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  1. You can't hide the loading screen as LB/BB can't stop apps that use exclusive full screen mode from taking control. Instead of a graphic, you can use LB's built in support for OBS to record your own video. It work great with Future Pinball.
  2. Thank you sucramjd. Really appreciate the work you do on these.
  3. You may have to go into Windows Device Manager and under the properties for your PacLED, set it to not power down in sleep mode. I’m not at computer right now so I can’t say exact location in device manager, but that option is in there.
  4. That’s all stored in the AppleIIGS.xml. i assume you are talking about the file path, if so under the tools menu option there should be a change rom path location option that should change them automatically. FYI, I store my roms on an external drive as well, but I also virtual map that drive onto the LaunchBox/Games folder. That way paths are relative not absolute, and provides many benefits like not worrying about drive letter, easy replacement.
  5. Should be able to download the core directly in Retroarch. I'd delete what you have in the cores folder, start Retroarch -> Load Core -> Download Core -> pick MAME current. Just checked, working OK.
  6. Ditto for Retroarch cores and MAME. The only hard part was if you are setting multiple inputs in MAME, and one of the devices is dynamic (wireless), make sure to set the cfg file for that game to read only after or MAME will erase those mappings if started without the dynamic device attached.
  7. That's really strange. That's a valid option and without it you won't have joystick support with the Apple2 machine. I'd have to see your verbose output to see why. It just changes the color. The Apple2 had really funky color modes depending on whether a pixel was on a even or odd coordinate or what the adjacent pixel was set as. I needed that gamma to correct the color to match what a remember from when I had an Apple2e. Without it the colors were just to bright. Is really a personal adjustment and doesn't affect emulation at all. I don't know about PRELOADing, but on some games if they run off the B side, you can try using an auto save, If it's a game that flips back and forth between disk sides, that won't work.
  8. Sorry when I say apple2, I’m referring to the entire platform, but apple2 is the plus model and apple2ee is the enhanced 2e model and they have different requirements. Running from command prompt with -v option will always tell you which file in a rom zip is missing or where it is finding the file it needs. MAME is incredibly flexible when it comes to checksum matching and sometimes a specific file can change to a different rom zip, but it will still find it if it’s in a rom zip it knows for that machine.
  9. Your issue with the apple2 is likely missing rom files that are required. If you can start mame from the command prompt with the -v option it should tell you what is missing. I believe newer MAME versions requires the roms from the disk controller as well, I believe diskII_ng it's called. Sorry away from computer so can't get specifics right now. Edit: Roms needed: Just add those beside your apple2ee roms where you keep you MAME roms.
  10. Just use current MAME, works great. My LB command line for Apple II
  11. Are you sure it's not the slow-motion "bullet time" feature of the game? (Normally activated with middle mouse button or what you have set for Aimtrack)
  12. The latest version is the one causing me that issue. Turning off the key feature doesn't help. I think out issues are different then. Glad it's working for you.
  13. Core remaps will do what you want, but you can run into issues with device indexes especially if you forget to disconnect a controller. I use the tool devreorder to hide controllers I don't need for specific cores to be absolutely safe of no issues. I create a simple AHK script to move the appropriate devreorder.ini file into place for each core and set that to run before Retroarch as an additional app. For example: So that specific ini file blocks all controllers except the XBOX 360s I use for SNES. Edit: Double checked my set up and I have it set per game, not system. With a little more work you could do per system.
  14. Ah, so you're just grabbing the bezel png and auto generating a basic layout file for native MAME that just points to that image. Makes sense. Will the installer over write existing bezels for native MAME?
  15. These are my preferred bezels, but one thing I miss is some of the features of the built in MAME layouts, like color overlays and lamp support. Many of these are trivial to add so you have both the bezel and these features, Color overlays only require changes to the layout file, but lamp support requires additional images as well. I've done several myself. curious if there a way to submit these changes other than setting up github and using pull requests? (At least for adding color overlays which requires no other files)
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