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PCSX2 completely closes when I accidentally press the ESC key, doesn't simply suspend as it does when not using Launchbox.


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I can't find any solutions online other than archaic AHK scripts that no longer work or people saying "you'd have to edit the source". I don't want ESC to close the process. I don't know why such a feature even exists without the option to toggle it, especially since it seems to just kill the process entirely when launching through Launchbox. It's extremely annoying to press ESC to pull a video out of fullscreen on another monitor and lose over an hour of progress because PCSX2 insists on watching all inputs from any device for that magic kill command.

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You need to edit the running Running AutoHotkey script of the emulator so that Esc isn't the exit key

So do the following in LaunchBox


1 ) Tools

2 ) Manage Emulators

3 ) Pick the emulator (at a guess PCSX2)

4 ) Edit

5 ) Go to Running AutoHotkey script tab

6 ) Remove the text from in there that says

; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape
    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}

7 ) Ok

8 ) Close

Load your game and you can hit Escape as often as you want and now it will behave exactly as it does outside of LaunchBox, it will just pause PCSX2 and make it windowed rather than full screen , assuming you load it full screen.

Good luck

Ps This does mean you won't have an exit key for PCSX2 from within LaunchBox but I think that seems to be what you want, as when using outside of LaunchBox, I don't think PCSX2 has an exit key of its own.

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