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LaunchBox with games and media on a network drive.


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Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you an advise about geting a LaunchBox setup where LB will be installed on a local hdd while having games (imported by exodos), medias like manuals, images and so on on a Network drive.

My idea would be to basically  to import emulators, games with settings and pictures/manuals while keeping only the main LB on a local drive.

How can I achieve that, if it's possible? ExoDos comes with a folder games zip files and a !dos folder, what should be imported?

Also, the great thing about ExoDos is that each game has a .bat file for DosBox, and the possibility to choose which emulato to use (like DosBox or ScummVM).


In short :) Would it be possible to keep he same ExoDos setup while keeping those files on a separate drive?

Thanks for any suggestion!

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I'm trying a different approach.

With the current ExoDos and Launchbox setup, I have moved the games on another folder.

After that I have replaced the <ApplicationPath>, <ConfigurationPath>, <RootFolder> entries in the xml file with the new path (just for testing "D:Games", if it works I'll move everything to a network drive,, where inside the D:\Games folder there are the games zip files and the !dos folder) while everything else stays the same (emulators, images and so on).

If I open LaunchBox then, right click on a game to open the game folder, then it is redirecting me to the new path, which is good.

However, games do not launch the standard setup, any advice on how this can be solved?

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Typically you can do this pretty easily, You just need to change a Platforms folder to point to the network location and LB will do the rest for you. I believe however that Exodos collection (especially v5) expects it to be in the root LaunchBox directory and may break if you try to run it from another location.

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I've just tried using a symlink and it looks like it is working fine.

LB installed locally and the "eXo" folder with all the roms on the network drive.

So far so good.

I suppose that potentially it would be possible to redirect to different folders for all the images from the "manage Platform" settings as in the screen, correct? Tho I guess it would slow down loading times.


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Images like screenshots would take a bit longer to load via symlink (only because they potentially are travelling via network and not just the HDD I/O), but as long as you don't move and sym the image cache folders box art and menu art shouldn't take any longer if cached already.

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