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  1. Typically caused because of an antivirus quarantining files it shouldn't have or a dependency didn't get installed correctly. I would disable your AV solution, then run the LaunchBox installer again. Point it to the same directory (make sure it isn't creating a LaunchBox directory in your old LaunchBox directory) and then let the installer run and see if the program starts up after it has completed. If it still doesn't try to run it again, then open Windows Event Viewer and navigate to the Application Error logs, there should be an entry in there that can help point you to the right direction in regard to what is going on.
  2. Same line as the string x:Name="MarqueeImage"
  3. Fairly certain most use PcEm though I have 0 experience with it personally
  4. Poor dude still has that ugly sticker covering his face like some overgrown pimple...
  5. @Briantodd Is that a marquee image? If so could you check the element named "MarqueeImage" and set it's alignment properties to Stretch instead of Center and let us know if that corrects the issue for you?
  6. That's the games Clear Logo and can be scraped during import or by using the Download Metadata and Media wizard or manually adding it to a game in the Edit Game window
  7. I'd have to check. I believe Platforms only have the one. Games I know for a fact can have as many as you want and they will be randomly selected (like start ups). Just add them via Add/Edit Game's video page and as long as the type of video is allowed to be used (determined via your Video Priorities options in Tools > Options) it will be randomly selected.
  8. What version of LaunchBox are you on? Should be a matter of just changing the fill type used in the XAML file for the most part.
  9. With the steps Joe is telling you to take you wouldn't need to. Simply download the ini and let the plugin make the playlist for you. Even if you don't want to keep the playlist long term, you could make it, then select all the games in that playlist and add a custom field to them all then delete the playlists and plugin
  10. You can do that but not with Big Box default ImageVideoView. Would need to use the new FlowVideo controls to do that. It is possible though, just requires quite a bit more custom XAML to pull off.
  11. Isn't built into the CTC but you can use the RandomGame binding to access a random game from the platform currently being hovered over.
  12. You can have the function in both if you would simply perform the following steps (as stated in the ticket): 1. Select all Steam Games 2. Press Ctrl+E (or right click and select edit) to bring up the Bulk Edit Wizard 3. In the wizard select the Emulator Field 4. Set the value to one of your steam account emulators
  13. I know. I'm the same person who discovered the bug inside of Big Box (as stated in the ticket).
  14. Any Windows game that doesn't have a Quit or Exit menu item should be removed from your computer and never heard from again....
  15. Yeah. Been kinda putting off changing that code until RetroAchievements gets an endpoint added to their API that allows you to search for a game by the ROMs file hash (same check they already do within RetroArch). That alone would solve most of our problems.
  16. Pretty sure only the primary name since that feature was built before Alt Names was implemented (or I'm FAIRLY certain it was).
  17. We added a bindable property to all filter views called "RandomGame" that is a game picked at random from the currently selected filter. You can use it do display information or media about a random game for the filter currently being hovered over. So for example you do something like make a dynamic text box that says, "{Binding RandomGame.Title} is a great {Binding RandomGame.Genre} game for the {Binding SelectedPlatform.Name}!" and would display something similar to: "Adventure is a great adventure game for the Atari 2600!" The RandomGame property changes when SelectedPlatform (or SelectedFilter) changes so that you can have multiple bindings pointing to the randomly selected game and they all point to the same game.
  18. Inside of LaunchBox you can go to Tools > Options > Region Priority and tell us what your region preference is and we will use that to prioritize roms based on region. We do have some other prioritization logic built into LaunchBox (and have updated it not too long ago to work better). That process should already be deprioritizing beta roms. I believe though for that logic to work "Beta" has to be in parens like so, "(Beta)"
  19. Run the LaunchBox installer over the directory so it can download and place dependencies and it should work. We have several users already on Windows 11 you have not had any issues getting LaunchBox or Big Box to run. That combined with the this particular error message makes it pretty clear this is a dependency issue on your machine. If this error occurs after running the LaunchBox installer, restart your computer. If it still happens after that let us know and there a few more tricks we can try to get it to work for ya.
  20. I would imagine Tekken (the game you are showing working in Big Box) also works in LaunchBox. If I had to guess, the issue you are having is that the Tetris isn't being told to use an emulator. Need to select the game, right click, and select Edit. Then in the Launching section of the Edit Game window that appears go to the emulation page and check the first check box (Use an emulator...) and select which emulator you want as default. Then the "Launch With..." menu should appear in both Big Box and LaunchBox
  21. Inbox is always open if you run into a hurdle with the current functionality. Can't make any promises, but would love to hear when it happens so we can be aware and hopefully address it at some point.
  22. Really enjoy that preview video. Got a few views in there that are definitely something I'll probably sub into use in my own set up. I enjoy the more subdued minimalistic approach to your themes quite a bit. It's been pretty cool to watch your skills grow as you get more comfortable with your tool set. If this is just the beginning it'll be cool to see where you end up. Keep up the good work!
  23. I would assume this is because you pressed the Games tab. When pressing that tab we generate the list of games your filter would generate so you can see the results in real time. With no filters active this is your entire library, which can take time to add to the form and unfortunately cause some hanging. It shouldn't crash though. Windows may mark it as "Not responding" but that just means the UI thread hasn't told Windows to redraw in a long time. It isn't because the program stopped working. I'll look and see if there are things we can do to help with that.
  24. Can just use the realtime filter to filter games that have installed set to NO and then delete those games, no need to delete all and reimport.
  25. Pinball FX3 isn't a portable app at all and only the Steam version (with cabinet code) supports direct to table launch. If the relative path is the same between both machines you can still transfer seamlessly, but if it isn't then you will need to repoint the table files.
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