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  1. A LOT of how you set your install up is entirely up to personal preference. I've seen people ecstatic with build setups that would make my skin crawl to use, and I'm sure the opposite could be said as well. My advice would be to think about what specific goals you have for LB/BB to help you achieve. See if you can do it on your own. If you can't, then ask on the forums, "How do I do this?" (and be as specific as possible). Once completed, you can show the forums WHAT you did to achieve your goal and ask, "Was this the easiest way to do this?" and then use the information you are given to make the next goal easier to obtain (or duplicate depending on the goal).
  2. Last I knew IndieDB does NOT have an API so you would have to do a lot of manual URL assigning or crawling/searching to get a scraper to work properly.
  3. In your example @RULLUR, is each version of the game it's own game entity or not?
  4. Take a look at the Default Startup theme and use that as a basis. The first image IS the full screen background you are referring to, overlay would be the same just appear later to draw over the first image. In the middle do something similar to the grid you see and use that as a baseline to get the Clear Logo image the way you want. Should only need a grid with 3 rows and 3 columns with the middle row/column being set up to be the size you want the logo.
  5. Yeah the hope is that users can use the form to more easily perform tasks like consolidate and replace value x (and potential y) for z, or vice versa. Think it will help quite a bit with users that make mass changes to fields like "Genre"
  6. Nice catch on the column name and sorting, both will be resolved in the next beta release. In regards to LB remembering window placement/settings I'm not sure that was ever a thing before so that wouldn't be new. While you all in a solid testing state though could you check out the new functionality for multi strings that has been built into the Bulk Edit and let us know what you think.
  7. This is a manual process of getting images that satisfy your desires. I personally use Steam Posters which are 600x900 images. The import will already pull them for titles that have them, I then use steamgriddb.com to fill in any gaps in my collection. I haven't ran into any games they DON'T have that are on the other clients/storefronts.
  8. It was decided to do this because not ALL additional apps are a different version of the game, some can be apps that are told to run before or after the game to make it work properly. Because of this it only counts apps that have versions on them and only disc 1 (or none) OF those versions.
  9. The "Version" field of your additional apps need to be filled in with information in order for that badge to appear. Can be filled with anything but blank or all spaces and it should cause it to appear.
  10. This is because of the weird naming used in your file. Your actual rom file/zip has a leading "._" in it that is causing confusion for the importer.
  11. Been looking around and I found there is a known issue with a certain DLL that is used by several third party software that is known to cause issue with WPF rendering in Net Core applications. Do any of you have Sonic Suite installed? Or if you open up Task Manager do you see a "NahimicOSD" listed in Processes or Services tab? Realtek also utilizes this DLL.
  12. You can change what folder a Platform saves images but you cannot change the image folder per game. The Edit Platform form has the options I am referring to, you could look in there and see if you can find a solution you find palatable.
  13. The man was pretty strait forward with you all. There are not only moral implications, but legal ones that we as a company can't really afford to take. If you have to ask it is probably just better to not submit at all. If you see something questionable, mark it for deletion. I would suggest removing (or not submitting) any images with the following: Exposed breast, genitalia, or buttocks Any image with characters in sexual positions (including oral) Any image where a character is being sexually stimulated Any image that strongly suggests any of the above
  14. Looks like you a broken theme. For now I would copy/move the themes out of your folder and try to start LB again and see if you have the same issue.
  15. If you install directly over the top you should be just fine, the installer doesn't alter, create, or remove the folders that contains your data or media. I believe so yeah, the .NET Core one, not Framework
  16. Newest version of LaunchBox requires .NET core, the older versions used .NET Framework. That is probably is what is causing the issue you are having. If you do #1 on the cabinet it should take care of that for you. You could alternatively just go to Microsoft page and grab the newest version of the .NET Core runtimes.
  17. Not real sure what libraries you are referring to or looking for. If you copy the \\LaunchBox\Themes\Default folder some where and open the .SLN file in there all the references you need should already be built/added.
  18. Yeah you altered a date string to something that isn't a date. Search the xml for the string provided in the error and correct or remove it. Can also just remove the entire xml or restore a backup.
  19. Welcome to the party, @phantomOz! Glad to have ya.
  20. When you say her .NET Framework is up to date, do you MEAN .NET Framework or .NET core? The newest version uses .NET Core and so you would want to verify that your .NET Core runtime are at version 3.1
  21. The emulator record that is saved to that game doesn't exist. It was probably deleted. Inside of LaunchBox go to Tools > Manage Emulators. Make sure SNES9X has the "SNES" platform (and spelled exactly how your platform is named) and ensure the "Default Emulator" box is checked. Then hit "OK" to save. There should be a popup asking if you want to change the emulator for all games in that platform, press yes if it pop ups. Then try launching your game again.
  22. C-Beats

    Steam in Bigbox

    Yes. Have Steam launch in "Offline mode" This MAY be different game by game but primarily no. Steam is a form of DRM and is required to be open to play the game. Some games don't integrate the DRM properly though and may allow you to launch them from wherever they reside on your hard drive.
  23. @MrSco is it possible that the PCs you are plugging the external drive to have entered sleep mode? By default Windows shuts off external drives when entering sleep or any "low power" or "power saving" mode. Is it possible those have not been shut off and the OS is killing connection to the drive thus causing issues?
  24. Can confirm the report. Thanks for bringing it up. I will take a look into it and see what we can't do to bring that logic back to the new Add/Edit screen.
  25. The first image you are showing us your display name, NOT your URL, they CAN be different. Open the Steam application, in the top headers (Store, Library, etc) click the header that is your profile name. In the screen that opens look on one of side menus to the right of the page and look for a link that says "Edit Profile". Click that link then in the page that opens the third item from the top should say "Custom URL". Put a value in there and then put that same value in LaunchBox when it asks in the import wizard.
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