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  1. Yes it is. I have it in my collection. I don't know whether true or not, but I did find one article about Primal Rage II that indicated that an earlier prototype used CoJag hardware.
  2. Unless you have a dislike for Retroarch, I would suggest just using Retroarch with the Higan core or one of the BSNES cores and it will save you a lot of trouble.
  3. Only Demul emulator can play Sega Naomi 2. Check out Teknoparrot, it can play many newer arcade titles but you will need beefier hardware and some games can have hit and miss compatibility wise.
  4. I don't know about PS2 hardware, but there were arcade games based on PS1 hardware. MAME (and other emus) can play those games and it's called the ZN-2 hardware. ZN-2 Information
  5. Under the View menu in Launchbox is the auto play videos option enabled?
  6. Try turning off the option to Force using MAME metdata.
  7. I'm just using a generic American Laser Games bezel for all my games now. Until the Sinden's arrive, don't know if they will need to be darkened, so not worried about individual bezels yet.
  8. If you start menu.bat instead of the game directly, when you hit escape, it should return to the menu, which you would have to hit escape a second time. I've never shot the guy running out from the sheriff's office as well. I had this issue when running Singe1 also. I really left investigating it until my Sinden's arrives as well. I do see from using the -t trace option that the gun is locked for a a bit on that scene and it could be firing too soon could be a problem. If I figure it out for sure, I'll let you know.
  9. I did not make any scripts, Singe2 includes all the ones you need. The menu.dat file just starts Singe2 with a script to present a menu of the games first. I am of the opinion that using a frontend (LB) to call another frontend (That menu) isn't a great option, but to each his own. If you run that menu.dat outside of LaunchBox, does it start properly?
  10. Those xml and sqlite files are from your Bittorrent client you used to download the games. They are not needed once downloaded. How are you launching the game now, directly running Singe2 or with LaunchBox? I don't use the Emulation tab of LaunchBox to start my Singe2 games. Since there are just a few, I call the Singe2 application directly and use custom command line options for each. Attached is a screenshot of my settings for Mad Dog McCree.
  11. I was referring to corruption within one of the files, not the files you have per say. (That's why I wanted to know if it was just Mad Dog) I can say that my Singe2 installation does not have any of those xml and sqlite files. By chance did you originally use Singe1 with Daphne? Basically, it makes sure you aren't running fullscreen, with the console window open so you can see "debug" information. I did a little more testing and it appears just adding the -t option will also had that debugging info into a file trace.txt inside the script folder of the game you are running. So I wo
  12. I tested again before posting, no issues. No way of knowing for sure but could be where you acquired your Mad Dog files... bad singe file possibly. Knowing for sure whether it's just that game or several would help narrow it down. Maybe try running without the -f, -z, and -w options and adding the trace option -t, might display an error that may help.
  13. I do not have these issues using Singe2. Does this occur with all Singe2 games?
  14. In the Add Emulator window, you have to check the three options below the default command line options. (See your second screenshot or Korth's example above)
  15. Easiest way, import the xmls. You can Use any platform name. You'll likely want to scrape media as "Arcade" Yes, if using the xml method. No. This was only needed if you were calling the application directory and not using the emulation section.
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