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    IPAC2 mapping

    Agreed. I've only encountered 1 emulator that had an issue with left-alt from the default mappings. Just an FYI, some of those systems you really need analog support for proper game play in some games. You can fake it in some ways, but I find it's a better experience to leave the arcade controls to arcade titles and older consoles and use something like a wireless xbox 360, PS2+ Controller, etc for other consoles.
  2. Totally understand. Sometimes getting a good set isn’t always an option. Can you believe the top tier DSL service in my location is only 5 Mbps! FTTH is coming they say, for 2 years now! LOL Rag2Richius, did you run from command prompt to see the error?
  3. Good advice by Retro808, but Superman.zip and cchip.zip haven’t changed since Mame 0.196, so anything relativity new should work. (Technically 0.188 since it used cchip emulation before) If any future issues running specific Mame games, from a command prompt with the verbose option will can tell what files you are missing and where Mame is looking for it. mame -v superman (You have to be in the directory where Mame is located. If you need assistance, just ask.)
  4. Make sure you have the cchip.zip rom also. (It's a Taito TC0030CMD (C-Chip) device file needed)
  5. I didn’t think that core was fully functional. (No sound) It used to be there was a branched version for RetroPie, but I don’t think those changes made it to mainstream branch. (Unless there’s been a recent change I missed)
  6. Me too. Sold my Aimtraks early while they were still worth something. If Sinden’s work as well as they appear, they‘ll be the must have light guns. Can’t wait until September and they arrive.
  7. Glad you got it working. FYI, I don’t use the same device for every game. For example, I might use a light gun in 1 game, but prefer the trackball, even though it’s a light gun game. In these cases, you can add specific controls in the supermodel.ini per game. Just start with [swtrilgy] and list the key mappings needed. Or you can do it by running the config input option per game, for example supermodel3.exe -config-inputs swtrilgy
  8. When you click on the mission to start, is it selected and starts playing right away, or is there a slight pause before the timer selects the one one you were on? If you look in your supermodel.ini, are your mouse buttons promptly mapped for swtrilgy?
  9. I would run dxdiag and look to see no errors and that you have hardware acceleration enabled. You can see your video card driver version there. Is it up to date? If you run Windows Update any updates. If you don’t find any problems there, maybe force reinstall DirectX. I’m not sure if the web installer will do that or if you have to download the full installer. Google should get you the info you need.
  10. When you move the mouse it has to be within the black window that appears or it does t appear to register. There are several analog inputs options for this game, so I’d try them all. (Separately)
  11. Very nice. I usually don't use longer startup videos for Retroarch cores as they generally load so fast, but you are making me re-consider that decision. Do you plan to release both RL and LB versions?
  12. We know the issue is related to your DirectX installation, hence why we want to test using the opengl video driver to be sure. Is your Nvidia driver up to date? Might be helpful to run dxdiag also to look for errors or missing components maybe the installer missed.
  13. Change video auto to video gl in the # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS section.
  14. I'm on r782 still. (Haven't had the need to update) Did you correctly configure your mouse for use in swtrilgy? My ini won't help as I have a real analog joystick I use for that game.
  15. Not really. I just changed my configuration to use that bat script to start and it worked fine from both LB and Big Box. No issues with my secondary monitor, or losing focus. I would try using the additional apps method and forget the script method if it's causing focus issues. There are some tricks you can do using AHK scripts to grab focus back, but that additional apps and running you script to erase the nvram file should work.
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