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So i am not sure if anyone will be able to help with this, but ill try asking anyways. So I am incredibly picky when it comes to my themes. I ended up using memories of yesterday theme and deleted the rusted metal background in it to make it look really clean for the games in horizontal wheel form. I struggled with the consoles for a while but ended up really digging the all night long them with the lightning moving on the curser. Its also dark and in horizontal view so it goes together really really well. Be for I came to this combination I was strictly using cover box for everything. It looked fantastic but I really disliked both the ds and the psp versions that came out. I also loved how when you clicked on a system, it showed the logo first then loaded to where all the games are. That became a problem too because steam, pinball, and others didnt have the logo load screen. So what I am getting at is how can I make that load screen show up using memories of yesterday as my games theme? When I click on a console like n64, from going from all night long then it takes a second to load the other theme, it looks clunky. If any one has an idea how cover box does that load in on systems it would be a tremendous upgrade to my bigbox set up visually 

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