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  1. I was never able to solve it. Purchased the license on the last Black Friday sales but still haven't found a while to do some testing. Maybe the newer versions fix it?
  2. dominikabra

    eXoDOS v4

    First of all, a HUGE thank you goes to eXo for starting this project, and to all those who have volunteered to help and make 4.0 possible as a team effort. I've been trying to do something like this for AGES and in a way lesser extension (so far configured 500ish games) and it's taken me forever. It's just something I've come to accept I will never be able to finish. All this goes to say I perfectly understand the sheer amount of effort required to do it, and by so, the true gratitude I'm trying to convey. On a second note, from my experience, "openglnb" has always been the best option both for pixel accuracy and lack of dithering as well as for achieving a full screen with correct aspect ratio presentation. I really can't stand those filters that dither the graphics, they grind my gears. Keep up the AWESOME work!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Suhrvivor, it is (and always has been) checked. I'll keep digging.
  4. Thank you SteelDawn, but the issue is LaunchBox actually DOES find the metadata/information for the game. The funny thing is it doesn't download the artwork automatically, as you can see in my first screenshot. When I go through the "edit" process I only have to click on "Download Media" and it retrieves everything. The information fields are filled (see screenshot 2) so the artwork is inmediately found and downloaded. I really would like to avoid enduring the pain of going manually through each one of them so LaunchBox downloads the media...
  5. Just tried and exactly the same happens with my NES collection. The audit process doesn't add the missing art even though it detects the games and scrapes correctly, and also downloads the media (the messages above the green progress bar prove it). I'm really at a loss at what's going on here...
  6. Any helping hand would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Any ideas or useful hints? Thanks!
  8. Sorry to revive this thread but I've just had the same issue. When launched version 9.1, LB prompted me for an update. When I installed it everything ran fine but after reboot, the file "launchbox.exe" was gone. Reinstalled from the "updates" folder and AVAST antivirus prompted me for a false positive on the EXE. Added an exception and it was solved. So much for the crappy antivirus...
  9. Hello, I'm currently testing the free version of Launchbox and already fallen in love. It's running on Windows 10 x64. I would like to import my D-Fend Reloaded MS-DOS collection into Launchbox and I'm wondering which would be the best way of doing that. I currently name the folders of the different versions of the games according to the media and language. I'm from Spain but I like to have both spanish and english versions of the games, when possible. Also, the floppy and CD versions are desirable if available. For instance, I would have an "Atlantis_Floppy_ENG" for the english floppy version and an "Atlantis_CD_ENG" for the english CD version, an "Atlantis_Floppy_ESP" for the spanish floppy, and so on. Needless to say, that naming confuses Launchbox and the scrapping is far from ideal. First question: Is there any way I could parse and scrape my collection without manually having to input all the titles one by one? Or am I screwed because of my folder naming convention? Right now, half or more of the games are not recognized because of the folder name. Now onto the second question, how can I set the media and language so it's easy to differentiate between versions? Right now I only see the title and the developer. The details panel shows genre, year, etc. but no media or language. How can I display those fields? Last but not least, D-Fend Reloaded uses its own profiles (.prof) instead of the default .conf for DOSBOX. I've found those .conf can be batch generated and I assume they can be easily imported into Launchbox, correct? Thank you very much and keep up the great work!
  10. There were no errors during the parsing and scrapping. The metadata seems correct, it's just that LB doesn't download the existing media for some games. I don't even need to touch a thing in the profile, just hit the "download" button inside the "edit" window and all the media is shown, already checked and promptly downloaded. It's a tedious procedure that I'd love to avoid since I have 100 games like that in the NES set alone, even a few more in the SNES, etc. The audit procedure didn't do a thing, and it's driving me nuts. If, in the end, I have to endure the pain and have really missing media, I'll ask for your help. Thank you very much. BTW, do the Devs/mods check all the threads or do you need to mention them for them to check the issue?
  11. Nothing changed regarding folders. They were added all at the same time. The scrapping from the "import" process (under "tools") was performed forts,a new minutes after that I realized some where missing. Edited the first one and saw the metadata was already in the game profile but the art had to be downloaded "manually". See the screenshots I added to the first post. Thanks for your help and feedback.
  12. Funny thing is those games DO have art. It's just LB not downloading it first time for some reason. Manually editing and clicking "download" on the media forced the download, but I'd like to avoid the manual process, if possible.
  13. I'm using LB database as main source. Generally speaking I don't even have to touch a thing, works like a charm. Except for those games missing the art.
  14. Hello! First of all, kudos for the wonderful piece of software. I've just recently discovered and seriously rocks. I'm pretty confident I'll eventually end up purchasing a license even though I don't see myself needing the extra features. I think it's well deserved. Now on to the issue. Sorry if it's already been asked and solved, but I haven't been able to find the exact same issue. I'm using Launchbox 9.1 on Windows 10 x64. I'm adding some rom sets (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.) from no-intro mainly. The problem is that once the parsing and scraping is finished, there's a bunch of games with missing art. The funny thing is that if I edit those games and click on "download images/media", the art is found and downloaded. How can I do this automatically? I don't want to go through 100 games doing the same operation if there's a way to avoid it. I've tried the "audit" function, selected the games with "0" box art pictures and gone through the wizard to download the art, to no avail. I don't want to add custom art, just the art that's in the DB and which is effectively downloaded via the Edit function ("download images/media"). Do I really have to endure this pain and go through them all manually? I'm sure there's a way and I'm even surer I'll feel as dumb as hell when I'm told the solution. Thank you very much. EDIT: I'll attach some screenshots to clarify the issue. I'm not asking about the roms or games that are not automatically found in the DB by LB. It's about those games that ARE detected and DO have media but it's not downloaded (for some reason). Screenshot 1: Romset with missing art Screenshot 2: Edit window of the rom with missing art (Metal Warriors). Metadata is already retrieved. Screenshot 3: "Download Images/Media" window. Lots of media here. I click "download" and all is downloaded correctly. Screenshot 4: Romset after downloading the missing media
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