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  1. Yes I remember our discussion. There were some joystick fixes since then in MAME but some issues remain in some games. (like gauntlet) Checking that post, seems the issue as reported by Torquemurder, isn't a bug in MAME per sa but MAME needs to implement analog trim adjustments to work around programming issues in some games. Not sure that's the kind of thing MAME would add, as the core emulation works as it should. He did mention that in GSPort/KEGS he added a patch to manually adjust trim values. No idea how AppleWin handles the issue or if it does. Edit: I read online someone using a LUA script to read and set values for a game control in MAME, I wonder if something like this could be done to "adjust" analog values in the apple2 driver to act like a trim adjustment. I haven't looked into LUA scripting in MAME myself, but maybe a possibility?
  2. MESS was merged with MAME a while back and since then it has continued to get many updates to the apple2 subsystem. It's support for various peripherals is quite extensive. I use it exclusively for my Apple2e and Apple2gs emulation. AppleWin is also an option. Try both and see which you prefer. Some people don't like MAME and find it difficult. I don't and it works great in LB for me. A good write up is here.
  3. I notice in your log file Xemu is running as 128Mb (not the normal 64MB) I'm not sure this is the answer to why it's running slow, but maybe try setting to the standard 64MB of a XBOX.
  4. Instead of just deleting the nvram file, once configured as you like in game make a copy of it. (swtrilgy.backup.nv) In your script, using whichever method you want, (BAT, AHK, etc), delete the old nvram and copy the backup version with the correct name, swtrilgy.nv This is the AHK script I used The 1 option at the ends, overwrites the files so I don't need to delete first. I compile this script to an exe and add as an additional app for swtrilgy and have it run before supermodel3 emu.
  5. Yes. Which UI mode are you using? Should be under Options in the Quick menu after you start a game.
  6. If you look in the Retroarch quick menu under options after starting a game you will see the option to enable service buttons. You will have to look under Controls in the Quick menu to see what yours are set at. (you can change them) One thing to note, when you get into service mode, the first screen is options for the base Sega Naomi cabinet options. (These machines could change cartridges and run different games) In that menu you should see an option called Game Test Mode, this will led you to the specific settings for the current game.
  7. In the flycast core options are you using the HLE BIOS? If you are using a real BIOS and that is disabled you should get the startup swirl and sounds.
  8. That was a very detailed and well explained post JoeViking245. I knew all that though. I missed the small post where ci2own mentioned he was using software lists, hence my confusion and why I suggested a work around. So yes you are using software lists. I use this method for Mattel Intellivision so I can use game specific artwork for the controller overlays.
  9. This is very interesting. Are you 100% sure MAME isn't loading in software list mode? Since you're loading with just the rom name, that would mean your pegasus roms are all in your default roms directory based on your screenshot. (which doesn't seem practical) Also, that would mean MAME would be using artwork in software list mode when passing a rom file directly, which would seem inconsistent. I'm not suggesting your wrong, just curious. Going to test myself some more.
  10. I have it both ways, included in all games and broken down by system. In LB, clicking just Arcade shows all games, but BB doesn't, so that's why I also have the All Games playlist. I do this as I know different arcade boards, but most people using my cabinet just know they are arcade titles and will look in there. Same here but I do NOT use the full set with LB or BB. Yes that is an option. It really depends how you want to organize your roms. For the most part, the only real reason I separate some systems like Sega Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, is because most of them use an emulator other than MAME. It's easier to work on them. I have a text file that lists all the MAME roms I want. You can see from the screenshot posted earlier, I load that text file and select include BIOS and include devices and I create a non-merged MAME set of just the games I want that are self contained. Each MAME release, it's as simple as reloading that file in CLRMamePro and it will correct any any changes needed. (There are a few very times when this can break but simply looking at the set information and correcting and updating the text file fixes the issue) Below is a sample from my game text file. You'll might notice I have things like a USA version of Title Fight, and 2 player versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games, instead of the default 4 player. So when I update MAME, I always get these versions. I don't know if it's changed in the LB Full Mame Import tool, but previously it didn't remember if you had set different defaults for roms with multiple versions.
  11. Anyone else seeing this behaviour? Same emulator with different cores with empty custom command lines, and LB considers them duplicate entries?
  12. I use Retroarch flycast core for this game, but by chance could it be setting in the game service menu to change the cabinet type?
  13. Instead of naming the layout file name based on the rom, can you try it using default.lay instead? (just a test) OK I think I found the issue. The override feature does work, but only if it's another artwork that MAME knows, and hence why it worked for me and not you. MAME, doesn't know the rom tank, so that override will not work. I just testing using a random one, galaga, and it worked OK. There are a couple "workarounds" I can think of. Set up a directory folder with a folder for every pegasus rom you have. Inside each folder have a pegasus.zip artwork with the appropriate files for each game. For you command line options, use the -artpath option to set the correct folder to use. Exact technique will depend on whether you pass roms directly or use software lists. Other option that is probably easier, is just create a small AHK program that runs before MAME and copies the game specific artwork over the default pegasus artwork.
  14. You may want to download ClrMamePRo and using it you can go into the set information and see all the systems MAME supports. There are lots and many that don't work with MAME yet. Attached is a sample. Outside of Neo-Geo, a lot of the more popular other systems are usually better supported by other emulators. There are some scripts on the forums to grab the roms for those systems from your MAME set and place in a different folder. From here there are several options on how you want to important them. You can import has separate platforms. You can import them as Arcade platform but set to use a different emulator. Afterward you can use auto-populated playlist to create those systems for you. (Using Platform category view) Here is my set up, all arcade roms in Arcade platform, but playlists that are auto populated for specific systems.
  15. If you have access to these machines already, your best bet is to install and try a few of the more demanding emulators and try a rom or two and see how hard you can push it. The issue is there is not a simple answer as each emulator and system is and can be quite different. For MAME, single core CPU speed is most important. My 2 core i3 @ 3900Mhz played many games better than my 4 core i5-6600K @ 3500Mhz using the same video card. For games that upscale or offload to the GPU (like PS2), obviously a dedicated GPU will be dramatically better than an integrated GPU. Only you can decide what shaders you might use, how much you want to upscale and what is acceptable performance wise. Maybe as a baseline, you could tell us what 2 platforms are your most important to emulate. I don't have much experience using portables for emulation but others might be able to tell you what is realistic for those specs.
  16. This is what I started with essentially and still use. The system had an i3 @ 3900Mhz and I added a Geforce GTX 970 I had. I play up to PS2 games upscaled, mostly without issues. There are a few high end titles for some platforms that have a few slow downs, but it's not the norm and it's a tradeoff between $$$ and power. Sure I could upgrade to an i7-7700 at $400, but really it's not worth it to make a couple more newer games playable in MAME and a few more fps in those troublesome PS2 games. I don't think that PC you posted would be good for PS2. CPU speed is huge in emulation and that integrated video GPU isn't powerful enough either.
  17. It appears to be an bug introduced in one of the latest updates. There is a check for making sure there are different command line options per associated platform, but this shouldn't be compared for different cores. The functionality of launching using different cores still works OK, you just can't edit and close the associated platforms window now. (I suppose a temporary work around is editing the xml manually with LB closed)
  18. Yes, the only reason he is using the override option is to force use of a game specific artwork instead of the system artwork. He/she posted some verbose output in another thread and it indeed looks like it is reading the pegasus.zip artwork file correctly. It's not the artwork as using an exact copy as a game override does work. Something isn't right and not making sense with the info we have. As a test, running any Apple2 game with MAME, I get the apple2e.zip system artwork. If I use an override, (doesn't matter which, tron for example), it loads the apple2 floppy with the arcade tron artwork. I'm sure the system shouldn't matter as the artwork system is abstracted from emulation parts. Building on what spycat said, by chance do you have zoom to screen area on?
  19. I’ll double check when I get home. I tested last night but using apple2e system and it worked. You should also had the -v option to get verbose output which might have some clues as what files MAME is trying to read.
  20. That's normal behavior. When using a system like that, it would read the system artwork if it existed. So in this case a pegasus.zip artwork file. So use the -override_artwork option and if it doesn't exist for that specific rom it will fall back to the system one. (pegasus.zip artwork)
  21. Make sure Launchbox\Games is an empty folder Open Disk Management Selection the partition you want to mount into the Launchbox directory Right click and select Change Drive Letter and Paths Click Add in the window that opens Select Mount in the following empty NTFS folder Hit browse and pick your Launchbox/Games folder
  22. It's a tiny little bit of work (just moving, not copying folders), but what I do is have all my platform rom folder in the root of my E drive, than I also mount this drive onto my Launchbox\Games folder. I can access files through E drive or Launchbox\Games and this means i can leave platform file locations as default and use relative file paths. This should work for you as your current paths are within the Launchbox folder, so your entries in your platform.xml files should be the same. I'm sure there are other options as well, just how I have mine and works great.
  23. The same folder as the Dolphin.exe is the only place it will be. If it's not there you are used the shared global location. Explained here. Just the first line, Once you open the editor you should see that gameID already in the User Config area on the bottom. You add your control information there. Dolphin will create the ini for you automatically. See the picture I posted above. (My example is a Gamecube example, but Wii game is same method.)
  24. It's just an empty text file exactly named portable.txt. That tells Dolphin to save files in that folder rather than a system shared location.
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