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  1. That looks REALLY good!! Thanks for the link Neil. I'm actually planning on getting my head around the Theme Creator soon so this will come in very handy. Thanks for creating this @Mr. RetroLust
  2. I have a separate stretched LCD screen as a 'marquee' on my cab. I've noticed there are two image folders in each Platform called "Banner" and "Arcade - Marquee". From my testing it seems that "Arcade - Marquee" is the folder that holds images that will be put on my marquee screen. I just wondered what the 'banner' folder was for? Is it used for marquee images for non-arcade platforms for instance? Or something else? Thanks
  3. Ref the above post.... maybe you need to run at ".bat" file instead of .singe file if you have crimepatrol.bat inside your folder?
  4. Yep, I just run a file called American Laser Games.bat and it has the following: daphne.exe singe vldp -fullscreen_window -ignore_aspect_ratio -x 800 -y 600 -framefile singe/%1/%1.txt -script singe/%1/%1.singe My launchbox set up looks like this: The inside of my crimepatrol folder (along with the path etc) looks like this: Does any of that help? I don't have a crimepatrol.bat file? I just have a crimepatrol.singe file?
  5. Looking at your log you have a ".singe" at the end of your path. So it's trying to find Games\crimepatrol.bat".singe which is invalid. You can see it here: --Command line is: daphne.exe singe vldp -fullscreen_window -x 800 -y 600 -framefile singe/"R:\LAUNCHBOX\Emulators\American Laser Games\crimepatrol.bat"/"R:\LAUNCHBOX\Emulators\American Laser Games\crimepatrol.bat".txt -script singe/"R:\LAUNCHBOX\Emulators\American Laser Games\crimepatrol.bat"/cdrom-"R:\LAUNCHBOX\Emulators\American Laser Games\crimepatrol.bat".singe
  6. Okay, thanks for that. Apologies for the confusion. It was just strange that I could add extra folders to my Images folder to help curate them (for instance - Fanart - Box - Front/Ace/Big Break.png or whatever) but in the videos folder they all have to just be in one folder and can't be put in sub-folders. It makes sense though as you point out that it is just one big "pool" of games etc. Thanks again
  7. It should be in LaunchBox/Data/Playlists/ once you've made your playlists. Or maybe LB/Data/Platform/ if it's a platform.
  8. Hi Neil, This isn't working for some reason? I have Playlist called "Ace" (within a Platform called MFME). I have a machine called Big Break. Within \Videos\MFME\Recordings\ I have "Big Break-01.mkv" and this video shows fine. However, if I move it to \Videos\Playlists\Ace\Big Break-01.mkv then it doesn't show up? I've tried \Videos\Playlists\MFME\Ace\Big Break-01.mkv I've also tried a .mp4 (in case it was a problem with mkv files within the Playlist folder) But none of them are working?? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Excellent. Thanks Neil. Thought it would be something simple that I was missing
  10. Maybe one idea would be to create your 3 playlists - Kids / Friends / All And then you could run BigBox via 3 different .bat scripts called kids.bat / friends.bat / all.bat. If you run kids.bat it will move the Friends.xml and All.xml to another location and then start bigbox.exe ?? So all you would need to do is run the relevant batch file? (the actual script would initially copy all three xml's from their temp location to the Playlist folder - and then move the two that weren't needed back to the temp location)
  11. Hi all, I am using Launchbox to run MFME (Multiple Fruit Machine Emulator). There is only one platform (MFME) in my build. All my videos are within /Videos/MFME/Recordings/ However, I have several playlists (split by machine manufacturer) and I wondered if there was a way of putting associated folders somewhere and LB would grab the videos from there.... For instance - I have playlists called "Ace", "Barcrest", "Bellfruit" etc and would ideally like the videos associated with those playlists in their own folder so something like /Videos/MFME/Recordings/ACE/ and then all the vide
  12. Yep, that's a good idea. I'm planning on spending some time later in the year streamlining the software on the cabinet (making sure I have all the artwork/logos/marquees for every game etc) so might follow your lead on that. Thanks for the advice 🙂
  13. Yep, I saw that. I downloaded it yesterday but waited to set it up in case I could use the new version of Singe? Although I've always struggled with Dragon's Lair as a game. I remember it from when I was a kid. It was a machine I always wanted to go on but could never afford to!! So I never actually played it when I was young. Although I still remember staring at it being amazed at the graphics. Now that I can play it as much as I want I don't have a clue what I'm meant to be doing. It seems that it goes soooo fast you don't have time to react to anything. The only chance I have is o
  14. Is anyone using the new Singe v2 for the old Daphne games (Dragon's Lair etc) ?? I'm not sure if this is possible and, if so, how you execute the games as my Daphne games don't have a .singe file? Thanks
  15. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and info setting up the new Singe v2 Headrush. Couldn't have got anywhere near setting this up without your help. I've just got my Sinden so will look forward to having a bash at some of these games at the weekend. Thanks again 🙂
  16. These are awesome! Thanks for your hard work
  17. Yep lol - learnt it the hard way Seems to be sorted now though. I have two playlists for my MAME stuff - "Every Arcade Game" and "Arcade Classics". The Arcade Classics is based off LMs All Killer No Filler with a few of my own faves thrown in. And the "Every" playlist is the LOT. I do like having every game because it's sometimes nice to have a scroll through and play something completely random. However, you're right, that there's lots that you wouldn't want in there (literally thousands!!). Thanks for your help Neil
  18. I think I've sorted this.... I created a Playlist (called "Delete Me") and Auto-Populated it with "Genre" - "is equal to" - "System / Device" This lists all the devices (5,105 of them!!!) but you can't delete from an Auto-Populated playlist so then I edited the Playlist and deleted one game from the "Game" tab in the Playlist Edit window. This then converts the Playlist to a manual playlist. Then I could "select all" and delete them all from Launchbox (kept the files on my hard drive though just in case they were needed?) Job done I think! 🙂 ** EDIT ** - that wasn
  19. Hi all, I just received a Sinden Lightgun and I wanted to add a playlist for lightgun games. However, I could see that loads of games were missing from my library (Virtua Cop etc). I have a full romset so I did a re-import last night but unticked "Skip non-working games" (I assumed that was why Virtua Cop etc hadn't shown up). I also unticked a few other boxes and left it running. I've now got lots of strange entries in my MAME list - "3.5 double density floppy drive", "4-Bit R-2R DAC", "4-Bit Binary Weighted DAC". It's like it's imported ROMS from actual components? This
  20. Excellent. Look forward to it! I'm going to have a crack myself when the new version of the Theme Creator comes out. I'm certainly no designer though so won't get anywhere near the quality of yours. If you remember too, please give me a shout when you've released it. Good luck with your continued development
  21. That theme looks awesome! Is this something you are going to release to the community when finished or is it just one you are planning on using yourself? It's definitely a theme I'd have on my cabinet. Great work either way!!
  22. Excellent. I'm a subscriber to your channel so I should see that come through then. Thanks for all your great work on this. 🙂
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