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I love playing the old/original FPS games (Doom, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, etc) so I put together a collection of mods (user maps) for Heretic. In total there are almost 300 mods. Some contain a single level/map others are complete episodes with multiple levels..so in total there are probably 450-500 maps to play in this collection. I'm running the Brutal Heretic RPG HD3D port which adds hi-res textures, 3D sprites, gore and leveling/RPG element to the game (It's basically a version of GZDoom with some extras).

To get this up and running..

You'll need to have the commercial Heretic - Shadow of the Serpent Riders installed. You can pick it up on Steam for a few $.

1. Unzip the Brutal Heretic RPG HD3D.rar into your Launchbox/Emulators folder and setup an emulator in LB called Brutal Heretic.

Brutal Heretic RPG HD3D.rar

2. Put the Heretic Mods.xml file in your Launchbox/Data/Platforms/ folder...this will create a platform called Heretic Mods in LB.

Heretic Mods.xml

3. Unzip the Heretic Mods.zip file into wherever you keep your games.

 - note that the xml file points to where my games are stored which is D:/Launchbox/Games/Heretic Mods/ so if you store games somewhere else just do a Replace All with your game location in the xml file.

4. Unzip the Heretic Mods - Images.zip into your Launchbox/Images/ folder to add artwork for the Heretic Mods platform.

 - I am using screenshots for Box artwork and I made up some (very cheesy) clearlogos for all the maps.

Heretic Mods - Images.zip

I also have video clips off all the maps but it's a whopping 22GB so I'm not sure how I would even share those..I just used the integrated OBS recording to capture these.

Good luck and have fun.


Heretic Mods.zip

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