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  1. Thank you this solves my transforming arcade system, now cocktail mode can show both players on each side what's being chosen. However I'm going to have to touch allot of platforms. Anyway we can save a "Group" as "user source" or what I call it a partial view. So I don't have to retouch up the all platforms where the share the same group in common? It would be a nice feature that would save a huge amount of time.
  2. I've been doing my best to help moderate the games database, but some changes / filters would make things easier. First I'm not into a expert in researching all platform games, and have to skip 24 hours allot I've seen too many tiny updates for C64 that are too hard for me to research C64 had so many home brewed stuff . Can we like Moderate by Platform ? Other groups to Moderate by is New Games only, Change Requests, and Deletions. This helps prioritizes things. Plus Add/Change the Games DB seems to be missing some new added fields. For example Controller type should be added. I would like to personally see "Touch" and a combo "Keyboard & Mouse" need to be added as a main controller type. Now I know that additional Genres have come up in the past to add to the main branch. Personally I like to see "First Person Shooter" become one, because too many other types of shooters get into it's way. It would be nice to also have people to create a playlist in the Game DB to share and associate playlist artwork too. Example "Mario Collection" gets a Game DB Id. People add / suggest Mario games to be added to the playlist, as well as artwork just like a real game. If you have game ids that match the global "Mario Collection" list then you will see it in Lauchbox/ bigbox. You can simply ignore me and tell me to shut up I'm fine with that too.
  3. I'm having Fake Rom List issue. My fake rom list generates but stops on Sony Playstation (Final Fantasy VIII.txt) I've tried this on another PC and got the same results using Theme Creator 2.1 and 2.0. Can someone zip up their fake rom list into a zip so I can do other platforms and systems? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  4. Thanks the link to request is: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6250/xbox-game-bar-bigbox-widget Yes the Xbox Controller works seamlessly, However we are talking about the home button, and how Windows is pretty much want to take control of that default behavior. So not 100% seamlessly going forward.
  5. I added this to the feature request. I highly dough this will ever happen. My Luck! Here what I would like to see, It would be nice if you can add a LaunchBox Bigbox widget on the Xbox Game Bar Widget store. The nice features would be: * Starting the BigBox App if not running. * If you are in Game that launch box ran, it can terminate the game and bring focus back to BigBox. * Game Icon and Title of current game launched from BigBox * Image showing Arcade Control Information , or a user chosen image meta data item. Any other community wishes. This would make the xbox controller work more seemless with Bigbox. It will help drive Windows Xbox gamer’s to buy Lunchbox premium once they know what Bigbox can do.
    I love how super fast this theme is compared to the others! I had a few issues and missing platforms that I wanted to address. So I've updated the artwork, backup content.. Maybe the main author would like to implement . Plus attached is alt background if you want to override in Themes\Woodpanels\Media\Background\ folder if you want to change it. WoodPanels 3.4.0 COMMUNITY Project Files - MOD.zip WoodPanels 3.4.0 Mod.zip
  6. You don't have a "touch" controller in lunchbox meta data controller options. I've been building "touch games" theme for big box for people with touch games. I still can't believe no one in this community has any focus on touch arcades with the touch games world we now live in. Anyone can quickly add multi-touch to there arcade with a IR simple overlay. https://www.amazon.com/SpecialTouch-Points-Multi-Touch-Infrared-Touch/dp/B08HQTDVDB/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=IR+touch&qid=1623986783&sr=8-5 Please add this category. Thanks.
  7. When are these community polls? I'm not asking for touch functionality all over big box just the keyboard where it comes useful.
  8. I've built a 40inch touch Bigbox. Everything works except for search keyboard that pops up. Can you support touch on the keyboard buttons?
  9. Jason you are right to drop android, I knew allot of people asked for it, but I knew it would be more trouble than it's worth. However I thought it was very interesting how you went about it. Using Launchbox to build the library as set set and export it to a platform. Library building is what your product does best, and that should be your most forefront task. However you have to be careful on Front Ends, more and more of them are coming out, and most of them are actually really nice. I think more should go into BigBox, and exports for other frontend that don't complete with BigBox. The Raspberry PI emulation world is huge, but it hard build a game collection. Having Launchbox export the game set to there PI system Frontend would be a nice thing to look at, your not planning linux, but you can entice PI users to use LB to use your product. That maybe a good thing to look into. Also I've found the pinball world to be almost as big, but Launchbox and BigBox is lacking in this area. I think you can reach more users, by making the "game collection sets" easier for everyone. Its been a big time cruncher for me on the Pinball side of things. Just my thoughts on things.
  10. Something is going on with a missing font and font sizes. On my Rotated display its does not have the same font, and the font size is really huge. The good news is BigBox recognized it, I can wait for future releases.
  11. So I'm myself I'm building a arcade that rotates between 0,90,270 video positions depending on how a person sits down. Mame/Bigbox is very fixed on a rotation, so is the games and themes. I have Android games, Pinball, and Arcade games that are suppose to be played in the 90 or 270 position. So with Retroarch they have some auto rotate functions for 90/270 options for Mame, and using retroarch overlays with them will rotate accordingly . I have that part solved. However PC Games/Android games i do not, that what I'm trying to do, by adding launch configurations. I also have to duplicate LB and BigBox for the 90/270 mode, to support the right orientation of the monitor, and the content.
  12. Looks like it off to a nice start I will download it and take a look at it tonight. I'm not sure about the choice of font yet, but I'll check it out. Nice work, Big Box is in need of Vertical themes.
  13. You cheated, you have a real workshop! ? Nice work. Vertigo is the only Vertical theme that I know of. Bigbox lacks big time in vertical themes. Like Retro808 said you can make your own theme. I just don't have the time to make one right now. I know that CoinOp, and Pipup and some of the other front ends have more of a selection of Vertical theme. Every time someone says vertical they think it's just pinball, but a great amount of early games only look right in vertical. Plus a great amount of Android games that you can emulate on PC is also vertical, so to me Horizontal and Vertical are important.
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