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  1. Just curious, is there any way to have the video play the game video vs the platform video? Thx...Piper
  2. Ok, found it...it actually wasn't the theme doing it, it was the startup theme (Big Fade). Thanks for responding. Piper
  3. hmm ok, guess i just never ran into with other themes. ok well thanks.
  4. @faeran thanks that did indeed fix it. I guess I'm confused though, what does image group selected in LB have consequences in BB? For reference, I've always kept my image group on clear logos in LB for fast navigation but in BB, the image displayed was whatever the theme/view called for. Is this something new, a bug, a choice by the theme creator? Thx...Piper
  5. Tested on Samsung Galaxy 8+, everything working great. One thing I did notice is for Redream emu it launches to main emulator, does not launch the game selected. Still have to test on Fire HD10 & Shield TV.
  6. Having an issue with a theme...Critical Zone. In most of my platforms my view shows the 3D Box but in 3 of the platforms it shows the clear logo instead of the 3D Box which I don't want. I do not have separate views by platform checked and have the 3D Box art in the correct folder for those platforms. Any ideas? Thx...Piper
  7. Hi, using this theme V2-Default. Couple questions... 1. On the "main" screen it seems the platform/playlist descriptions hang off the side of the screen/text box. I have windows (10) and 100% dpi. I am on a 4k monitor, don't know if that might cause it. I can grab a screenshot if needed. 2. On the game launch screen there is a video box that shows a boot vid for whatever platform the game is in. Is that "baked" into the theme or is there a way to override that? I don't care for it bc the boot vid is coming next as the emu boots anyway. I see that there is a video/platforms folder in the theme folder but that doesn't seem to override this. Thx...Piper
  8. Really love this theme, the green goes perfect with the glow on my cab. Quick question, do you know is it possible to make tweaks via the Community Theme Creator with this theme? I did that on another one just to add a few things. Thanks for this...Piper
  9. Hows the beta work? Emailed already...supposed to get an invite?
  10. Pretty excited to see this...I was sure it was dead 4ever lol. I have tons android devices...will email for beta.
  11. I reserved one. A device that can run the entire steam library & 95% of the emulators & can dock to the big TV/wireless controllers...yeah that's the one. Wondering about the emu/retro stuff frontend though. Don't really wanna rip their OS out & install windows. Would be nice with a native LB on it...
  12. Ok understood. I nvr knew that. Thanks.
  13. Ah! Yes that did it. I've never understood the diff in the core folder stuff and the other ones but it seems to have done the trick. Thanks you so much!
  14. Wondering if anyone has had any success with setting up Bigbox with the Logitech G-Hub app to control the FE with the wheel? I have setup a Bigbox profile in GHub, pointing at the bigbox.exe and assigned my BB navigation keys to buttons on the wheel but when I launch BB these keys aren't working. I can set the same keys up in the Desktop profile in GHub and it works fine when BB is running but this causes issues when mapping the individual game profiles in BB. When I launch BB, GHub flips over the the Desktop profile. It's like GHub doesn't recognize bigbox.exe as a valid application. I tried attaching the profile for launchbox.exe also but no luck. I mean, there are workarounds but it seems like this should work. Any help is appreciated...thanks...Piper
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