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[API Question] System Event for Paused?

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Is there any way to tell when the pause menu is loaded? I can't see any System Events for the pause menu.


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Hey @Zaazu

Currently there isnt any plugin support for pause.

Its not ideal but could you add a user control to the pause xaml and use the controls loaded event.

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Again its not ideal... 

If your not to familiar with xaml/wpf im not sure this will be much help. Anyway if you wanna give it a go.

Download this New folder (3).zip

Unblock it.

Move the folder "Default - Copy" to Launchbox/Pause Themes

In "Default - Copy"... If you open Default.xaml in notepad your notice this line:


Near the top. And near the bottom just above </Canvas>, this line:

<tst:TestControl Height="{Binding Source={x:Static SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenHeight}}" Width="{Binding Source={x:Static SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth}}" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"/>

(you cant change BB's default pause theme to include a user control, you have to use a different pause theme or like me just make a copy of the default theme)

Move Test.dll into Launchbox/Plugins.

Open BB and select "default - Copy" from the manage pause themes section.

Load a game, open pause and your get a message box.

The source is included in the zip.

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This is great, thanks, I'll take a look!

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