into my LaunchBox Some types (Flash, HTML5 and Java being 3 examples) work and others... just d o n ' t .
  2. I wonder if an Xbox Game Pass importer will be added by the time this update is out of beta .-. (I imagine there's a small chance, but a person can hope)
  3. Tiger R-Zone Release Date: 1995 Discontinued: 1997 Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics The R-Zone is a portable game console (originally head-worn, later handheld) developed and manufactured by Tiger Electronics. The R-Zone was shown at the American International Toy Fair in 1995, and was released later that year. The R-Zone was largely unsuccessful and would only be manufactured for a short period, before being discontinued in 1997. Although the R-Zone was not designed to compete directly with any other handhelds, it marked Tiger Electronics' first multi-game entry into the portable electronic game market. The original R-Zone unit consists of a headset and a separate controller containing batteries. Each game cartridge has its own transparent LCD display screen which is projected onto a mirrored surface held in front of the player's eye. It is thought that this original design, including the red color scheme, was designed to capitalize on popular buzz for the Nintendo Virtual Boy at the time. Three additional versions of the R-Zone were subsequently released: the R-Zone Super Screen, the X.P.G. Xtreme Pocket Game, and the R-Zone "DataZone".
  4. I can think of a way: Maybe add a field in game metadata for whether RetroAchievements is supported, and before making LB able to scrape that, make sure every single game on RetroAchievements has that field set to yes (as in every game that's on RetroAchievements and the database)
  5. SonicFan53

    My Setup

    Well, PP means Preservation Project and Tapes are games that were distributed on Tapes.
  6. cough cough Air Zonk is a good TurboGrafx game cough cough
  7. I actually think there might be one more set of games. (Xbox Game Pass - P L E A S E make it happen Jason)
  8. B e l i e v e m e , I would've never played Defender, Flicky or Galaxian if it hadn't been for this feature!
  9. Why are 32X games in the Genesis platform when there's a 32X platform?
  10. So we can now import Emulated Games, Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games, uPlay and Origin? LaunchBox is always gonna be the absolute best frontend.
  11. Is it possible that the file you've set as the emulator is a file that doesn't exist?
  12. SonicFan53

    My Setup

    The Amiga? It's been a while since I made this post now, and since then, I've HEAVILY reduced my setup. I no longer emulate the Amiga, BUT I emulate the Amiga CD32 using FS-UAE now.
  13. So, first off, the note: There's duplicates of both the Mattel HyperScan and GameWave Family Entertainment System in the DB. Now for the 4 questions that I'm extremely curious about: 1: What was the very first game added to LaunchBox's database? 2: What system was it on? 3: As of now, what is the most recently added system? 4: When was that system added?
  14. So, I put a ton of different game platforms (208 of them, to be exact) into a randomizer. here's the resulting list: Atari 2600 GOG.com Philips VG 5000 Entex Select-A-Game Sega SC-3000 Android Microsoft Xbox 360 Commodore Amiga CD32 Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer Sega Hikaru Atari Jaguar CD Sega System 16 SAM Coupé Exelvision EXL 100 Nintendo Wii U Sharp MZ-2500 Nintendo Famicom Disk System SNK Neo Geo CD Nintendo GameCube Nintendo DS Apple III Sega CD 32X Sharp X1 Microsoft MSX2+ Nintendo Pokémon Mini Microsoft MSX Acorn Archimedes Nintendo Game Boy Advance SNK Neo Geo Pocket NEC PC-FX Sega Master System Amstrad CPC Sega CD Namco System 22 Apple Lisa Othello Multivision Nintendo Game Boy Color VM Labs Nuon Elektronika BK Acorn Atom Atari Jaguar Acorn Electron Nintendo Switch Funtech Super A'can Microsoft Xbox Series X Sony PlayStation 2 SNK Neo Geo AES NEC TurboGrafx-CD Microsoft Xbox One Jupiter Ace Sharp X68000 Epoch Game Pocket Computer Oric Atmos Epoch Cassette Vision Enterprise Atari Pong Apogee BK-01 VTech Socrates Sony PlayStation 4 Aamber Pegasus Sega Game Gear Sony PlayStation Vita Hartung Game Master Sega 32X Atari 5200 Bally Astrocade Interton VC 4000 Linux SNK Neo Geo MVS Nintendo 64DD Exidy Sorcerer Tiger Telematics Gizmondo Sega Pico Bandai Playdia Sony PlayStation 3 TimeTop GameKing BBC Micro Magnavox Odyssey Watara Supervision NEC TurboExpress Dragon 32 NEC SuperGrafx Emerson Arcadia 2001 Microsoft Xbox Sega Nomad ZAPiT GameWave Family Entertainment System Apple Macintosh Nintendo Game Boy Atari 7800 Apple Bandai Pippin Atari Lynx VTech V.Smile Telegames Personal Arcade Capcom Power System Changer Zeebo Sinclair ZX-81 Epoch Super Cassette Vision Commodore VIC-20 Taito Type X Commodore 128 Vector-06C Commodore MAX Machine Lviv PC-01 Tiger R-Zone Casio Loopy Sega Dreamcast Commodore CDTV Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Genesis Nintendo Satellaview NEC TurboGrafx-16 ZiNc Commodore Plus 4 Bandai WonderSwan Tandy TRS-80 APF-MP1000 Nokia N-Gage Amstrad GX4000 GCE Vectrex NEC PC-8801 Sega Model 2 Creatronic Mega Duck Mattel HyperScan VTech V.Flash Apple MacOS Commodore PET Tomy Pyuuta Bandai WonderSwan Color Sega Saturn Atari 800 Memotech MTX512 Sord M5 Coleco ADAM Tapwave Zodiac Nintendo Sufami Turbo Camputers Lynx Fujitsu FM Towns Marty Fujitsu FM-7 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Fairchild Channel F Mattel Intellivision Sony PocketStation Nintendo Virtual Boy Sega ST-V Entex Adventure Vision Sega Triforce Tiger Game.com Sega SG-1000 ColecoVision Epic Games Store Mattel Aquarius Sega Model 1 Nintendo 64 Sega Model 3 Nintendo 3DS Super Nintendo Entertainment System Philips CD-I SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Sega Naomi 2 Pioneer LaserActive Sony PlayStation Portable 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Sega System 32 iQue Player Sega Naomi Texas Instruments TI-99 Sony PlayStation Atari ST Microsoft MSX2 SSD COMPANY LIMITED XaviXPORT Microsoft Windows Sony PlayStation 5 Apple II Apple I Epoch Electrotennis Matra and Hachette Alice Nintendo Game & Watch RCA Studio II Casio PV-1000 Atari XEGS Commodore 64 Games System Sinclair ZX Spectrum Hector HRX Commodore 64 Nintendo Wii Apple iOS GamePark GP32 Milton Bradley MicroVision Philips Videopac+ G7400 Commodore Amiga Sega Dreamcast VMU Apple IIGS Worlds of Wonder Action Max NEC PC-9801 MS-DOS Tomy Pyuuta Jr Sammy Atomiswave Steam BBC Bridge Companion APF Imagination Machine Ouya VTech CreatiVision 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System Radio-86RK Mikrosha Bit Corporation Gamate EACA EG2000 Colour Genie Nintendo Color TV-Game Coleco Telstar
  15. Clear Images View File This zip file contains clear images of as many platforms in the database as I could find, with the ones I couldn't find high quality, transparent ones for listed in a text file. Edit: Forgot to mention, you're free to DM me (On Discord or the forums) if you have any questions about this. (Name on Discord: SonicFan53 (Speedrunner)#4785) Submitter SonicFan53 Submitted 04/11/2020 Category Platform Console Images  
  16. Version 4.0.0


    This zip file contains clear images of as many platforms in the database as I could find, with the ones I couldn't find high quality, transparent ones for listed in a text file. Edit: Forgot to mention, you're free to DM me (On Discord or the forums) if you have any questions about this. (Name on Discord: SonicFan53 (Speedrunner)#4785)
  17. oh. So, say, the Fairchild Channel F game Pinball Challenge, in which the file is pinball.zip, would display scores for the Pinball arcade game?
  18. Wait so you could do it with Genesis/SMS/NES etc. if you have a ROM that matches MAME?
  19. SonicFan53


    So, I'm curious. If you made an emulator, what systems would you want it to emulate? I'd personally go for NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBC, GBA, N64, Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32x, Atari 2600, TurboGrafx-16 and Atari 5200.
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