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Corrupt XML files without backups


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Hi. I'm having the ol' corrupt XML file issue again but this time it's referencing XMLs that there aren't backups to restore from. Neither Big Box nor LaunchBox will launch without them. Is my next step to wipe LaunchBox and start from scratch or is there a way of getting into the program without first restoring those XMLs? Thanks!


PS. I notice that the error messages show the XMLs as belonging in the Data folder instead of the Data\Platforms folder in which they actually are. I could see this throwing off first-time troubleshooters having this issue.


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I would suggest removing the entire contents of your \Launchbox\Data folder. Do not delete to move it some where safe. Then copy all the contents from one of your backup zips and see if LB/BB opens.

You say you are having the corrupt xml issue again I would take a look at what you are doing that might keep causing these corruptions. Also try to figure out why your LB is looking at the wrong folder for platform specific xml files.

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