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Custom "kill" script...?


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From what I can understand, there are ways to run custom scripts with AutoHotKey.

What I would like to do is to use AHK to run a previously made batch script. I know this is possible, I just don't know how to add this to LaunchBox.

I would like to be able to run this batch to kill the current emulator/game running, so my question is how. Where do I edit what happens and how to add custom gamepad key binding combinations? And is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!


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It is possible. LB has a couple ways to use AHK to either close out a game/emulator depending on what exactly it is you are trying to do.

1. The simplest way if you are just trying to close a game (if using the keyboard/controller automation is not working) is to add an AHK script to the Running AHK tab in the edit emulator screen (>Tools>Manage Emulators and edit the emulator you need).

2. You can also compile an AHK with the code you need and then add it as an additional app to a game (Right click a game and choose edit. Add the AHK to the additional apps tab).

What emulator/game are you having issues with?

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What i want is probably what you recommend; using Running AHK when starting a specific emulator. Since it's no specific emulator/game I want to kill, I want it to be a global thing.

The batch itself is something I've been using from a previous "console centre" machine and I would like to continue using it if possible.

Is there somewhere I can read about how to set it up, or do you have the time to guide me somewhat on the way to glory? ?

Since starting from zero knowledge about this particular thing, I need to know how to actually edit the AHK (something I'll have to Google, I guess) to run the batch and how to bind it to a combination of keys on the gamepad.

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Is this something to begin with? Then just replace the "Process, Close" with whatever action I want it to do upon using the exit automation keybinding?

    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}
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Yes, but to be honest without us knowing what it is you are really doing it is hard to be concise on what you should do.

Perhaps showing what the batch file you were using it doing would help someone better direct you.

LB itself can close most emulators without needing any specific AHK. So you may be doing unnecessary steps based on what your old batch was doing.

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