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  1. The hardware is going to be based more on the games you want to play more so than the gun itself. Having said that, I have a lowly 7th gen i3 that I can play all the light guns game with no issues. If you are looking to play more of the modern light gun games on Teknoparrot, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle if you have an NVidia based GPU. (My cabinet has an i3-7100 and a Nvidia 970 GTX)
  2. We need more information: Retroarch version? Cores updated? Which video driver in Retroarch? Are you using any shaders? Do other cores have this issue?
  3. Would you be willing to share that? I still use RL for a few systems and I also use devreorder. Currently I have compiled AHK scripts that copy the appropriate devreorder.ini into place as needed and use the Additional Apps feature of LB to run them as needed.
  4. Joystick support varied greatly on Apple II games, that is for sure and sometimes takes a little trial and error and looking at the original manual. If I remember correctly when I was testing Archon, I think player 2 button was actually uses the player 1 second button. Try mapping that way and see if it works. (P1 Button 2 -> The button you want to use for Player 2 Button 1)
  5. Some of the games need you to enter the game service menu and set specific options. (Which get saved to a nvram file) I can't remember the exact issue for swtrilogy (I'm sure it's on the supermodel3 forums), but I'll see if I can find it again.
  6. Only thing I could suggest would be making the matching part of your device entries smaller. Maybe just try the instance part for each entry. (27bd7f40-a85c-11eb-8001 for example)
  7. It remaps on each launch of MAME only. If you launch MAME using the -v option from a command prompt, you will see output for all devices and then any remapping it does, if any.
  8. Whatever text editor you are using, it appears it is using stylized quotation marks. It must be plain text. Look at the direction of all your opening quotation characters.
  9. These might be challenging, Taito Type X games: Haunted House Fright Fear Land Gaia Attack
  10. Look great as always. Are you open to suggestions?
  11. Yes. that option was recently added to Retroarch 1.9.1, why you didn't see it before.
  12. Looking to sell 2 never used non-recoil Sinden light guns. One gun is blue and the other is red. I will ship to USA or Canada. Just looking to cover original cost, $225 US which includes shipping.
  13. Those are for saving Retroarch configuration options, not core options. In the Quick Menu -> Options -> Manage Core Options
  14. As of Retroarch 1.91, reading per directory core options has been added. Look under options for Manage Core Options -> Save Content Directory Option
  15. Fix should be in version 0.231 next week. FYI, as a quick workaround, using -gameio paddles works now. Since joysticks on Apple2 are essentially dual paddles, end result is the same. Edit: Just compiled the latest MAME GIT version and player 2 movements are fixed.
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