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  1. I've been able to import some Flashpoint games into my LaunchBox Some types (Flash, HTML5 and Java being 3 examples) work and others... just d o n ' t .
  2. I wonder if an Xbox Game Pass importer will be added by the time this update is out of beta .-. (I imagine there's a small chance, but a person can hope)
  3. Tiger R-Zone Release Date: 1995 Discontinued: 1997 Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics The R-Zone is a portable game console (originally head-worn, later handheld) developed and manufactured by Tiger Electronics. The R-Zone was shown at the American International Toy Fair in 1995, and was released later that year. The R-Zone was largely unsuccessful and would only be manufactured for a short period, before being discontinued in 1997. Although the R-Zone was not designed to compete directly with any other handhelds, it marked Tiger Electronics' first multi-game entry into the po
  4. I can think of a way: Maybe add a field in game metadata for whether RetroAchievements is supported, and before making LB able to scrape that, make sure every single game on RetroAchievements has that field set to yes (as in every game that's on RetroAchievements and the database)
  5. Well, PP means Preservation Project and Tapes are games that were distributed on Tapes.
  6. cough cough Air Zonk is a good TurboGrafx game cough cough
  7. I actually think there might be one more set of games. (Xbox Game Pass - P L E A S E make it happen Jason)
  8. B e l i e v e m e , I would've never played Defender, Flicky or Galaxian if it hadn't been for this feature!
  9. Why are 32X games in the Genesis platform when there's a 32X platform?
  10. So we can now import Emulated Games, Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games, uPlay and Origin? LaunchBox is always gonna be the absolute best frontend.
  11. Is it possible that the file you've set as the emulator is a file that doesn't exist?
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