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  1. Thank you for your guys help. I figured out how to disable the service and I can confirm that everything on 11.6 is back to normal. Thank you all for your hard work
  2. I have Nahimic service but im a little confused as to what to do. i have a 11.6 build and i disabled the service and its still glitching. Did I do something wrong? I have restarted my computer and its back again so I wonder if I didnt really disable it. I wont touch it till someone helps so I don't mess anything up.
  3. Ok thank you for your time. Il keep my eyes on the thread
  4. I just tried the core update link that jason had. Still the same isues. Im going to just stick with 11.2
  5. So this time for real it is updated again. I donloaded launchbox 11.5 and ya the bugs are all back. From the zooming in videos to the flickering and to the text vanishing or looking very wrong.
  6. I may have made a mistake when I said I updated. Still a newb from the woods with tech. So I downloaded the update for windows 10 but I never actually installed it. I got out of work late so tomorrow I will download a current build of launchbox and see what happens. Im going to be so mad at my self if that fixes everything but thank you all for your support. Vhero that sucks the old build didn't fix it. Hope your luck changes soon. Il let you guys know the results tomorrow to see what happens
  7. Hi guys sucks to say but I have everything up to date. In my post of ever sence 11.4 I tried all of those things and nothing has changed. I have a intel i7 7700 and a gtx 1070. Thank you so much for that link to the old launchbox!!! I can happily report that everything is back to normal!!!
  8. Also forgot to mention I was only able to make it look normal in that certain view having it on my c drive. So those of you also going through this, It wont fix everything but it makes it a little better. If it continues to do the exact same thing with that theme, you may have to uninstall and re install launchbox/bigbox
  9. Deeply appreciated for the info. I found for now until fixed I'm not sure if your also having zoom in on videos with certain themes or the jitters with some like me, If you are, I recommend Using CriticalZoneV2 - Default and put the transition settings for the videos on quick fade (assuming you can see when the text will vanish on you). You will have to shuffle through views a few times but that's the only way I could get bigbox to not look like a horrible glitchy mess after 3 re installs. Its been a disaster. But for now I hope that helps and thank you again, has eased my mind some knowing others are also experiencing this (Not that I want others to have this much trouble but you get the idea)..
  10. Thank you for speaking out. I thought I was the only one
  11. Yup that is exactly what ive been talking about. Do you also get issues in launchbox where editing a game or veiwing options, the mouse makes icons vanish?
  12. Update to the update. Did not realize that a new official release of launch box 11.5 would come out an hour after my first update lol. But sadly this fixed absolutely nothing for me. I still have all the exact same issues so fingers crossed for the next one I guess
  13. So a update to the current issues I have been having. I have once again uninstalled and reinstalled launchbox/bigbox but this time I have it on my C drive. Still have the exact same issues before except most of the time the videos now dont zoom in and dont flicker on default critical zone in certain views. I also got videos playing flawlessly in launchbox b4 uninstalling by going under options and changing a setting in there. after the update to 11.4 it toggled that off for some reason. Icons still disappear in launchbox when i hover over them with the mouse, big box also has the same issues with text dissapearing in the options when hovering over it. But i dont seem to get errors really any more. Just themes looking off or flickering. I really wish I never downloaded that c plus requirement when updating because thats when all this big nightmare happens. Please fix this soon, this is really driving me nuts but atleast i can use the defult theme now
  14. No problem. I usually find fixes with out posting but this one just has me completely stumped. Watch the videos I posted and see if you have similar issues. My drivers did need a update but no fixes were made. Thank you anyways tho
  15. That pop up window now only shows up on specific themes in a certain veiw. Before I tried the beta release it did not matter what theme or view. It was a complete mess. Thanks for your input
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