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Can LB pass command-line args to RetroArch to disable 1st 2 Joystick Ports

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I've got BigBox now into a Bar Top with two built in joysticks. I've got an N64 PC controller plug in the back for N64 games. The built in Joysticks are 1 & 2 in Win10 and USB N64 controller is USB Joystick 3. All works good and recognised etc. ?

When I run RetroArch I disable the 1st two built in controllers so t only sees the USB N64 controller, otherwise the emulation uses the built-in Arcade sticks ?

Problem: A lot of N64 games (run in RetroArch) complain that my N64 controller is not in the N64 1st port and say 'No Controller'.


Question: Can I pass some sort of command-line args within BIgBox / LB to RetroArch to disable the 1st two ports so it reports my USB N64 controller as being on port 1?

Or something similar?

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