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Can I turn on and off 3D setting based on a game in Dolphin?


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So there are some Gamecube and Wii games that offer 3D support. Is there a way to turn on the 3D setting I want per game? for example Mario Kart Wii has 3D support and Mad World doesn't. Is there a way to tell Dolphin turn on 3D when I play Mario Kart or Viewtiful Joe but leave it off for the rest of the non 3D games?

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I think these are the settings you are going to want:

StereoDepthPercentage = 100 (Percentage of depth value set in the video configuration applied in-game.)
StereoConvergenceMinimum = 0 (Base convergence value that's added to the value set in the video configuration.)
StereoEFBMonoDepth = False (or True to enable "Monoscopic Shadows" respectively.)

StereoMode = 0 (0 = Off, 1 = Side-by-Side, 2 = Top-and-Bottom, 3 = Anaglyph, 4 = Nvidia 3D Vision (D3D only).)
StereoDepth = 20 (1/10th percentage of window width used to separate the virtual cameras.)
StereoConvergence = 20 (Distance of the convergence plane.)
StereoSwapEyes = False (or True to enable "Swap Eyes" respectively.)

To use them on a game by game basis, you need to right click on the game in Dolphin and select Properties

properties.thumb.PNG.786b1a8bf26357f3a1f0cafd0d9b7f88.PNGThen go to the editor tab and put the settings in the User Config section

editor.thumb.PNG.525d5f3f3cf2bcd3388cf1095d89145a.PNGNote the way I entered it, you need the part in brackets and the setting you want to change. If you add any of the Video Enhancements you need that title in brackets before those settings.

I don't know exactly which settings you want though as I don't have a 3D setup to test it out on. You'll have to have a play and see what works.


Hope this helps :)

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