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    You can absolutely can use additional apps to start Demulshooter, no need for a bat file.
  2. I love that the different elements can now be independently enabled. No more manually editing layouts to combine overlays and bezels! 🙂
  3. The link is wrong, but still got to the site. Always appreciated your work and learned a lot about the layout system reading some of your previous lay files in the past. Thanks. Mr. Do's
  4. I think you are likely exactly right. I had a similar issue with LEDBlinky scripts i was using and fs-uae some time ago. I corrected it by calling fs-uae.exe directly, but this led to some other inconveniences. Unfortunately I don't have my scripts anymore as I've switched to the P-uae core in Retroarch for my Amiga games. It just works easier for the games I need and has a cleaner look that comes with Retroarch.
  5. Your debug log is showing otherwise. 🙂
  6. I would edit your post and remove your email. Are you using the exact same same controls.ini for both machines? Edit: Are you sure you have the mame.xml file here? Odd nothing in the size. Are you sure you enabled the no LEDs Mode option on the Misc Options tab under Other Options in LEDBlinkyConfig?
  7. Still waiting on a debug log. Without it basically just guessing and hoping something sticks.
  8. I just tested with both a single chd in a zip and a multi disc zip with m3u and 2 chd files and both worked fine. What format are your images inside your zips? Do they all fail or just multi disc? FYI, I converted all my images to chd format and just as small as zipped and load much faster.
  9. For starters, enable the debug log in LEDBlinkyConfig and see what's LB is sending it or not. Should be valuable info in there.
  10. I've seen this on other sites using different forum software as well. Mostly like to help prevent overwhelming the backend with possible massive results that could result from using such small search terms.
  11. No. Your iPac keys are mapped to abstract Retropad devices, that have Start, Select, D-pad, A, B, X, Y, etc. If you look in your Retroarch.cfg file you will see those mappings. For example, input_player1_x = “ctrl” Once you make a core or folder override, you can override those defaults. (It’s in Retroarch/config folder) What you do is change some of the player1 controls to use the iPac player 2 keys. Then you can map them in the controls quick menu of Retroarch since they will appear as player 1 controls. (Even though the keys are player 2 to iPac) for example, in my iPac, key “2” is player 2 start. In Retroarch.cfg there is a line input_player2_start = “2” so in the override file in the config folder I add input_player1_l3 = “2” and input_player2_start =“nul” so now in Retroarch I set player1 L3 button to right_difficulty_a even though it’s iPac player 2, Retroarch sees as player 1
  12. This is a constraint due to Retroarch and that core mapping those functions to only Retropad #1. There is a work around since you are using the iPac in keyboard mode: add a custom key config file for that core. In that config, you can map the keys from player #2 to buttons on the player #1 retropad and than remap in Retroarch as needed. For example, I use my player #2 insert coin (6 key) and start button (2 key) for right difficulty buttons, so in my custom config I set player #1 L3 button to '6' and player #1 R3 button to '2' and in Retroarch set those to the difficulty buttons. Hope that make sense.
  13. Which player keys cause the issue? I only use 2 players with my iPac 4 Ultimate, (spinner and trackball on other player connections), and the default keystrokes for player 1 and 2 don't cause any issues. Can you not start WinIpac software and check to see what keystrokes are set for the "problem" controls? Or, are you using the iPac4 in joystick mode? If so you might have to check the mappings in LB settings.
  14. That makes total sense. It was just the Daphne emuName/platformName check that seemed overly strict, but I get it. For a cabinet like mine that will be used by more than me. a platform of Daphne means absolutely nothing to most people. 🙂 I've been dabbling with AHK every since I tried Rocketlauncher. As powerful as RocketLauncher can be, it still can be overwhelming with everything it includes. Like you I learned enough to write my own specific AHK routines so I could migrate away from RL. (There are still a few reasons I used it. Haven't got around to replacing some everything yet) I hear ya, many moons for sure. Remember my first real complete program was a submarine shooter for the Apple II written in 6502 assembly. Absolutely loved learning from Nibble magazine. 🙂 Still to this day I struggle with the artistic part. Unlike a program where you can do some research, write some code, and solve the problem at hand, when it comes to the artistic part, I'm never satisfied and it seems to always drag on and never reaches completion, 😁 Thanks for your contributions Krakerman.
  15. The error message that’s says Slingshot only works with Daphne. I just removed that check and all worked without changing folder names. In this launcher you use AHK’s inStr function to check for emuname in platformName. My guess is your other launchers are different since you would need platforms like MAME instead of Arcade and Altirra instead of 8-bit Atari. Are those hard coded to the emulator name instead or they don’t check? Sorry for all the questions but concerned for future issues before committing completely to these launchers. At some point to make things more ender user friendly on my cabinet, I expect to move platforms like Sega Model 2, Sega Model 3, Sega Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, Taito Type X, etc into Arcade. If these checks are present it wouldn’t work and only would be useful for me if I matched your setup completely. I appreciate your work on this and I hope you don’t take this as being negative, just trying to be as flexible and full proof as possible. I’m curious how you are generating your cinematic videos? Some kind of script with artwork and animations -> videos? My guess is a lot of people will struggle with creating their own cinematic videos due to lack of knowledge or just not good artistic abilities. I’m in that group. I have no artistic ability myself. Currently for testing I have been screen capturing Rocketlauncher startup screens to make my videos.
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