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  1. Right click on Nintendo Game Boy Auto Generate Child Playlists (doesn't matter at all what I click here) Example Checked: All Games Favorites Play Modes In Play Modes Subcategory Remove all Existing Auto-Generated Playlists Note; I can click any combination of choices outcome is still the same All the Genre Subcategories and Play Mode Categories are in the root of the playlist tree I know what you are thinking: He must be clicking something incorrectly. I can assure you that I am not. I have imported about 10 to 15 platforms and then created auto generated playlists for each of them with no problems. This one is not working correctly. If i right click one of the newly created playlist that has landed in the root and try to edit it, all edits are ignored. (Example: If i remove the check mark from the root and put it in the Game Boy child, nothing changes.) Also, is there an interface which allows me to update these playlists without individually clicking on them? Thanks for any help you can give, ~Q
  2. I appreciate you chiming in. My windows 7 and windows 10 installation of LB/BB are on very updated and tweaked hardware and software. Getting solid gaming performance is a good indicator of a well tuned machine. Big Box and Launchbox's weakness is that it doesn't perform very smoothly and has a lot of stutters, hitches, and sluggish performance. This is with 10 games or with 10,000 games in the library. It is by and far the best solution out there when it comes to frontends, but it does have performance issues. If this was cleaned up, then Launchbox will be the be all end all frontend.
  3. I see all these tuning performance suggestions, but the issue with BB's performance isn't tuning. BB just doesn't run very well. Personally the number one issue that should be on the Poll and should be worked on is the performance of the suite as a whole. There is no reason that my gaming rig should stutter with 480p videos and mid resolution art. I ran on much lower specs with HS and that was using flash at the time. All the features are great and Jason is mad man coder, but the next version needs to have performance focused on.
  4. So just delete all the playlists in the arcade "tree" and then generate them again? Sorry to be dense, I stay on the stable release, the playlists are still new to me.
  5. Could you explain how you did that? This is a newbie question. So basically, to get that fast of a import is to completely skip al metadata choices?
  6. I actually just opened it up after the upgrade and it was fixed. I don't think you have to import them again.
  7. Can confirm that the missing games in playlist is fixed! Really good work, Jason!
  8. quazl

    Opinion on PS1 Dumps

    That is what I was leaning towards. Thanks for your input!
  9. quazl

    Opinion on PS1 Dumps

    Just curious on everyone's opinion on the best and cleanest PS1 dumps? Is there anything as clean and accepted like No-Intro?
  10. Here is something interesting: I opened up the playlist XML for CPSII... <PlaylistGame> <GameTitle>Dungeons &amp; Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (USA 960619)</GameTitle> <GameFileName>ddsomu.zip</GameFileName> <GamePlatform>Arcade</GamePlatform> <ManualOrder>0</ManualOrder> </PlaylistGame> But it looks different then a game that shows up: <PlaylistGame> <GameId>3e65912c-ad2d-422b-8479-3a14afea78f8</GameId> <LaunchBoxDbId>12170</LaunchBoxDbId> <GameTitle>Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness</GameTitle> <GameFileName>cybotsu.zip</GameFileName> <GamePlatform>Arcade</GamePlatform> <ManualOrder>-1</ManualOrder> </PlaylistGame> It is missing GameId and LaunchBoxDbId. None of the Dungeon and Dragon game entries have the GameId and LaunchBoxDbId I opened up the Capcom Classics playlist XML as well to compare: <PlaylistGame> <GameId>ae14f066-0502-42e4-bd68-354db74f600b</GameId> <LaunchBoxDbId>8727</LaunchBoxDbId> <GameTitle>Dungeons &amp; Dragons: Shadow over Mystara</GameTitle> <GameFileName>ddsomh.zip</GameFileName> <GamePlatform>Arcade</GamePlatform> <ManualOrder>-1</ManualOrder> </PlaylistGame> AND <PlaylistGame> <GameTitle>Dungeons &amp; Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (USA 960619)</GameTitle> <GameFileName>ddsomu.zip</GameFileName> <GamePlatform>Arcade</GamePlatform> <ManualOrder>0</ManualOrder> </PlaylistGame> Are in the playlist. I would assume that the second entry is the merged game but it will only show up when you right click the parent. IT seems that the entries in the CPSII playlist do not have the "parent". Just guessing. I went ahead and spot checked through the CPS II playlist XML and playlist itself. The games that show up are the ones that have the GameId and LaunchBoxDbId.
  11. Yes, the "missing" games are definitely somewhere else, but not in all the auto playlists that they should be Example: Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara This exists in Arcade and CPS Classics, but not in CPS II. I use the .183 split set. I use all the default settings when importing the CPS II playlist is missing quite a few games. I am totally down with creating a new one, but I am just curious as to where you got your lists, so that I can compare.
  12. Could you check your CSP II playlist and see if the Dungeon and Dragons games are there? I think that every playlist that I have is missing many, many games. I am using .183 split.
  13. It seems that we will have to wait until the playlists are updated.
  14. Maybe you could add Daphne? Both the Digital Leisure and the non-Digital Leisure.
  15. I can confirm that this is happening to me. I am using .183 I have only checked the CPS playlists. CPS II is missing almost half of the games. For example the Dungeons and Dragon games show up in Capcom Classics, but not in CPS II.
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