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  1. Hi Jason, I deleted all the files in Data & launched & it recreated all them. I had to recreate a few playlists but other than that it was painless..so I'm all good. LB11 is looking great! Thanks...Piper
  2. Like it is an understatement, this is the best theme available IMO. Oh, OK thanks for letting me know...I just figured I had done something wrong lol. Thanks...Piper
  3. Wow, I tried this theme previously and it was too sluggish on my rig. I dl'd the final version and it is beautiful and peppy. I'm switching over to this theme permanently! Great work!! One issue I have is that the category, platform & playlist clearlogos are for some reason super zoomed/expanded...they are all ram-jammed on top of each other. When I get to the gamelists, the clearlogos are spaced correctly. Any ideas? Thanks...Piper PS: i'm in 4K rez if that matters.
  4. Also, restoring backup doesn't work. Every one I've tried errors out...says error occurred data has not been changed. If I try to go to a backup from this morning (before the issue when everything was fine) I get a different error...access to the path Launchbox/Data is denied and then LB crashes.
  5. Odd...LB is now reporting 11.0 whereas it updated to beta 7 this morning. It looks like a stable got pushed over the beta?? I do have allow beta checked. Wonder if this is causing the issues...
  6. Hi, I deleted settings.xml, then it said bigboxsettings.xml was corrupted...deleted then inputbindings.xml was corrupt...deleted, then listcache.xml was corrupt. I deleted them all and was able to launch LB/BB. LB seems all good to go but BB is not showing my 3D Boxes in the gameslist or any backgrounds. They show up in LB just not in BB. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Hi Jason, how would I go about doing Tools>Restore Data Backup? LB won't open, it crashes with error about corrupt settings.xml file.
  8. Hi, I was using LB/BB this morning with no issues. The latest beta downloaded (thing it was beta-7) and now neither LB or BB will open. I'm getting an error msg that the settings.xml is corrupt. I looked in my backups folder and there are a bunch of timestamped zip files each containing several xml's one of which is settings.xml. I've tried to copy that to the Data folder but still get the error msg. I've tried all the backup files going back and none of them work. What to do?
  9. I'm currently building out my PS3 library in LB/BB and haven't been successful in finding any good sources for game video snaps, other than some crap on YT. Emumovies has 0 as far as I can see. So I decided to just start making my own. I'm using an HDMI cloner to capture video straight from the games running in RPCS3. I've done a dozen or so just to test the waters. All the videos are captured in 1080P. My LB/BB is a 4K setup but the cloner device only captures in 1080P but they seem to be ok. I'm no video expert but they aren't too terrible so far. I'm just going to work down the list from # to Z doing a few at a time. I wasn't sure where to upload them if anyone else was interested so I put a folder in the upload here on Emumovies FTP. It's under PiperCalls if anyone is interested. This is the first time I've tried this so any input on improvements before I get too far into it are appreciated. Thanks...PiperCalls PS: if there is a good site/source for PS3 vids, let me know lol.
  10. Hi, So since LA is no longer being developed I was looking for another way to enjoy the great LB/BB experience for my "couch" gaming sessions on my Shield TV. I've tried a few of the Android frontends (Arc Browser, Reset Collection, etc) and they all work fine but don't have the pop that LB/BB (on PC) has. So...I setup Gamestream to my STV. I have my main LB/BB PC setup in a Arcade Cab. Almost everything is working great with GameStream to the STV, I get the nice BB experience, games launch, etc. Here's the rub...on my Arcade Cab I have an F350 (wired) controller that work great. On my STV I have a Sony DS4 (Bluetooth) setup and it works great as well. But...on the STV, while the DS4 controller works fine in the BB frontend, in the emulators it isn't recognized. I'm new to this setup so I'm pretty sure because GameSteam is literally just streaming from the PC to the STV, so the DS4 would have to be setup on the PC in the emulators as well. Is that correct? Assuming that is the situation then is it possible in most emulators to have both the F350 and the DS4 setup simultaneously? I have several emulators but primarily I'm using Retroarch, Dolphin, PCSX2, RPCS3 and CEMU that covers 80% of my library. The reason I would need to have both controllers setup simultaneously is that if I'm playing at my Arcade Cab of course I want the F350 to work and if I'm playing at my STV then I want my DS4 to work. I did fiddle with Dolphin and I can setup the DS4 for control but it seems as though I have to go to my Arcade Cab and select the DS4 controller before I get control at my STV and conversely if I'm playing at the Cab then I have to open Dolphin and select the F350 to get control. Just wondering if anyone has a similar setup and any tips/tricks to get this working correctly? Note...I do not want to have the DS4 as my primary control at the Arcade Cab, I like the F350 wired controllers for serious gaming sessions. Thanks for any tips...Piper
  11. If its Pinball only maybe look into Pinup Popper? I think it's made for that. If you're gonna have some vertical Arcade games also maybe it can launch BB for those. I have Pinball setup in BB & love it but I have a rotating screen so I use the "hand" method to solve the issue lol.
  12. So I played a bit with Reset Collection. It's nice but it has a way to go. I bought the app to help the dev & support this hobby. The dev seems to be very responsive to requests. Before LB I had my STV setup with another frontend called Arc Browser. It takes a bit of fiddling but the UI can be setup to look very nice and game launching is spot on. The dev was out of commission for a while but is back & moving forward. I'm not affiliated with it but just wanted to give folks heartbroken about LBA another option. I put up a vid on YT awhile back of it all setup I'll try to dig up & post.
  13. Yea just saw that...real bad timing lol. Oh well. Guess I'll build out a mini PC for my "recliner gaming sessions." Lol. Thanks for all the hard work on this. Side note...is there a 2020 Suggestions poll out yet? I see a lot from 2019 has been tackled already so just wondering if I missed it. Thx...Piper
  14. I've been using LB/BB on PC for a few months now and feel like I'm getting a pretty good handle on how it works...lovin' it so far. I'm starting to work on my Android setup (Shield TV) more and ran into an issue... What is the "proper" way to direct import multi-bin files into LBA? If I import my PS1 set which is CUE+multi-BIN, LBA doesn't seem to know to point the ROM launch parameter at the CUE file. It seems to randomly point to one of the BIN files instead (which of course won't launch). On PC, it's easy...just show only CUE files and import them as files (vs folder) but there doesn't seem to be a way on LBA to do that. I can always long press and scroll down and launch the CUE file but some of these have a large number of BINs. If I'm missing something please let me know. Thanks...Piper
  15. @JoeViking245 Thanks for the help on this. I'm a little lost on this though. It's a Win10 App so there is no emulator. If I assign an emulator to put your suggested AHK script in, then the App won't launch as it's trying to launch via the emulator. If I assign no emulator to the App then it will launch but I don't see how to put in the Running AHK Script. What am I missing? Thx...Piper
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