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  1. Ok understood. I nvr knew that. Thanks.
  2. Ah! Yes that did it. I've never understood the diff in the core folder stuff and the other ones but it seems to have done the trick. Thanks you so much!
  3. Wondering if anyone has had any success with setting up Bigbox with the Logitech G-Hub app to control the FE with the wheel? I have setup a Bigbox profile in GHub, pointing at the bigbox.exe and assigned my BB navigation keys to buttons on the wheel but when I launch BB these keys aren't working. I can set the same keys up in the Desktop profile in GHub and it works fine when BB is running but this causes issues when mapping the individual game profiles in BB. When I launch BB, GHub flips over the the Desktop profile. It's like GHub doesn't recognize bigbox.exe as a valid application. I tried
  4. I have 2 Sindens & have pretty much all the old & new LG games working. I have an AMD 3400G CPU & nVidia 1650 Super. It runs all of them fine.
  5. Got it figured. Had inadvertently dropped it in my PS2 games folder. Thx
  6. Would someone mind posting their (working) emulator settings for Standalone Duckstation in LB/BB? I have the emulator setup pointing to the no-gui exe but when launching the game through LB/BB it just goes to a black screen and sits there. I can launch the exact same exe, same rom, etc directly in DS and the game loads up/plays just fine. Win10/64b LB 11.7 DS 0.1-3862-g8f821c77 (dev) Thanks...Piper PS: I have the "close" AHK in running AHK and it closes fine
  7. Haha, yea did it by hand but still great to see this. In case I do it again. Thx...Piper
  8. Can someone make one for Wii Counter Force?
  9. Ok, that helped I am finding that. Thank you. Question is what do I remove exactly? So I bulk-added 2 Additional Apps called "Sinden P1" and "Sinden P2"... Here is what my ArcadeClassics.xml file has... It has these for all my Arcade Classics lightgun games. I want to remove all traces of both of these from all games. Would I need to remove everything from/including <AddtionalApplication> to </AdditionalApplication> for each/all game entires? Thanks for the help...Piper
  10. Haven't tried it yet. The weird thing is launching the exact same demul via reg emu launch it's hidden but with ahk it isn't? Do you mind if I post my ahk for you to look at? Any thoughts are appreciated...
  11. Ok thx. The issue is if I launch Demul directly from LB I get no cursor. If I launch it from within an AHK from LB, no matter what I do, it still shows the cursor. Tried LB checkbox not 2 show, 2 dift nomousy programs...nothing will hide it. It has to be a LB thing bc in both instances I'm launching the exact same Demul. It's very odd...
  12. Same prob. Don't think I can block mouse using a lightgun. Tried hide mouse, no mousy, nothing working...
  13. Yea but I don't see anything in the platform.xml referencing addl apps? I'm not sure what to remove.
  14. Is there any way to Bulk remove the Additional Apps? I saw the post about editing the platform.xml but there is no info about Additional Apps in that xml that I can see. So from a previous try at this I bulk added (2) Additional Apps, I now have (1) Additional App that is working (on most games) but I need to remove the (2) that I bulk added with this plugin. Thanks...Piper
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