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  1. I like the fade too, just a couple seem overly slow compared to others. Of course that is just my opinion, and I'm looking at the point of view of someone searching through a list of games. All good.
  2. Yes thanks. I know that is an option but I prefer to keep a consistency on my cabinet videos. Just gives it a nicer finishing look in my opinion.
  3. As always, great work Sucramjd. Really appreciate your work. Thanks again. Edit: If I was to knit pick, some of the video elements slide in pretty slow which when you are scanning or looking for a game might not be optimal. For example: Samurai Shodown vs. SF 5: Type Arcade.
  4. Select the games you don't want to see, right click and select edit. In the window that opens, for the Field, pick Hide. Make sure there is a check to enable hidden. If you every want to see hidden roms, just pick Show hidden roms under the view menu, You can edit individual or multiple files to change that attribute as needed.
  5. I prefer to keep my iPac in keyboard mode as they are basically used for arcade games only, but you you can add more real XBOX controllers as well, The only thing you'll have to do is make sure you set the right controllers in each emulator. Sure, the STL files are on Thingiverse, but I don't have the direct link handy. SInce I used the iPac in keyboard I was able to enable both the arcade controls and the Xbox controllers at the same time. (very easy to do in Retroarch) I have since changed to just using the Xbox controllers for console games. Some of the games on consol
  6. I can't speak to the specifics of using a PI and driving your LED, but the information the LB sends to Pixelcade is quite simple and nothing is stopping you from intercepting that information and running whatever program you need to accomplish your task. In your LB's settings, just set the location of Pixelcade instead to your application. Use the Platform and game name passed as needed to decide what to display. Use whatever tool you need to send an image or text over to your Pi.
  7. Another option is don't limit yourself and add some controllers. I have 2 XBOX wireless controllers that are mounted on the front of my cabinet. Using a few 3D printed holders they are very inconspicuous and don't crowd the normal arcade control panel.
  8. Update: Seems MAME 0,233 has apple2gs joystick updates. I tested Gauntlet with it and I am able to play with it. The game start screen still has a tendency to pull to the bottom right corner when the joystick is centered, but you can move around the screen and in game it works fine.
  9. Just use Reshade and you can add bezels to other systems fairly easily.
  10. I would suggest adding your pre-emulator programs as additional apps in LB that launch before the m2emulator, than just adding the following in the running Autohotkey script for the emulator in LB.
  11. Have you tried with a clean install and no cfg or nvram files? Have you tried entering the test menu of the game and checking/calibrating controls within the game
  12. So what exactly is the issue? What is happening? If you open a command prompt and navigate to your MAME folder, then run it will tell us the problem.
  13. This file will not be used. MAME will only read the one in it's ini folder. When you are using the -cdrm option, you are no longer using MAME's software lists and are passing the path to the chd for MAME to use. Your file structure needs to be like this if using software list loading: We also need to see your default MAME settings in the LB Emulator page. When using software lists, you only want to pass the software name, not a full path.
  14. You don't need it. You just have to make sure that the your mame.ini rompath variable points to where your roms (BIOS) are AND where the root directory is for your software list software. (in there should be a folder cdi with your CHDs) If you are having issues, if you start mame from a command prompt or powershell with the verbose option it should tell you the issue. If using software lists: Or you can directly start a CHD without using software lists like any other rom: You still need your rompath set in mame.ini so it can find the cdi bios file. I prefer the s
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