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  1. I've been using Mame4Droid on my STV for ages and it works pretty well. It uses the 0.139u1 set which has most of the games I want to play. For the newer games I use RA with the FBNeo core, works great on android. One note, the last STV update messed up something with some apps (Mame4Droid is one of them) that when you exit the game it goes back to the STV home screen instead of the launcher app. I'm sure it will get fixed but for now that's what we have. Cheers...Piper
  2. $5 is more than fair. Pay the devs if you want ongoing support & development. No such thing as a free lunch.
  3. That's great to hear (direct setup on Android). I already have all my roms & assets on my STV and don't use LB on PC so I've just been in a holding pattern on full setup with LBA. You're doing great work...thx....Piper
  4. Jason, just want to wrap this one up. I connected my DS4 controller and have launched & re-launched LBA several times and have no more weird behavior anymore. It was a bad controller, thanks for that...Piper
  5. Nah no Xbox One controller but I have a spare DS4, maybe I'll try that. I'm wondering if you're right about the right stick because I noticed on some emus that the right stick acts as the mouse, the pointer will drift (usually up). I have read alot that these STV controllers can't take the pounding.
  6. Ahh ok gotcha. Didn't know about the right stick fast nav thing. I'll check it out, thanks.
  7. Hmmm...working elsewhere. The right stick? Left navigates.
  8. Controller on the Shield TV is still fubar on 0.21. Can't navigate games or menus, the highlighted item continually jumps back to the top.
  9. Looking at this closer now (haven't spent much time with it yet) it appears that the LBA database did not "point" to the roms on the external drive as I first thought. It actually made copies of the roms and put them in the com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox/files/Launchbox/Games/Sega 32X/ folder so this clearly is not going to be sufficient for large libraries. It looks like we will need to ability to "setup" on the LBA app directly to point to the correct game & media folders on the external drive to support larger libraries.
  10. Regarding the ability of LBA to support external drives, it absolutely does work...that is how I am setup on my STV. I already had all my roms & artwork on an 8TB external/USB drive on my STV prior to LBA (have been using Arc Browser). Here is what I did to get LBA setup on my STV... 1. From my PC, I mapped my STV external drive so I can access from the PC 2. Installed LBA on my STV internal drive (I have all apps on the internal storage) 3. Setup LB on my PC and when importing roms I pointed to the mapped folder on my STV external drive...it imported the games fine 4. "Export to Android" the database to LBA and copied the files to the STV drive LBA folder location per the instructions (internal drive) All the games came up fine on LBA and launch correctly I've only done this for 1 platform so far (Sega 32x) but it worked great so it should rinse & repeat for the others I was honestly surprised it did work so well since the database was pointing to these mapped drives but some how it automagically pointed to the external USB drive when the database was transferred to the STV. The only thing it did that was weird was that in the LBA export file, it made copies of all the game artwork and put these copies in the LBA folder. I clearly don't want this since the artwork is already all on the STV (in the external USB drive). I think it did this because on LB on the PC when creating the platform I "pointed" it to the artwork on the STV external drive. This will all be unnecessary once the option to "setup" directly on the LBA app comes along (I think I read this is a future feature). But for now this seems to work. Hope it helps....Piper
  11. The Boy's Got No Control... Installed LBA on my Shield TV (2nd Gen). As a test case I exported 1 platform (Sega 32x) over. Everything exported fine and I can see all my 32x games in LBA. I can launch the games fine from LBA. Here's the problem, there is something wrong with the controller in LBA. The first/top game is highlighted and if I try to scroll down to the next game the highlight immediately jumps back to the first game. It's almost like someone is pressing Up on the controller continuously. I can press Y on my controller and get the settings menu but there doesn't seem to be anything in there about controller settings. I am using the stock Shield TV Controller that came with the unit and the controller works fine in all other apps including RA. As a side note, RA 1.7.8 dropped last night (at least on my Shield TV) and as indicated in the PSA (https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-7-8-important-changes-for-people-using-the-google-play-build/) the cores no longer work. You either have to reset the core URL or just uninstall and re-install RA (and redown the cores)...which is what I did and it is working fine now with RA. Thanks...Piper PS: I can record a video of the offending event if needed.
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