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Sega Model 3 Dolphinbar Lightgun Off screen issues


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Hey there! Altan here,


Having issues getting the Sega Model 3 Emulator (Running Supermodel r830, with Sega model 3 UI) 

Currently using  a Dolphinbar with a wiimotion plus and mouse accuracy is fine, but I cannot for the life of me get off screen reloading to work.

I've tried different modes on the dolphinbar itself, tried changing inputautotrigger in the ini file and still nothing. the only thing that currently reloads is the wii A button. 

Anyone mind helping me out? I just wanted to play The lost world Man T.T

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7 hours ago, Altanzik said:

tried changing inputautotrigger

When changing this, the line above it (in the ini file) is what will be set to "Reload".

InputOffscreen = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2,MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON"    ; point off-screen
InputAutoTrigger = 1                    ; automatic reload when off-screen

Since your Wii "A" button reloads, I'm guessing it's mapped (remapped?) somewhere on the "InputOffScreen" line.  Shown here is the default [but with "InputAutoTrigger" changed to "1"].  

I have no idea how the Wii controllers get mapped, but if it's to "Joy1" (and assuming you didn't change anything on the "InputOffScreen" line) I'd say your Wii "A" button EQUALS JOY1_BUTTON2.  

But it may be the MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON ?    [from the readme.txt file...]


...mapping of dual mice or dual light guns (which present themselves as mice to Supermodel) for 'The Lost World'.


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Make a backup of your supermodel.ini file.  Then reconfigure your inputs.  But instead of inputting what you want, input what you want to learn what it is.  So for maybe the first 4 inputs, press the Wii Mote "A". Next 4 press "B"  and so on.  When done, look in the 'new' supermodel.ini file and match up the inputs you used.

Make notes.  Restore your backup'd file and edit it accordingly.

From readme.txt


To reconfigure the inputs, use the '-config-inputs' option.  A blank window
will open up and instructions will be printed to the command prompt.  Read them
carefully!  Pressing the Escape key exits without saving changes.  Pressing 'q'
will save changes to 'Supermodel.ini'.  You can choose which input to configure
using the Up and Down arrow keys.  Clearing an input means it will be unusable.


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