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  1. Only thing I would add is *.lst isn't suggested format any longer, MAME *.zip format type is. Also Demul plays Naomi 2 and Naomi 2 GD games. In addition to Teknoparrot, Jconfig/Rconfig plays many of those Sega games as well. (Loads faster for me too)
  2. In my experience, Project64 might be needed for some N64 hacks. Some absolutely need it’s extra RAM feature. As zugswang said, Retroarch should be your first option and look elsewhere if needed.
  3. What emulator are you using for PS1? If Retroarch you can convert them to CHD as well. Just move the the chdman.exe from MAME into the directory with your cue/bin files and run the following from a command prompt:
  4. Do the Wiimotes "re-sync" when launching from LB? What is your command line options that you start Dolphin with from LB?
  5. Unfortunately there isn't a universal method that works for everything. It is very emulator specific but there are solutions. For MAME you want to set up static IDs, which the MAME Docs explain well. For DInput devices, a tool like devreorder can also help with other emulators.
  6. Are you playing exclusive full screen with Teknoparrot? (no window mode or borderless full screen) Which settings have you enabled in LB's startup screen settings? Depending on specific games you may or may not need to turn off Aggressive Window hiding or Hide all but exclusive full screen options.
  7. LOL. I did say faster, not that it was fast. Best option... play Mario Kart 8 with Cemu instead. I keep Mario Kart DX in the collection, but personally found it a bit boring and bland and other games that load faster are more fun.
  8. That sucks. These are the worst problems when it works for some but not others. Teknoparrot can be a pain version to version. Only thing I could suggest would check your ParrotData.xml file and make sure you do indeed see <SilentMode>true</SilentMode> I've been flipping between using multiple ways to start my Teknoparrot games (haven't decided on my favourite yet), but if you're so inclined, using RocketLauncher with it's loading screens always worked for me. It uses a more active window searching feature. OMG, that game takes forever to load through Teknoparrot doe
  9. Needed to know how you were starting to know what features to suggest. Make sure you have hide console windows enabled in TeknoparrotUI settings and than also add --startMinimized to your command line options to TeknoparrotUI.exe I understand that you don't want to change to use LB's pre run Application feature, but if you aren't running Demulshooter and your AHK is just starting TeknoparrotUI.exe, you can use the same command line arguments directly in LB. e
  10. Looking at your previous posts, not sure for Teknoparrot why the extra step of running through an AHK. Are you using it to pre or post run apps that aren’t working in LB’s tools for that? If you could post the AHK you are using to launch a game, that would help as well. FYI, I learned a lot looking at the AHKs RocketLauncher uses for Teknoparrot games as it uses a more advanced window detection that might help. running to work, will look again after.
  11. Are you using LB startup screens as well? If so is Aggressive hiding enabled in startup screen settings in LB? Is it all Teknoparrot games or just Linux based ones? I use a mix of starting TeknoparrotUI directly and RocketLauncher for a few Teknoparrot games. I’ll check when I get home my exact settings.
  12. Why not call TeknoparrotUI directly? Inside Teknoparrot settings there is an option to hide the console.
  13. I have had this issue as well for some time. I never did find the cause and it didn’t appear to be specific to any format or bit rate. I would guesstimate that it occurs about 50% of the time. Since my cabinet doesn’t restart often, I never pursued investigating it any more, but I always wondered about if it was a full screen focus issue. Might look at it again this weekend and test a few ideas.
  14. I have no issue, LB and LedBlinky working perfectly on all versions including latest. My issue in the past was tilde character and hidden characters in rom names that LB had no issue with but LEDBlinky did.
  15. You may want to revise or delete your log as it has your email in it. Don’t need some spammer harvesting it.
  16. Can’t wait, love your videos. Was hoping to finish up some of my remaining Teknoparrot games.
  17. You should turn on debugging in LEDBlinky and post the what it is receiving from LB. Without any more information, best guess is platform name doesn't match what LEDBlinky is expecting and/or characters in the game title are causing it not to be parsed right or passed to LEDBlinky correctly.
  18. You could be writing my life story there too. You can keep them in the same platform but use different emulators. I essentially group mine as LaserDisc. I do a similar thing with lots of systems. Arcade contains ALL games that were arcade machines. Within that I also have playlists for American Laser Games, Sega Model 2, etc. Most people using my cabinet don't know what those platforms mean anyways, but having the playlists also makes it easier for me to maintain and quickly go specific systems.
  19. Glad you got it working. Still waiting for my dual SIndens, but might get my GUN4IR guns running first. You have to use the original Daphne still. You can get an awesome updated look my getting better video files though. I have an AI improved set for Dragon's Liar and it looks incredible.
  20. Since this is running from LB, I wasn't concerned about how the video layout names appeared in MAME's video menu (since it will never be used by end users on my cabinet), With a little search and replace and some editing I changed the default.lay to make sure they all match the MAME software list name. I also updated to the new MAME layout format since bezel elements are marked as deprecated. default.zip
  21. What exactly is the issue you are having? It appears from your test.txt output that MAME correctly remapped the controllers in the order you specified in arcade.cfg.
  22. Yes, very much needed for multi system cores. No more needing custom configs to read specific core options. (Although been told many times in this thread it existed already 🙂 )
  23. What kind of interface are your buttons connected to? I ask because my layout is like that, except for the admin buttons. I use the secondary key functions from my IPac for those. it provides two benefits: room on the panel above the trackball for my spinner, and I don’t want users have easy access to things like MAME tab menu, Retroarch settings etc. just some food for thought. 🙂
  24. LOL, is he your agent? I'm guessing what your trying to say is you'll do specific systems for $$$. I don't know if forums rules will allow you to just say that and for how much, but I do have a question in regards to this. If we use your services, are the completed systems available to everyone or just the purchaser?
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