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So I wrote a quick command line tool, that does what I personally think that Launch box should do.
We should have options on how a program is executed.
It’s written in C# and is on Github feel free to use any of this code to give launchbox some application launching options.


Vidswitch is a simple command line application that allows you to launch a application maximized on any monitor, and can rotates that monitor. (Requires Dotnet 4.0 or higher)

Parameter 1 - Display Number [ 1, 2, 3, 4, .... ]
Parameter 2 - Rotation [ 0, 90, 180, 270 ]
Parameter 3 - Application to launch

Example: vidswitch 2 90 "c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe"
Result: Launches notepad.exe on display 2, flips the monitor 90° and maximizes Notepad.
After Notepad closes, it returns the monitor back to it's starting orientation.



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I've released a update, I forgot to remove my some of my testing parameters. It now does what it suppose to do.
Let me know if you find this useful. Maybe I can see what I can do to make a built in Launchbox Plugin.

I have not look into making a plugin yet, if I can I want to see if I can do this, however I don't I could make BigBox follow these rules.


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So I'm myself I'm building a arcade that rotates between 0,90,270 video positions depending on how a person sits down. Mame/Bigbox is very fixed on a rotation, so is the games and themes.
I have Android games, Pinball, and Arcade games that are suppose to be played in the 90 or 270 position.
So with Retroarch they have some auto rotate functions for 90/270 options for Mame, and using retroarch overlays with them will rotate accordingly . I have that part solved.
However PC Games/Android games i do not, that what I'm trying to do, by adding launch configurations. 

I also have to duplicate LB and BigBox for the 90/270 mode, to support the right orientation of the monitor, and the content. 

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it seems to actually launch notepad lol. (I'm aware that it is the example, but try it out if you don't believe me)

Oh well. Actually I ended up finding a program called "display" that mostly did what i want


it isnt flipping back to 270 after exit though so i need to figure something else out

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