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Im looking for a cheap PC to run inside my arcade cab.

Ive found one for £95 with these specs.  Do you think BigBox will suffer?

I3 3120 CPU

GTX 650Ti 1gb GPU

8gb RAM

I know an i5 would be better, but does anyone have any experience with specs like these?

I currently use it on my i7 gaming laptop without any issues at all, but I dont want to keep having to connect it to the cab.

FYI - Im only using a 4:3 aspect ratio...if that matters!

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I'm sure someone more knowledegable will chime in but I think the answer will depend on what games you are running. Obviously, BigBox is just a front end that will launch anything so, if all you're playing is MAME games I would say that your specs are more than enough. However, if you are planning on using BigBox to launch some of the latest PC titles then maybe the specs need beefing up a bit?

At a guess, those specs would run the majority of retro games without an issue I would think (decent price too). :)

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I ended up speaking to the guy (he builds pcs) and he's gunna stick an i5 in there instead. Will pay £150 in total which I still think is a decent price ?

My main concern was that Bigbox game wheels would be lagging too much and annoying me with the i3. Glad I went for the i5 though.

Picking it up tomorrow. Very much looking forward to getting it all setup and putting it in the cabinet ?

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6 minutes ago, Johnny T said:

I think you'll be fine with that build bunman. Should give you a great experience. You'll be rocking by the weekend if you're getting it tomorrow! Good stuff, start knocking those high scores out :)

Cheers mate ? I'll let you know how it goes. 

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