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  1. Agreed. Currently I have both a Dolphinbar to use the Wii remote in a gun shell and an Aimtrak. As Lordmonkus stated, I find the Aimtrak do need recalibration often, as the difference between an adult and a child using it, make a huge difference. My setup is in an arcade cabinet, so it's a center piece when people come over, so I'm looking forward to a better out of the box experience that it looks like the Sinden guns will provide.
  2. That is the right folder, mine are there as well. Too many windows open, I was looking where I stored the copies I use with MAME, sorry. A while back I looked for information on the artwork file format as well, but didn't find much. Hence why I was using MAME as well. In the end, I just used ParaJVE as is.
  3. Strange, mine is a standard install as well, no cartridge folder though. Trying moving them up a directory.
  4. You do have the actual roms required in the ParaJVE/data/roms folder?
  5. If you have the standalone working fine, probably not much benefit. You can get Retroarch's shaders, and overlay support, but MAME can do those as well on it's own. For me, I just find native MAME can handle a variety of input devices, joysticks, keyboards, steering wheels, track balls, spinners, mice, etc, with a lot less work. As long as you have your ctlr file set up to keep device IDs static, it's quite painless. You can always use both and use only specific games with one or the other. (For example to get alternate music for some games in MAME 2003+)
  6. JoeViking245, this only works for dinput devices and normally XBox 360 controllers are using Xinput. You could have Retroarch use dinput for XBOX 360 controllers as well, but there are trade offs. (I wouldn't suggest it) There doesn't seem to be a complete solution for all situations, so you have to use different techniques depending on the emulator. For example, with the Sega Model 2 Emulator, XBox 360 controllers alway change the device order for my steering wheel, so the easiest solution so far is make sure to them turn off when using this emulator. (In my case, I have arcade controls and never use the 360s with this emulator)
  7. Does it do this with all cores in Retroarch? I recently had this issue with a single core, delay to start Retroarch, starts loading, another delay, (no response to key strokes during this), and then finally ran. Tried everything I could think of, deleted retroarch configs, deleted and redownloaded core and still no change. On a hunch, redownloaded Retroarch and installed to a second location and ran from there and it worked. Didn't want to go through the hasshle of determining the exact file in Retroarch causing the issue, so re-installed Retroarch again, directly over my original install location. Fixed the problem and all my custom configs and remaps still in place. Hope that helps.
  8. The issue is MAME will reset the controller bindings if it is ever started and the controllers are not online. I don't know what other controllers you have attached to your system, but you might want to look at https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/devicemap.html and set up mapping so your controller IDs don't change. On my system I map the devices that are always attached first, and then the XBOX wireless controllers as Joy3 and Joy4. Than I config all the control how I want in MAME. NOW, if you start MAME again and the wireless controllers aren't online, they will get reset, so to make sure that doesn't happen, set the default.cfg in the mame cfg folder to read only. If you change specific game bindings you will have to mark each of those as read only as well. If you need to edit these bindings again, make the appropriate files read/write again, and only start MAME once the wireless controllers are online. Reset to read only after making you changes.
  9. Running directly through Mame is always best as it will tell you exactly which file you are missing. Sometimes you can have the rom set, but still be missing a single individual rom within the set.
  10. Are they still working if you start directly with Mame?
  11. Great tool but it doesn't work with XInput devices, just Direct8Input devices. MAME has great input device ordering builtin that you can check out online in the MAME docs which helps for that emulator as well.
  12. This is one of the biggest problems that MAME noobs face, trying to keep a complete MAME rom set and update it with every MAME release. Generally speaking, for most cases there is no need to update MAME and it's rom set with every release. Without going into detailed information, get a set working and don't update unless you need to. (Cases like specific NEW game added, or improvement in a specific driver for one of your games.) For example, the mame_2003_plus core in Retroarch is based on Mame 0.78, yet you'll find it plays the majority of the popular games of the 80s-90s well. If you do want to try to maintain and update romset with every release, a rom manager like ClrMamePro is essential and will do all the hard work of updating your romset without redownloading complete sets.
  13. Start Retroarch. Select Load Core and pick the Genesis Plus GX core. Scroll down to Information in Retroarch and select Core Information If you scroll down it will should show if the proper BIOS is loaded. It's likely you don't have them, These are the files you need: https://docs.libretro.com/library/genesis_plus_gx/ Once you get the ones you need you copy them to your Retroarch/system folder.
  14. Isn't that the truth. I have CCS64, CCS64 in DOS, Hosx64, MAME, WInVice and Retroarch Vice as options for running C64 games. IMHO, when it comes to C64 loading, the Maximum 1541 Speed option in CCS64 is amazing and warp mode in the other emulators doesn't come close. The issue I was having with CCS64 was audio "hiccups". I had almost given up and switched to using WinVice, but found a copy of CCS64 that was compiled differently and it eliminated the major audio hiccups. (There are a lot of CCS64 compiled versions out there; different compilers, release, debug, etc) SID emulation is still better in Vice, but with this version was much improved in CCS64 and what I use. Since I have a custom iPac2 map for my cabinet controls, I have access to the important C64 keys I need. (space, RUN/STOP, F1, F3, F5, F7, Return, Swap Joysticks, Y, N)
  15. Huge difference. The U360 can be used as an analog joystick, or as a general directional stick. In my case I started with just the cheap Happ type joysticks that came in my Xarcade Tankstick. They were terrible for 4-way games, so I upgraded one of the joysticks to a Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus. This joystick allowed true 4-way/8-way switching and 4-way mode worked great. I didn't find 8-way mode was as good and I had trouble hitting diagonals easily. I then switched to a U360 (with harder spring and restrictor plate), and using downloadable maps was able to get great 8-way, 4-way, and whatever type control I needed. Playing games like Q-bert that required diagonal 4-way worked terrific. Being an analog joystick the throw of the stick was much greater and although I got used to it, the kids didn't like it. Additionally, with how the young kids played, this extra play was fairly rough on the cabinet. Another issue was if I used this joystick in analog mode, it appeared as a joytick and I was having issues with usb device ordering with so many devices connected to my cabinet. (Currently I don't use the gamepad support with the iPac2, and just use the keyboard mapping.) After a lot of googling and reading, I decided to try a true IL Eurostick. Overall much better feel and diagonals work well. The U360 and Mag-Stik Plus are better with 4-way games, but most 4-ways games that matter I run are in MAME and for these I use the Retroarch core mame2003plus which has improved 4-way detection. So far it seems to be working well. A nice feature of leaving the iPac2 in keyboard mode, is for Retroarch cores I can use the cabinet joysticks or the wireless XBox 360 controllers without a need to change any configuration.
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