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  1. I would suggest starting FPLoader.exe manually and in video preferences set for Windowed mode. Close FPLoader.exe and try launching from LB again. Now right click on the Windows takbar and start Task Manager and see if your compiled AHK is still running.
  2. Yes, you just set the executable for Future Pinball to either the compiled AHK or your BAT file. (So as a Launcher, no extra apps) One thing I forgot to mention is that to compile the AHK you will need need to download the full AutoHotKey. (It’s small and free) just make sure you set the paths correctly in the script to the locations on your system. i prefer the compiled AHK since it’s one less layer or redirection, but the BAT works just as well.
  3. It's very simple. When you set up LEDBlinky you can can do it per platform or even per game. You can set the primary control as 2-way, 4-way, or 8-way and it will change automatically if you enable Servostick in LEDBlinky preferences. For MAME games, LedBlinky comes with several database files and also reads the mame.xml file and preconfigures a lot of games with joystick mode and buttons colors automatically.
  4. If you are going to use LedBlinky, it supports setting Servo sticks too, so it’s as simple as setting up LEdBlinky only. If you have LedBlinky already running with anything else, just enable it in LB and should be working.
  5. Right now I'm making a folder for each table that has a "clean" name. Within that folder I can have several versions of that table, which have the full name with versions etc in the name. When I import I select to use the folder name as the rom name and allow duplicates. I generally only keep one for each table, so after testing I delete the others or rename specifically if I decide to keep a variant.
  6. I've got a lowly i3 in my cabinet and it's handling the job fine. Always on the look out for a used cheap i7 upgrade though. πŸ™‚ I am the same but I don't mind video/audio upgrades that don't affect the game play. Tested an upgraded VPX Terminator 2 table that added explosions on the playfield and absolutely hated it. The kids like that scrolling camera view feature, I don't, but with FP it's just a simple keystroke to switch views, no messing with tables parameters, so it's easy to leave them that option in a cabinet set up. I have a lot of his tables and have been upgrading tonight quite a few of them. LOL. When the kids are asking me everyday, is it done yet, I need to stop. πŸ™‚ Once pinball is completely set up, I'm done. (Except for adding some Sinden light guns πŸ˜‰ ) Edit: OMG. Countless hours later... Disable B2S option in Preferences -> Configure Keys, Nudge and DOF. Backglass working with VPX now. Not using a DOF I would have never thought to look there.
  7. I never intended to use a second monitor, but I was setting up my marquee cut LCD I saw that Future Pinball displayed a full screen backglass & DMD automatically and thought this was pretty cool. I have messed with all those settings in VPX and haven't found one that works, yet. I have gotten suggestions to use PINUP player with VPX, but that's just another thing to setup and not all tables have media/backglass packs to use with it. Frankly I'm torn between VPX and Future Pinball. I was always in the VPX camp because the physics where so much better, but newer tables with Future Pinball that use the latest physics, have a dynamic 3D rendering system, media upgrades for the backglass, might make it better for a dedicated cabinet and playability overall. LOL, I love tinkering, but I want to be done tinkering too and just play. 😁
  8. I'm in the same boat. Do you use a second display for backglass on your setup? I have both VPX and Future Pinball tables setup and running fine from LB. There are some great tables for both and each has it's pros and cons. After lots of reading on several Pinball sites, the one issue I can't seem to find an answer to is can you use VPX in a dual screen setup, but leave the main playfield screen in landscape mode? I can rotate my display but I would rather not have that set up and seems VPX always rotates the playfield when I try to use a backglass display. (Basically always switches to cabinet mode)
  9. Which part, the per system overlay or the size of the game play area? FYI, Retroarch now has a per directory override so it's real easy now to save per system overrides.
  10. The issue is FPLoader.exe runs and than starts Future Pinball.exe, so since LB is set to run FPLoader.exe, it indeed has ended. I use a simple compiled AHK script and use it for launching FP tables. The script waits for Future Pinball screen to close before returning control to LB. If you can't compile the AHK you can just as easy make a BAT file that calls the uncompiled script as well.
  11. You likely need to update the mame.ini file to point to your rom directory. Even if you store the MAME emulator on the external drive as well, if your desktop PC doesn't assign the same drive letter as your laptop it would be a problem.
  12. Not 100% sure but it appears you are dealing with cores that support multiple systems that have different controls? If so, a much easier method is just put each system in a different folder and save a per directory remap. Works like a charm.
  13. The only gotcha to watch out for when combining layouts is stick to one coordinate system since there are several options. The mame guides on layout basics is very helpful in explaining them. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to make layouts that are specific to your setup. I have a Logitech steering wheel modded into my cabinet, but I use the arcade buttons for shifting. (Removed the Logitech stick to fit in an all in one cabinet.) I grabbed the layout code from one of the internal layouts to add an on screen shifter in addition to the bezel for games that support it.
  14. These built in options are just regular layouts as well which you can grab from the mame source. So if you want to create a layout using default artwork or a specific bezel and combine it with the built in color overlay, it's not to hard to mesh the two together.
  15. The issue is we are using FS-UAE's Launcher.exe which calls fs-uae.exe. So when the launcher is done they pass off to execution to fs-uae.exe which does the actual emulation, so to LB, launcher.exe has ended. I used a simple BAT file and a simple AHK script to watch for the real emulator (fs-uae) closing and LED lights stay on like expected. See here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/52889-fs-uae-ledblinky-problem/?do=findComment&comment=335865
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