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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Advance Carts

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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Advance Carts

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Hey all,


I have another set here to release. This took me far longer then I had hoped but I am happy with the result. After looking all over the internet there was no complete set for Game Boy Advance carts in a nice matching template... everything was poor quality and skewed images, etc. I took the task of making this set. I have 981 GBA games and this pack includes carts for all but two games that I simply cannot find images for anywhere. This is an NTSC only set. There are 983 files in the download (i think I had a few duplicates as I only made carts for 981 games minus the two missing for a total of 979, leaving 4 "extras" in this pack. If anyone finds those duplicates/extras let me know so I can remove them and re-upload. Also the two games I am missing artwork for are:

  1. Pocket Professor: KwikNotes Volume One
  2. Crash & Spyro Superpack_ Spyro Orange_ The Cortex Conspiracy + Crash Bandicoot Purple_ Ripto_s Rampage.png

If anyone finds images for those two please contact me so I can get them added. Also, since I didn't get to verify my games against an "official" list it is possible I am missing some official NTSC games. If I am please also PM me the with what the game is and potentially a link. Looking online at various sources there are some discrepancies on a few releases and if they were NTSC or not. Anyways, enjoy everybody!


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