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Dual screen - possibilities?


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I have a full size arcade running Big Box and while setting it up, the controls gave me a lot of headaches - controls that were fine for one game, wouldn't work with another game. In the end I used several IPAC profiles to configure the buttons. The problem here is that the user gets on-screen promps but doesn't know which prompt goes with which key. (for example, "press BACKSPACE to close menu"). Since overlays don't work in Windows games, I had to find another solution.

So I found that you can hook up a Raspberri Pi screen to a regular PC and use that to display a marquee in Big Box so I ordered one. The idea is to mount it above the main screen between the two speaker holes and have it show the controls for those games that use specific remapping. I believe using the "marquee" system this should be possible? 

I wonder if that second screen could have more uses though - do certain themes allow for dual screen displays? For example, display high scores or something else on top?

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All themes allow for marquee support. What can be shown is limited to how the marquee view is coded in the theme you are using as well as BigBox’s capabilities. So you would need to code a view yourself or see if someone can do one for you. Right now marquees can show additional images such as custom control map images, but things like high scores would require a user created plug-in. 

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2 hours ago, RedAvatar said:

Too bad this is a rather niche option because more functionality for a second screen would be great.

I'll need to play with the marquee setting to see if I can even get it to use a global controller mapping image without needing to create one for each game.

There is not a setting you can play with to get it to do that. You would have to code the marquee view xaml for the theme to get it to do that.

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