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BigBox - controller automation for multiple controller types?


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When i first started doing emulation, i thought i would just use one of my many Xbox one bluetooth controllers across all systems. While the controller is of course very nice, it was a logistical nightmare trying to create per game configs for systems that had unique controllers, like N64 and Saturn (6 buttons, z trigger, etc)

What i ended up doing was buying the best controller option i could for each type of controller i want to replicate

For PS1, I use my paired Dualshock 4

For Genesis/32X/SegaCD/Saturn, i use an 8Bitdo M30 bluetooth controller that can cover all those sega platforms perfectly, 6 buttons, the letters match up with the original system, etc

For N64 I bought this Bluetooth N64 replica controller (hyperkin admiral) that is awesome, has the C buttons, Z trigger, etc

Probably going to buy Retrofighters Dreamcast controller once i start setting that system up

the issue i have, is controller automation in BigBox. Original i configured the universal "exit/quit" command to the menu+start button on the xbox one controller. This also happens to map perfectly to my dualshock 4 controller, as it has largely the same layout and using DS4windows, i think it makes Windows think its an xbox controller anyways?

This is causing big problems with my saturn and N64 controller though. apparently for the saturn pad, it thinks C+Z is the equivalent of menu+start, so almost any fighting game on saturn where im hammering out combos, it gets hit all the time and kills the game. N64 as well, it seems to be mapping to a shoulder button and one of the c buttons

im assuming this is because Bigbox simply sees those buttons as ButtonX and ButtonY, and across those different controllers the button numbers are different?

Any way around this to make it work? at this point, going back to one single controller wont really work for reasons mentioned above, so i might have to get rid of controller automation and rely on having a keyboard around to hit the Escape key? just stinks because the big selling point of Bigbox was i could boot the PC up, and then drive everything from a controller without every having to get up,etc



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I do not know if we have the same question.


I sometimes use a Saturn Retrobit controller, sometimes an XBOX 360 controller, sometimes my custom Arcade controller (ZeroDelay encoder).

Can BigBox have different UI mappings depending on the pad attached?

I have ended up not using BigBox because it is mapped on 360 controller - which I do not use for e.e 8/16 bit systems. So if I need to play some Sega Genesis, I need to use the keyboard to navigate inside BigBox because RetroBit is not mapping compatible with the 360 mappings.

Thank you

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