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  1. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    You've really given it a lot of thought, and that's even more #RESPECT worthy. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, was just trying to give some fresh and unbiased ideas. But it's obvious you've already been there. On a side note, I don't know if there's anything that will be totally future proof. Everything is bound to become obsolete at some point and maybe we will be running DOSBOX inside a VM with Windows 10 in the future, who knows. I was suggesting the idea but wasn't aware of the "tech support" drawbacks you mentioned, so I guess, as always, there's a compromise to be achieved. Last but not least, if you need any help at some point making a translation to Spanish, you can count on me. It's pretty clear the technical field of the project is way out of my league 😅
  2. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    There has to be some caveat to a project of this magnitude. I would gladly install "some more rubbish" in my computer if that allowed me to have a ¿Win9xO? collection up and running. Being portable is really nice if possible, but life's far from perfect. Sometimes the ideal can't be achieved and we have to settle for something less "perfect". Anyway, you're doing a truly INCREDIBLE job and I profoundly admire you for having started and brought it to maturity and the rest for helping make it even greater. You sir(s), are true gentlemen (madmen).
  3. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    I don't know if it's a complete nonsense, but what about some kind of ultra stripped down container solution (kubernetes or similar)? Being able to deploy games as containers could solve the relationship issue, and maybe even the VHD sizing problem. But hey, I'm no containers expert. I was thinking about setting my own collection up inside a Windows 98 VM with some dgVoodoo or similar wrapper that does 3Dfx and Direct3D. Don't even know if it would work, have never tried. Will check when there's enough free time (likely not anytime soon).
  4. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    I still can't believe a project of this magnitude is going on. Major kudos to eXo and the brave ones who have stepped up to help! I would also love to see a Win95/98 collection like this. eXoDOS + Win3xO + ¿Win9xO? would be total bliss.
  5. Sorry for the ressurrection but I'm in the same boat, any solution? It apparently detects games randomly. Some have exactly the same naming structure (one word, no spaces) and one is detected and the other ignored. I'm at a loss at what can be happening here.
  6. I've found an easy workaround for a situation like this. Here's what I did: Move the games to a folder at the upper level possible in your structure. For instance, if you have: D:\Launchbox\Games\Sony\Sony Playstation\JPN\ and then a ridiculously long folder name hosting a ridiculously long named BIN/CUE like Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan)\Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan).cue Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan)\Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo - High-Tech Buil Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (Japan).bin then odds are you'll hit the length limit. The solution will be to move that "JAP" folder so it's directly under "Games" (or wherever it makes the path short enough) and import from there. You'll know you've shortened the path enough when Launchbox's parser shows the list of games, otherwise it will turn out empty. After the importing has finished, use the built-in move wizard or simply close Launchbox, move the folder including the games ("JPN" in the example) to the "proper" location manually and edit the platform XML (under the "DATA" folder) and replace the route from <ApplicationPath>Games\JPN\ to <ApplicationPath>Games\Sony\Sony Playstation\JPN\ Problem solved! Hope this helps someone in the same situation I was.
  7. @Jason Carr Sorry to bother you but last time you were of great help (with the issue importing from certain folders) and I'd like to know if this a feature that's yet to be deployed or refined or if there is any way of sorting it out. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!
  8. Hi @sundogak, thanks for the reply. You confirmed what I was afraid of. As for the third question, that very same editing wouldn't "work" as inteded, I assume because of the platform shenanigans I did before that. I guess it's not something the code foresaw.
  9. I had the same idea in mind: one "big" .CONF file that holds the bulk of the configuration and smaller .CONF files for particular needs of certain games (glide wrapper, CPU cycles, etc.) so changing the DOSBOX version (between vanilla, ECE, staging, -X, etc.) wouldn't be such a hassle. Did you manage to figure it out? I'm afraid is not possible, AFAIK. EDIT: Just found out. It's actually possible to specify multiple .CONF files. The later ones will override the settings from the former ones and if you have multiple [AUTOEXEC] sections, they add up. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=23120&p=172468&hilit=multiple conf#p172468
  10. Any ideas anyone? Any admin/mod I should summon?
  11. Hello all, I'm trying to set my MS-DOS collection up and running inside Launchbox by parsing the games which have, each one, their own .CONF file that makes them self-contained. Launchbox finds the games, the media and the .CONF files correctly. Thing is I (sometimes) have multiple region/language versions of the same game and I would like to combine them. Each game is in its own folder using the naming as follows: Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (Spanish) (CD)\dosbox.conf Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (English) (CD)\dosbox.conf The issue is that once the games are combined, they appear under "additional apps" but the .CONF folder path field (inside "launching\DOSBOX" becomes unique, so it's not possible to define one for each "additional app". I've tried to set up a .BAT file that will call a certain version of DOSBOX and launch the specific .CONF file inside the game folder, but when I try to set each version ("additional app") to use its respective .BAT, when launching the game Launchbox reverts to the "DOSBOX ECE" version and fails to launch anything. If I separate the games and point the "application path" inside "launching" to the .BAT file, it works flawlessly. I've unchecked "use DOSBOX to play this game..." under "launching\DOSBOX" I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's just the feature wasn't meant for MS-DOS games and only for "true" versions of a ROM. Thanks
  12. Hi all! I think I might have found a bug regarding the playlists. I'll tell you my story so far to throw in some context. I recently downloaded a full MAME set version 0.222 (tried the merged set but many roms were missing and a lot wouldn't work) and imported into Launchbox. De-selected all the "skip XXXX games" in the dialog and after a whole day of importing, I had over 17.000 games. I though that 17K+ games would be a little too much, considering that most of them weren't even games and lots were non-interesting or unplayable. So I went and did an import using the default filtering that is offered at the initial scraping and created another MAME platform so I had that nice filtering applied (didn't find a way to do it after scraping). See question 1. After that, obviously, games would appear duplicate under "Arcade" so I went and created a custom playlist based on the filtering the import wizard does, editing the XML so the folders would point to the "MAME" platform. Now we're ready to clean things up and I create a playlist category to put all the initially generated playlists inside (see question number 2), leaving only the platform "MAME", category "MAME Playlists" (full of the automatic playlists) and custom playlists created from the two initial scrapings. When I deleted the "extra" MAME platform, all the playlists that took forever quite a while to move one by one, popped up under the root folder. I thought "damm, they were attached to the platform I deleted. Of course, it was a 50/50 change but Murphy never rests". Thing is, when I try to modify the "parents" attribute (right click, edit, parents) and uncheck the "root" folder and check the "proper" one the playlists will appear in both places. No matter how many times I try, they will remain stubbornly attached to the "root" folder (see question 3). I assume it's got something to do with the "parents.xml" not being updated after all the shenanigans I did with the platforms and playlists. But hey, that's what beta-testing is all about! Now for the questions: 1 - Is there a way to automatically create the playlists for a MAME set (Capcom classics, Cave, Midway Classics, etc.) AFTER the initial scraping? When I select the "auto-generate playlists" it only covers number of players, genres, etc. but I saw no option to create those fancy playlists again. 2 - Is there a way to bulk move playlists from one place to another? Having to go one by one with the almost 40 playlists generated is a PITA. Maybe allowing for a simple "drag and drop" that updates the parenthood? That would only be feasible if the playlist is children of a single item, of course. 3 - How can I remove the playlitst from the "root" category? Thank you very much!
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