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NEC Turbografx-CD association with retroarch

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TL;DR How can I manually add a platform association for NEC Turbografx-CD to Launchbox?

Hi, I have a fully imported set of games for NEC Turbografx-CD with Retroarch as the default emulator. 

I can load these games via retroarch.exe directly, but nothing happens with Launchbox (I'm testing on a Adams Family.CHD I made since Retroarch only compresses the first file in a .7zip file, so I know that problem is fixed)

What I've narrowed it down to is possibly Launchbox isn't calling the right core because there is no platform association for NEC Turbografx-CD in the Platform Association settings? 

As you can see from the attached image, Launchbox isn't associating the NEC Turbografx-CD with my chosen emulator, Retroarch. (I've confirmed it hasn't been associated with any other configured emulator as well).



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It doesn't appear there is any option to "add a platform" under the Edit Emulator Screen. There is only that option on the "Manage Platforms" screen, and the issue is, it's already there. So how does one add a platform association when the option to add one isn't available on the Edit Emulator screen?


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Well that's not very intuitive is it (scrolling past the alphabetical list of options to click on a field to add whereas the rest of the interface has interactive buttons to add fields)? 😃 

However, TYVM for pointing that out! I certainly won't forget now and my games are launching as expected! 

You are a huge time saver, thanks for taking the time to help me out, it's greatly appreciated!

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