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How do I remove fruit / casino games after I already imported them into MAME Launchbox


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The title says it all.    I thought I would enjoy playing some of the fruit / slot machines, but most don't seem to work and I find it's just gotten annoying and detracts from the good games. I want to remove them now.   What is the best way to get them out of my games list so I don't see them any longer?    I did a search but my word choices didn't come up with anything. 

Thank you :)

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  1. If you used the MAME full importer tool you can remove all the MAME games and do another import and not choose to import those game types.  Keep in mind that if do that any modifications you made beyond the "standard" import playlists and edits will be lost.  Make sure you don't have the "delete roms" option turned on in LB when do this.
  2. Safest option is to sort by Genre in LB and delete based on that. Most of them are under "Casino" type games as I recall.  Can either use the Tools Audit feature or go in LB to the top left drop down box and select "genre" and will show the various types of genres you have.   Then just make sure you are under the Arcade platform when viewing/removing. 
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image.thumb.png.9d4a94eed447eb912c889c198101f27c.pngThis is what i see on my screen for selecting Genres.  I don't see any option to delete the whole group.   When i right click one of the options on the left hand side, I don't get any pop ups or anything with option to delete.

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Just click in the window and then use Ctrl-A on your keyboard. It will highlight/select all the items in that window.  Or use your mouse to select them (click first item, hold shift key, then last item and will highlight all).  Once they are highlighted then hit delete key and they are deleted (or then use the right click, delete will now be option).  Again make sure you have the option to also delete the roms unchecked or it will not only remove from LB but also physically delete the ROMs. Capture.thumb.PNG.6c8865c69c75eef4df51a6a5da93aa23.PNG

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