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Accidentally disabled ‘Return’ Key - Help!


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You can try one of these three with the last one being more targeted if comfortable editing XML:

1) Use Tools "restore" feature and restore from LB autobackup.  LB/BB does this on LB and BB shutdown and startup.  If do the restore of the startup of Bigbox it would return you to before your made the change (along with all other settings both in BB and LB).  Alternatively, look at the date/time stamp and see which one is most recent before you made change.

2) Go to ..\Launchbox\Data\InputBindings.xml   and move it to temp location (outside the data folder).  LB/BB will regen the input bindings file back to default. Note this will also remove any other custom changes you had for both LB and BB as far as input selections (everything else is untouched).

3) Open up the Inputbindings.XML and search for the key that got changed. Likely look at the BigBoxBack or the BigBoxSelect button entry and modify accordingly back to what you had originally.

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