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    eXoDOS v5

    OMG I can't believe I missed the news! That's a great job you're all doing sir/sires!
  2. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    You've really given it a lot of thought, and that's even more #RESPECT worthy. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, was just trying to give some fresh and unbiased ideas. But it's obvious you've already been there. On a side note, I don't know if there's anything that will be totally future proof. Everything is bound to become obsolete at some point and maybe we will be running DOSBOX inside a VM with Windows 10 in the future, who knows. I was suggesting the idea but wasn't aware of the "tech support" drawbacks you mentioned, so I guess, as always, there's a compromise to be achieved.
  3. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    There has to be some caveat to a project of this magnitude. I would gladly install "some more rubbish" in my computer if that allowed me to have a ¿Win9xO? collection up and running. Being portable is really nice if possible, but life's far from perfect. Sometimes the ideal can't be achieved and we have to settle for something less "perfect". Anyway, you're doing a truly INCREDIBLE job and I profoundly admire you for having started and brought it to maturity and the rest for helping make it even greater. You sir(s), are true gentlemen (madmen).
  4. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    I don't know if it's a complete nonsense, but what about some kind of ultra stripped down container solution (kubernetes or similar)? Being able to deploy games as containers could solve the relationship issue, and maybe even the VHD sizing problem. But hey, I'm no containers expert. I was thinking about setting my own collection up inside a Windows 98 VM with some dgVoodoo or similar wrapper that does 3Dfx and Direct3D. Don't even know if it would work, have never tried. Will check when there's enough free time (likely not anytime soon).
  5. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    I still can't believe a project of this magnitude is going on. Major kudos to eXo and the brave ones who have stepped up to help! I would also love to see a Win95/98 collection like this. eXoDOS + Win3xO + ¿Win9xO? would be total bliss.
  6. Sorry for the ressurrection but I'm in the same boat, any solution? It apparently detects games randomly. Some have exactly the same naming structure (one word, no spaces) and one is detected and the other ignored. I'm at a loss at what can be happening here.
  7. I've found an easy workaround for a situation like this. Here's what I did: Move the games to a folder at the upper level possible in your structure. For instance, if you have: D:\Launchbox\Games\Sony\Sony Playstation\JPN\ and then a ridiculously long folder name hosting a ridiculously long named BIN/CUE like Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan)\Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan).cue Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo -
  8. @Jason Carr Sorry to bother you but last time you were of great help (with the issue importing from certain folders) and I'd like to know if this a feature that's yet to be deployed or refined or if there is any way of sorting it out. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!
  9. Hi @sundogak, thanks for the reply. You confirmed what I was afraid of. As for the third question, that very same editing wouldn't "work" as inteded, I assume because of the platform shenanigans I did before that. I guess it's not something the code foresaw.
  10. I had the same idea in mind: one "big" .CONF file that holds the bulk of the configuration and smaller .CONF files for particular needs of certain games (glide wrapper, CPU cycles, etc.) so changing the DOSBOX version (between vanilla, ECE, staging, -X, etc.) wouldn't be such a hassle. Did you manage to figure it out? I'm afraid is not possible, AFAIK. EDIT: Just found out. It's actually possible to specify multiple .CONF files. The later ones will override the settings from the former ones and if you have multiple [AUTOEXEC] sections, they add up. https://www.vogons.org/
  11. Any ideas anyone? Any admin/mod I should summon?
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to set my MS-DOS collection up and running inside Launchbox by parsing the games which have, each one, their own .CONF file that makes them self-contained. Launchbox finds the games, the media and the .CONF files correctly. Thing is I (sometimes) have multiple region/language versions of the same game and I would like to combine them. Each game is in its own folder using the naming as follows: Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (Spanish) (CD)\dosbox.conf Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (English) (CD)\dosbox.conf The issue is that once the games are combined, they app
  13. Hi all! I think I might have found a bug regarding the playlists. I'll tell you my story so far to throw in some context. I recently downloaded a full MAME set version 0.222 (tried the merged set but many roms were missing and a lot wouldn't work) and imported into Launchbox. De-selected all the "skip XXXX games" in the dialog and after a whole day of importing, I had over 17.000 games. I though that 17K+ games would be a little too much, considering that most of them weren't even games and lots were non-interesting or unplayable. So I went and did an import using the default filteri
  14. Hi Jason, Thanks for the tip, the "drag & drop" procedure works but it's still sub-optimal. The first batch was limited to 500 files but from then on, it will only accept batches of 10 files which would make it incredibly lengthy. Is there some kind of throttling in effect? EDIT: Think I found it, I'm afraid it's due to the folder and file name being too lenghty. Will try to trim that somehow and see if it works. EDIT 2: That was the cause, be aware of the pathing length. Some Japanese games have incredibly long filenames and if they are inside a folder with the same name as
  15. Hi all, I'm facing an issue I had not seen before and (obviously) it's either me doing something wrong or a bug. I have some PS2 disc images (ISO for DVD, BIN/CUE for CD) from PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J regions. They are placed inside their own folder (named like the ISO/BIN file) and inside a folder for each region (PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J) and I use the "use the files in their current location" option (don't want LB to alter my folder structure): E:\Launchbox\Games\Sony Playstation 2\PAL\Insert Game Name Here\Insert Game Name Here.iso I've imported and scrapped the PAL and NTSC-U r
  16. I know it's an old thread and it means resurrecting the ashes, but it might prove useful for someone who's in the same situation as I was a while ago. You will need "Not Another Scrubber or Shrinker" Beta 1 from the following page: https://digiex.net/threads/not-another-scrubber-or-shrinker-download-gamecube-iso-dec-converter.15422/ It will decrypt the DEC file into an ISO one (supports batch conversion).
  17. Haven't tried it, had seen it before but that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. What I would like to have is as nice and seamless as possible transition from D-Fend Reloaded profiles (which are stored in .prof but can be batch converted to .conf) to Launchbox, so the settings for drives, graphics, joystick, etc. are kept. I'm afraid no such thing exists and I'll have to redo my collection...
  18. Bumping again, I'm losing hope! 😥
  19. Bumping my own old thread, as my question remains valid (for me). I've "recently" acquired the premium version and was wondering if there is some sort of feature that might help me out. The questions from my first post are intact and I would love to be able to avoid having to go through my entire collection renaming folders so Launcbox can properly parse and tag them, and also download the art. Any ideas? Please pretty please with sugar on top? I've found in the forum some threads talking about importing the shortcuts, but that didn't put a nice collection filled with artbox in
  20. Glad to see this seems to be a bug from the past! Will test the beta version and report back. I currently don't suffer the problem since the latest version I tested seemed to solve it for me, I hope the solution is consistent across the board now. Thanks for the great work and feedback!
  21. Should try to summon @C-Beats again and see if they can keep an eye on this. It seems the problem comes and goes, regardless of version used. I myself suffered it for quite a long time but I see there's many users still having it. Now that I come to think of it, I recently upgraded my PC so I did a clean Windows 10 install but upgraded my existing portable installation of LaunchBox. Also, the problem is now gone after I purchased the license. Don't know if it may have something to do with the issue but I thought I'd point that out just in case.
  22. That's exactly what happened to me for a long time until I last tried. Weird to see it's such an apparently random bug... Hope the Devs can hunt it down.
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