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Need some assistance - moved LB to a different drive


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So I know there are some threads on this topic but I have read several and have gotten all confused. 


C Drive - is an SSD has Windows only on it

D Drive - standard 3TB platter drive contains all emulators, all roms, etc

Structure on D is one Folder called ARCADE within that folder is one called Emulators and one called Games (I think its clear what these are)

LB was originally installed on the slow D drive and well as you can guess it was slow.  I got a larger SSD off the shelf and cloned the old to the new, everything worked fine so it was time to move the LB folder and make new shortcuts.

I did that and it runs so much better its like night and day.  Now as you can imagine I had an issue launching games since LB no longer knew where my Emulators were.

I edited each emulator in LB to tell it where to find each one ie on D:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME\mame64 etc

Mame games launched after that but nothing else - NES, SNES, Atari etc (all via Retroarch)

Sega Model 3 works because I edited the one actual game in that folder (SWT) and fixed it under emulation.  Same for Teknoparrot (only has Battlepod) so that was easy.  Well fixing the rest is much harder since there are several hundred games under the other emulators.


My question is how do I fix this?  I read something about using notepad++ and editing the XML but then got confused on what to search for so I am asking now before I start messing with anything what should I look for an edit based on the setup I listed above?


TIA for your help


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You probably need to update the rom paths for the other games inside of LB. Right click a game and edit it. In the Launching section check the rom path it has listed and if it does not match where you have the games now you can bulk edit the path for all games in a platform.

To do so just select all the games in that platform. The go to >Tools>Change Rom Path for Selected Games.

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