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  1. What version of LaunchBox are you running? Should be a field in the above for core selection, and one for additional core options. https://imgur.com/a/ZAXImTr
  2. Start MAME, hit Tab key, select Input (General), select User Interface, and right near the top you should see "On Screen Display". See what that is set as and change or erase as needed. I don't want the kids hitting that, so I set it to none. (Hit return, than Esc key)
  3. I just checked OpenEmu on my Mac and it us using MAME 0.149, so it's fairly old in terms of MAME. This does not mean it isn't good, it just might not run some newer games that have been added since. If you are happy with the MAME roms you can play in OpenEmu, you can download MAME 0.149 from mamedev.org and use that version and your current roms will work. If you decide to update, sometimes sites like Pleasuredome don't always work well for some, you can just google for the specific name of the rom you are missing, you'll find a link fairly easily. (as a pure example, if your missing roms for a game, lets say tron.zip and its says you are missing pro0.d2, search for that, not tron.zip. That will usually make sure you get the version you need)
  4. It's been a while since I've used OpenEMU, but I think the version of MAME included with it was older (.174ish maybe). So checking in MAME first as Viking said is first step. If you find it is a rom issue, you have several options: get an updated MAME set, use an older MAME version,
  5. This won’t get solved unless we narrow down the issue and eliminate possibilities. Two suggestions already given we haven’t heard that you tried: 1) Check permissions on hard drive Directions here 2) Install the previously working version of Launchbox to a NEW location. Do Not copy anything from your previous installation. Start this new copy of LaunchBox, import a few roms. Close and start this same copy of Launchbox, are the previously imported roms there how?
  6. Agreed, it just works. I've tried various Bluetooth options and always stuck with the Mayflash dolphin bar.
  7. You need to set up a dapinput.ini file with the information provided here: Sample dapinput.ini file Keycodes needed For SInge games, I needed a copy of dapinput.ini the main SInge directory, (In Daphne main directory only worked for Daphne games)
  8. I'm actually running without admin privileges on anything with MK version 1.1 and everything works fine, including bananapass. You get a warning about admin privileges, but everything seems fine and they do say to. (Maybe it's a feature I'm not using)
  9. You only have to run Teknoparrot_UI with admin rights, not LaunchBox or BigBox.
  10. Are you 100% sure you aren't using the Retroarch MAME core within Launchbox? If no, 100% sure your command line options for MAME in LaunchBox is not specifying a different mame.ini file?
  11. We need more information. You need to try to be more detailed and specific. Not sure what you are saying above. Did you install a clean install of LaunchBox to different hard drive or did you just copy your old installation to different location on another hard drive?
  12. You should have continued in your previous thread, this just makes it harder for us to see where we are at and force us to search for your previous thread. It was many versions ago, but i encountered some library issues after at forced restart before. Can you install the previous working version of Launchbox in a NEW location? It won’t hurt your previous and will eliminate issues accumulated from previous troubles. Did you do the drive scan as suggested in the other thread to make sure permissions on some of the files have been changed?
  13. I double checked my collection and indeed Get Bass was the one I couldn't get working as well. Since it's just a clone of Sega Bass Fishing, not a big deal for me. I generally don't keep clones unless they had somethig specific I need. (Character selection in TMNT, trackball support vs joystick support etc)
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