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  1. LOL, that's not fixing the problem, that's just avoiding it, but I'm glad you have a solution you are happy with. 🙂
  2. You can see from the sample command line that it is including them, so that begs the question why isn't MAME receiving them. So are you 100% there is nothing in the associated platforms tab and that your roms don't have any override command lines? (Right click game -> Edit -> Emulation section) Also, by chance do you have another MAME entry in emulators, (possibly for software lists) and it's launching using that entry?
  3. It's the space in the file path that causes the issue and why quotations are needed around the filepath/filename. Try: It thinks it's a software list item because the -hard option is supplied with the first part of the name and than it thinks the remaining part of the file name is a software list title. (Since it's not part of an option.)
  4. Yes it's confusing talking about in LB and than using the command line. The issue I was trying to sort is in your output from running at the command line, you were passing only the filename to MAME. (nox.hdv) I want to see the output when you pass the complete file path. (So something like C:/wheremyromsare/apple2gs/nox.hdv) That is why it works in the MAME folder, as no path is specified, it default looks in the running directory. If specifying the file path works from command line (which it should), they we can see were in LB your settings aren't right. (Possibly a conflicting command line entry in the associated platforms tab)
  5. Just to be clear, what files are putting in the MAME main directory? Are you talking the roms files needed to run the Apple2GS or the disk images you want to run? From your output above: it appears your issue isn't the apple2gs machine roms, but finding the hard disk image you are using. We need to see the output again doing this after you corrected the noted options above. (Disabling no quotations option and the filename only option)
  6. Opps, you are correct. I was looking at my macci driver and not my apple2gs. 🙁
  7. You also don't want the Don't use quotes option enabled. Are you using MAME for just Apple2GS or other systems as well? If more than one platform, you probably want those command line options in the associated platforms section, not as the default for the entire MAME emulator. Also, I don't think you need the -sl7 cffa2 option with Apple2GS, just AppleII.
  8. You have the option to use filename only enabled, so you are passing MAME just the filename so it doesn't know where the file is. You use that option if you are using software lists. (The tutorial above) MAME uses the filename only, to look in a hash file for the exact filenames it needs and it loads them from the software directory. There are pluses and minuses to both approaches, but settings are different. I prefer non software lists as I can use any disk or hard drive image I want or have created, not just ones in the hash file.
  9. If you can open a command prompt or a powershell window, type cd and then a space, than drag your Mame folder from Windows Explorer into this window. Hit Enter. Now you can manually run your command above adding the verbose option (-v) and you should see immediately why MAME is failing to run. So your command to type would be: replacing File of course.
  10. Files like those for the apple2e (bios and device files are what those are) can go in any folder, MAME just needs to know that folder. That is set in the mame.ini file manually or by using the MAME UI. By default, MAME looks in the roms folder in the MAME directory, so you can put them there. The actual disk images can be placed anywhere and LB will pass the path to MAME when launched. If you want to use software lists, you have to follow the tutorial posted earlier as it is more strict about disk images and where they are placed.
  11. MAME can use them in 7z format,
  12. If you're talking using MAME, these are the files required. These are the individual files, which are normally found in the following files: apple2e.zip, a2diskiing.zip, d2fdc.zip, votrax.zip that are in a MAME romset.
  13. MAME is very flexible, so don't have to use software lists. In the example I gave you, it's very simple, The parameter apple2e is telling MAME the machine to emulate, the -flop1 is telling MAME we are giving you a disk image to use in disk drive 1. That's it. Yes you will need BIOS files, but you'll likely need those with any apple2 emulator, not just MAME. If you don't have a mame.ini file, just run MAME without any options (double clicking in Windows Explorer will work), pick Configure Options and then Save Configuration. You will now have a mame.ini I'm sure there are lots of tutorials, but I don't have a link to one I know for sure is good and up to date. There isn't really much you need to configure in MAME in most cases to just get roms running. Setting the path to your roms and having a matching romset is the major thing. Within that MAME UI you can set a lot of the mame.ini options. Just remember to save the configuration after making changes. Edit: To change disks in MAME just hit tab to bring up the UI and go to File Manager. Should be fairly straight forward to navigate and pick the next disk you want to add to any disk drive.
  14. Yes. Something like Some will support 2 disk drives so: Other times you will have to use MAME's in game interface to change disks. Yes.
  15. Yes I remember our discussion. There were some joystick fixes since then in MAME but some issues remain in some games. (like gauntlet) Checking that post, seems the issue as reported by Torquemurder, isn't a bug in MAME per sa but MAME needs to implement analog trim adjustments to work around programming issues in some games. Not sure that's the kind of thing MAME would add, as the core emulation works as it should. He did mention that in GSPort/KEGS he added a patch to manually adjust trim values. No idea how AppleWin handles the issue or if it does. Edit: I read online someone using a LUA script to read and set values for a game control in MAME, I wonder if something like this could be done to "adjust" analog values in the apple2 driver to act like a trim adjustment. I haven't looked into LUA scripting in MAME myself, but maybe a possibility?
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