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  1. There isn't any setting you can do change the image size. Themes can use XAML to stretch the image to fill the same amount of space but if the image has a lot of dead space in it the theme/xaml can't do a great job at increasing scale. May just need to find a better logo for your use case. You can change the playlist parent in LaunchBox by going to the Playlist via the Playlist or Platform Category filter. Right click the playlist you want to change and hit "Edit..." Go to the parents tab and select where you want it placed.
  2. I really doubt you do, but can you confirm you don't have any images in \\Launchbox\Themes\XXX\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo\ (XXX would be the name of the theme you are using) Also just out of curiosity, does removing the "Scrape As" on your AAE platform and then running Big Box correct the issue?
  3. C-Beats


    Hey @midd sorry about the problems you are having. @Retro808 reached out to me about this issue. I know most (if not all) of this Retro walked you through but just want to confirm. Could you answer the following for me? Would help potentially narrow down what is happening. 1. Is platform marquee's the only one you can't get displayed? Do game marquee's display at all? 2. Is this occurring for all themes or just one? 3. Do you have an image in \\Launchbox\Images\Platforms\XXX\Bannner\ where XXX is the platform name in question? 4. Do you have an image in \\Launchbox\Themes\XXX\Images\Platforms\Banner where XXX is the theme you are using?
  4. ePSXe does not have M3U support. To use the disc change feature you would need to alter settings to allow you to get to the main UI and have access to the "Change Disc" menu option and manually change it yourself, Launchbox has no current way to automate that process. If you want an easier time with Multi-disc games you may want to try the mednafen_psx core in Launchbox. I can't speak to how good/bad it emulates compared to ePSXe as I am not well versed, I DO know though it supports M3U files which Launchbox is set up to pass it.
  5. Believe it is in 10,10. Are you still experiencing this issue?
  6. You are using the new default theme with dynamic box sizing. Since your screenshots are different sizes the boxes are as well. You can revert to the old theme (with the same sized boxes) both as free or premium user and return to the view you are used to.
  7. The Launchbox GamesDB already has the summary for most of the titles within it. You simply have to use the "Download Metadata and Media" option in the tools menu. Anything that can't be or isn't linked to a Launchbox game ID will have to be manually retrieved and entered.
  8. Can manually create a game entry with no application path, or just make a bunch of blank text files named with the name of the game you want to add and them import them. Would then delete the text files just so you aren't trying to pass them to your emulator.
  9. Or use a debit card that has a CC vendor logo on it.
  10. Appreciate you willing to try and go the extra mile to correct a perceived issue. I do need some more information from you to verify that this is indeed causing the issue you are experiencing, why it is causing the issue, and what changed to make it do so. First, can you tell me what all you had selected in the Controller settings? Did you have it scanning for all controllers or did you have one selected? If a single controller was the selected controller bluetooth, and was it still showing as paired despite being off? If all controllers were selected do you have any other devices paired that can act as a input device that may have been accidentally found by LaunchBox? Is it possible that one of those devices were sending events that could misconstrued as as axis movement which would then move the mouse?
  11. I have found out what is going on. This is being caused by the fact you are importing with the "Force Duplicate" option turned off and have a platform who's "Scrape As" name is the same name as the platform you are pulling games into. The importer is seeing a game by the same title in that other platform and saying, HEY ITS GOT THE SAME NAME AS A PLATFORM PRETENDING TO BE THIS ONE (or something similar) and ignoring the title. For now either removing the "Scrape As" information in the other platforms or checking the "Force Duplicate" option during the import should correct this. We will look into altering the code so that it will only check for other titles already in the EXACT platform you are importing games into it and will update the post when it makes it into a push.
  12. @MadK9 if possible could you send me your XML for the platform you are having issues with as well as the full file path you believe to be missing? Just PM them to me, no need to add to this post.
  13. This feature will automatically create and send to your emulator a M3U file under ALL of the following conditions: 1. The application path launched is associated to an additional application of the game you are playing 2. The additional application associated has a disc number associated to it (found in the "Edit Addtional Application" form found in the "Edit Game" form of LaunchBox) 3. The application path launched is not already a M3U 4. The emulator is marked that is supports M3U If all the above is TRUE then the M3U is made with the application you selected to launch as first track, followed by all other additional applications under that game that also have a disc number, in disc order (numerical). To directly answer some of your above questions. NO at this time archived paths will NOT play nice with this feature and the M3U will point the emulator to the archive and not the .CUE contained within. NO at this time the only data point used in this process is "Disc" located in the additional application. Side is not used at all. For this process to play nicely with your set up, the roms would need to be extracted and the raw files added to Launchbox (typically you want to add the .CUE files NOT .BIN, or .GDI for Dreamcast). Each file should be brought in as an additional application of the game (some people think of these as versions) with the disc marked. The emulator in question will need marked as being able to support this feature as well. Once those steps are complete the process should do the rest for you.
  14. Also did you try to import just the games that were giving you issues and see if when imported by themselves they came in correctly? Did you have logging on while you were doing this and if so could you grab them and send them my way?
  15. First round of questions just so I can hopefully narrow down the search: When typing in the custom platform name did you have anything selected as "Scrap As". After importing with the correct name did you check that any of the roms had additional applications (curious if maybe a rom was mismatched under another title).
  16. I appreciate that you are upset but I have already told you the cause of the mouse stutter. It is a known issue with Windows 10 when hard drive usage spikes (something that WILL happen on load, especially give the other software you have running at the time). You can replicate the same thing doing any hard drive intensive operations on your computer without Launchbox even installed. The type of hard drive makes no difference (HDD or SSD) it happens with both. Your OS has several settings that can be altered that will drastically increase your performance and all are pretty easy to google, if you need assistance though just ask I can show you the few steps/links that have worked for me. Can also tell you that I have increased issues on my PCs that DON'T have Launchbox installed that have forced me to do this recently. I would suspect a Windows Update messed with a previous setting or is compounding the issue but haven't taken a ton of time to find out.
  17. I just ran the API url for your profile and the XML did not have that title in it which kind of surprised me because I saw it in your Steam Profile as well as another 3rd party tool using the Steam API. At the moment I am unsure WHY it is not appearing in the API call though.
  18. Also when first loading Launchbox it will use as much CPU/HDD IO as it can to get resources for you as fast as you can. The OS tends to freeze when the hard drive IO is hitting it's limit (I've seen it with CPU as well but not as regularly). The strain caused by LaunchBox is then compounded by the fact you have a torrent client and IDM running BOTH doing the same thing, you WILL see performance degradation on start up. Wait a minute or two after launch and make sure you do not see a green bar at the top of LaunchBox as this means cache's are being built. If it STILL occurs then you can go from there.
  19. Not sure if this applies to you but worth noting: If you have Launchbox in a Dropbox or other similar cloud sync software you should pause that software while using Launchbox. Those softwares tend just spin your CPU waiting for any split second it can to lock the file to sync it to the cloud which renders the file unusable to Launchbox.
  20. Click edit on any game, you will notice an "Additional Application" tab. I am referring to those. Basically another version of the same game all merged to the same game record.
  21. Yeah depending what method you use when mass downloading media that can be very possible. I ran the download media tool against my entire library last night and woke up to 26k duplicates (give or take)
  22. A duplicate is two files that are exactly the same content. Meaning the hash of the two files are the same. If you have two images that are of the same picture but the file hash is different this tool wouldn't know and would leave your image alone. The tool DOES also now tell you the full path of the files in question so that you CAN navigate to that file and compare before selecting it to delete.
  23. Ah ok. I don't have any emulators QUITE that picky.
  24. Yeah I assumed that it was, but the sizes don't add up from what I am used to seeing. For example, how on the earth do you have over 600gb of emulators lol
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