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Multiple .conf files for DOSBox games

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I'm not sure if this is existing functionality or not, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Is there a way to automatically load the default DOSBox .conf file for every program that launches with DOSBox, as well as any custom .conf?

What I mean is, it'd be really great to take advantage of DOSBox's functionality of being able to specify multiple .conf files, with the settings from the later ones overriding the settings from the one before them. So if I'm loading a game that has a custom .conf it loads the default .conf and then the custom .conf over the top of it - that way, the custom .conf need only contain the settings that are different from the default - which reduces redundancy and makes it easier to change a setting across the board. It's only a nice-to-have thing, my games are working fine, I'm just thinking about maintaining my collection down the road.

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I had the same idea in mind: one "big" .CONF file that holds the bulk of the configuration and smaller .CONF files for particular needs of certain games (glide wrapper, CPU cycles, etc.) so changing the DOSBOX version (between vanilla, ECE, staging, -X, etc.) wouldn't be such a hassle.

Did you manage to figure it out? I'm afraid is not possible, AFAIK.


EDIT: Just found out. It's actually possible to specify multiple .CONF files. The later ones will override the settings from the former ones and if you have multiple [AUTOEXEC] sections, they add up.

https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=23120&p=172468&hilit=multiple conf#p172468

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