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    It's a Mame4Droid issue. It starting happening on STV either 1 or 2 Shield Experience updates ago. It crashes back to the STV Home Screen when exiting Mame4Droid with any/all game browsers (I've tried 3). Thanks...Piper
  2. Yea ETA Prime goes into great detail showing what platforms/games work on the STV so that's a good resource. PS1, Gamecube, Saturn, PSP, Dreamcast and even Wii run very well on the STV. Wii of course has that funky controller so getting a regular controller to work with your games can be fun. PS2, PS3 not there yet..not sure if that's a hardware or (more likely) an emulator issue at this point. Not familiar with Wii-U so can't comment on that. The new (2019) STV is just a speed bump. Google discussed a new "hero" device coming out in 2020, my guess is STV is involved in that.
  3. I reached out to the Yaba dev via the email listed on the Play Store page but he/she hasn't responded at all. I know Yaba changes the launch intent parameters periodically so I'm pretty sure this is what's going on. Not sure what to do to get the details at this point. Maybe I'll post on the Play Store page but those questions rarely get answered...
  4. Ok, I'll reach out to the Yaba dev and see if I can get any info on the parameters for launch intent & send you whatever I get. For the RA-Flycast thing, I didn't see any way to generate a log but if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. Thanks...Piper
  5. Hi, I've updated to 0.28 with STV (2017). All ROMs are on external USB drive (setup as external not adopted/internal). I've imported 10 or so systems now and almost all imported fine and are launching correctly. Colecovision, SNES, Genesis, 32X, etc. I'm using RA with all those and they are working fine. I have run into issues on 2 so far... 1. Sega Saturn: Using Yaba Sanshiro (stand alone/free). Imported fine but games will not launch, it just immediately goes back to the LB game selection screen. This might not be a LB thing as Yaba updated to 2.10.2 a few days ago and they might have changed their launch intent parameters (again). I can launch games fine directly in Yaba but not through LB. 2. Sega Dreamcast: Using RA-Flycast. Imported fine but when launching a game RA tries to load the game as a Naomi game instead of a Dreamcast game. The Naomi bios screen comes up and then just errors out. I tried setting system type as Dreamcast (instead of Auto) in RA options and saving an override but it still tries to load up as a Naomi game each time. I can launch Dreamcast games in RA directly with no problem with the Flycast core. Other than that, it is working very well. Just wanted to give some feedback on the 2 "problem children" so far. Thanks...Piper
  6. PiperCalls


    I'm using RA PUAE core and it's working pretty well for me. I'd say about 80% of the HDF games load up & play fine. Haven't spent a ton of time with it but so far so good. I can't get UAE4ARM to even load a game.
  7. I've been using Mame4Droid on my STV for ages and it works pretty well. It uses the 0.139u1 set which has most of the games I want to play. For the newer games I use RA with the FBNeo core, works great on android. One note, the last STV update messed up something with some apps (Mame4Droid is one of them) that when you exit the game it goes back to the STV home screen instead of the launcher app. I'm sure it will get fixed but for now that's what we have. Cheers...Piper
  8. $5 is more than fair. Pay the devs if you want ongoing support & development. No such thing as a free lunch.
  9. That's great to hear (direct setup on Android). I already have all my roms & assets on my STV and don't use LB on PC so I've just been in a holding pattern on full setup with LBA. You're doing great work...thx....Piper
  10. Jason, just want to wrap this one up. I connected my DS4 controller and have launched & re-launched LBA several times and have no more weird behavior anymore. It was a bad controller, thanks for that...Piper
  11. Nah no Xbox One controller but I have a spare DS4, maybe I'll try that. I'm wondering if you're right about the right stick because I noticed on some emus that the right stick acts as the mouse, the pointer will drift (usually up). I have read alot that these STV controllers can't take the pounding.
  12. Ahh ok gotcha. Didn't know about the right stick fast nav thing. I'll check it out, thanks.
  13. Hmmm...working elsewhere. The right stick? Left navigates.
  14. Controller on the Shield TV is still fubar on 0.21. Can't navigate games or menus, the highlighted item continually jumps back to the top.
  15. Looking at this closer now (haven't spent much time with it yet) it appears that the LBA database did not "point" to the roms on the external drive as I first thought. It actually made copies of the roms and put them in the com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox/files/Launchbox/Games/Sega 32X/ folder so this clearly is not going to be sufficient for large libraries. It looks like we will need to ability to "setup" on the LBA app directly to point to the correct game & media folders on the external drive to support larger libraries.
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