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Vertical Prototype

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Not much has changed. I included some images that I use for my platforms/playlists view.

This is a work in progress theme for Big Box Theme creator. It is meant for monitors in portrait mode with vertical game play videos. It is still pretty rough, but it's something to use until something better comes along. In order to use this you must also download the theme creator and drop this file in the my projects folder. There is a font to install in the fonts folder. Open and tweak and then publish to use in big box. Updated for theme creator

Arcade Overlays and Marquees can be found here.

Windows Vertical Videos and Marquees can be found here.

Pinball Vertical Videos and Backglass Marquees can be found here.

I'm using this theme only for games that support a vertical orientation during gameplay. It is untested with standard resolution games and the corresponding media.

I do have plan to expand this build for all arcade games at some point but I am focusing on vertical resolution stuff for now and there is a lot to do.

Options view is broken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Very Important links > Reflection Shader - Ars Invictus Retroarch thread - vpinball.com


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