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  1. Seems with current versions (1.7.7 here), you need to load a dummy file named cannonball.game Now you set it up just like any other core/rom and things like overrides work as well.
  2. I have a dedicated arcade machine with an exit button, so I have not. My GUESS would be, with the Dolphin bar in Mode 4, all the Wii remote buttons are captured by Dolphin itself and mapping to an exit key would not work. Looking in the controller configuration inside of Dolphin, doesn't look like it possible to map buttons outside of the emulation itself. (aka an exit key)
  3. I do the same. Keep a full split set and I have a text file with the names of the roms I want. Each new version of MAME, in the set information panel, import my text file and it will only select the roms I want. Save that dat file and use it to rebuild my non-merged set. So when I needed a set for PI for example, load dat for MAME version 0.78, read my text file, save new dat file. Rebuild my MAME 0.78 set with just the roms I need in non-merged format. So far so good, and haven't needed any roll-back sets or they were in ClrMamePro backup folder.
  4. Just tried here and Wii remotes work fine with Dolphin bar when launched from Big Box. In Big Box, Wii remotes aren't configured and use all controllers is disabled. Are you using standalone Dolphin or the Retroarch core?
  5. Have you run MAME from the command line to see any errors it posts? Most likely some the of BIOS files needed for your MAME version for using Apple IIgs are missing. (They are very picky between MAME versions, but it does work.)
  6. Rename your roms folder to something like roms_old and then create a new roms folder. (in the same directory it was previously) Now in the rebuilder, select split sets and pick the roms_old folder (or whatever you named it) and the source folder and it should rebuild the entire collection you have. If you have a full set, this can be lengthy.
  7. After spending way too much time keeping my name set complete and getting update packs for each version I started using a simpler approach so I spend more time playing MAME than updating it. This method relies on romset names being fairly stable and I'm using a non-merged set and bios included in rom sets. (I include them so BIOSes don't show up when I'm running MAME directly) Like Denzilla, I did the one time approach of manually removing all games I did not want. Even if it was non-working, or my current machine wasn't powerful enough, I included the rom set, so in the future I would have it. Since I used non-merged set, I could be selective on exact version of roms I wanted. (For example, the world version of Double Dragon, ddragonw, not ddragon) Once I had my roms slimmed down, I use a simple BASH command (OS X) or PowerShell command (Windows) to list the rom directory without the extensions) into a text file. So now I have a text file with just the roms I want. (Called Favourites.txt in my case) When a new version of mame comes out, I add it ClrMamePro. I go to the Scanner and Click the Set Info button. In this screen there is an option to load a text file, which we supply the text file created earlier. (Favourites.txt) This will cause only the roms I want to be included. ClrMamePro takes care of the individual roms in each rom set, I don't have to worry if a specific rom was added or deleted with, because I am just filtering by rom set name. It's almost instant, and I can than save a dat from the same window and use this in ClrMamePro. With this my rom set is so much smaller and updating in fairly painless. Every once and a while new files my be added in newer mame versions to game I have, but it is simple to see what I need and a lot easier to find on the internet than getting entire update packs, which are generally 99% for games I don't want. On my PC I have mame version 0.202, but on my Raspberry PI 3, it's only using MAME_2003plus which uses a mame 0.78 romset. No problem, load dat file for mame 0.78 into ClrMamePro, read my favourites.txt file, I can now save a dat for just the games I want that only play with that version of MAME. If your favourites text file has game that was added in a later version of mame, it is simply ignored. ClrMamePro does all the work of selecting the right specific roms for the rom set you want, for that version of mame.
  8. Are you testing a game you have run previously? My guess is that BIOS file is now part of the NEOGEO set, and hence it will fail an audit if not present. However, if you have run the game before, and MAME has saved the specific NEOGEO BIOS you it ran with previously, it will still run since it doesn't need that new BIOS version that was added. As a test, start your game, then go into MAME menu and change the BIOS to that new one. Quit the game and try starting again. It should fail now. (Assuming it will let you pick the newest missing BIOS)
  9. You can put all the update packs in a single folder and just point the rebuilder to that folder and it should work fine.
  10. The new Bluetooth pass-thru option doesn't affect using the Dolphin Bar. The Dolphin Bar however, does NOT support the new Bluetooth option. So you can't use both at the same time. I tried the new Bluetooth pass-thru option using my bluetooth and the only difference I really noticed was the Wii remote speaker sound was now clear instead of the crackled/muffed sound when using the Dolphin Bar. Using that option you can't use the IR part of the Dolphin Bar which you need for some games also. For me, just sticking with the Dolphin Bar is currently the best option. It just works,even easier than the connecting on the Wii itself. It was as simple as selecting the right Mode (4), syncing remotes, and telling Dolphin to use real remotes. Working flawlessly for months now.
  11. How exactly did you update/add the roms? (Directly into your MAME rom directly or using a rom manager) 1) Update packs only have the roms that have been added or changed within a set, not a complete repack of the roms needed for that version of mame. If you just copy the update pack into where your mame roms are, these incomplete updates will often overwrite the set you had before. 2) Launchbox doesn't use the mame.xml. The 'scan for new roms' option just does directory scan if the platform rom directory is properly set. If you want to merge the update packs you need to use a rom manager like ClrMamePro. Technically you could do it manually, but I wouldn't suggest anyone bother unless it was for a few specific roms.
  12. I understand that completely and though I quoted you I was just giving my method in general to anyone. Way back in the day when I started with MacMAME and downloading massive sizes wasn't really an option, I like many MAME users was wasting too much time trying to have a complete an perfect set. I think too many people still do that. Having a compete subset of "my" games was a cleaner option and using the ClrMamePro options above meant I didn't have to worry about the internal specific rom changes within the games I liked. The most important result was the OCD in me was satisfied that the MAME profile in ClrMamePro had a green check mark even though I only had a subset of ROMs.
  13. I only keep a full 0.161 set and each version update pack from then on. (All stored within one directory) What makes things easier is using the Set Information tools within the scanner result window. I have a list of all my favourite MAME roms listed in a text file. (MAME_Favourites.txt) On each new MAME release, I let ClrMamePro read the MAME binary to get the XML information it needs. I do a scan, and from the results page I click the Set Information button. From there you load that text file which will enable only the roms you need for those games. (You don't have to worry about CHDs, or the exact roms needed for the set, it's taken care of automatically.) From the same page, you can now export a dat file for just your mame games. I use this dat file in ClrMamePro with the paths set to where I store the roms for Launchbox. If for some reason it's missing any roms, switch to the rebuilder which has the update pack folder as source and fixed.
  14. You can add both VP9 and VPX as separate platforms and have the best of both worlds.
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