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  1. Thanks for the response. When i get back home from my anniversary im defenently gonna dip my toes in this and add creations on here for all to use. Very helpful. Thank you for everything. This comunity is just ausome
  2. You friggen rock! Thank you so so much! How do you make them? I have tons of free time and would love to help out
  3. And absolutely take your time with the others. I am a very patient man. But just that alone is ausome. The video game based is so i could combine pvz from fx2, with doom, portal, and others. Dont want bethesda because then it would only be 3 tables. This way its a bit more so launchbox dosent repeat tables because theres not enough. Same with movies. I used your guys movies and tv logo way back towards the begining of this thread. The video game one i just couldnt find one that worked. But thanks again!
  4. Holy crap! Thank you! Those are absolutely perfect!
  5. These Logos are absolutely amazing, thank you all for doing this. I actually re done my entire arcade with it set to platform categories and it looks so clean. I was wondering if any one would be willing to make a bunch of pinball categories. I have pinball fx2 and 3 with all tables and I actually divided them up into different categories. Star Wars, Marvel, Video game based Tables, Movies and TV Based Tables. Williams, Baily, and Zen Originals. If any one would be willing to create logos or teach me how to do so would be greatly appreciated! Thanks For Your Time! You Guys Rock!
  6. Thank you, Ya im not sure how to go about that but id love to learn. Il look into it. It just really cleans up the transitions and as much as I love your theme, id love to experiment and have that load screen on other themes. Thank you again for your time
  7. Hi, I have a couple of post on this matter but I really am trying to make a incredibly clean set up. I am using all night long horizontal with lightning as my platform theme and then for my games I am using memories of yesterday horizontal and deleted the rusted metal so its just greys and black. I love the look but cover box has this great feature where when you click on any console, the screen goes black, it shows the logo for the console and then smoothly transitions to the game selection. I beg for this to become a natural feature of big box because its just incredible to see every time. I
  8. Hi, I just wanted to say your themes and ideas are absolutely amazing, and you have one feature that has really caught my eye and that is the logo load screen when you pick a console. Is there by chance any way I could take that feature and put it in to other themes? This is for personal use only and I wish that was a main feature of big box itself. Any advice or help would be greatly apreciated
  9. So i am not sure if anyone will be able to help with this, but ill try asking anyways. So I am incredibly picky when it comes to my themes. I ended up using memories of yesterday theme and deleted the rusted metal background in it to make it look really clean for the games in horizontal wheel form. I struggled with the consoles for a while but ended up really digging the all night long them with the lightning moving on the curser. Its also dark and in horizontal view so it goes together really really well. Be for I came to this combination I was strictly using cover box for everything. It look
  10. Ok so i figured out I fixed the problem with out realizing. apparently if you run steam with out big picture mode it goes back to issues with non steam games. but if you run it in big picture mode then exit, your controller will work as intended. Very odd but great to know for any one using switch pro controllers or the power a branded ones
  11. So problem solved. Really amazing controllers. Some how they function correctly with the steam configuration checked on. On my normal switch pro I would always have to un check the steam switch pro controller support. For some reason with these wireless controllers from walmart, they actually work weather thats ticked or not.
  12. So update on this situation. I found a strange workaround for these controllers switching from non steam to steam games. I actually deleted all my steam games from big box and created a app section instead. Steam is one of the apps and I have it launch into Big Picture mode. This allows you to use your controller to navigate to the settings and turn on and off the switch pro controller support. So this is how I will do it unless someone has some kind of idea as to write a script or command to check or uncheck the switch pro controller support on start up and exit. Hope this helps anyone going
  13. So 2 days ago I found a really good deal at Walmart where the power a enhanced wireless switch controllers were 25 rather then 50. I happen to buy three of them and found that they work exactly like the switch pro controller. Now here is the problem. In order to use them in big box, You have to switch off the steam switch controller toggle in order to play non steam games. That's fine, If I am in big box and go from playing the 64 to steam, I have to close out of big box and toggle the steam switch controller support back on. Is there a way to have it so when you open a steam game through big
  14. I get a error using bigbox when I use this theme. Wile Artbook is on the platform theme its fine. As soon as I click on a system the error apears. It says that windows is blocking a plug in and I have to right click on it, go to properties and check or uncheck the box to unblock it. How ever, that box does not exist for me. When that error comes up, I hit enter, it goes away then i'm good until I go to options then the error pops up again. I should note that i'm using the theme only for the consoles, When I click onto a console, I then am using Memories of yesterday theme. That theme has no is
  15. Thank you for your guys help. I figured out how to disable the service and I can confirm that everything on 11.6 is back to normal. Thank you all for your hard work
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