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Version 2.0 of the D&D M&M Platform... now with 3D Images! 
After months of searching through countless images on numerous websites then fabricating nearly 1000 new 3D images, I am finally proud to bring you Version 2.0 of the Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Launchbox Platform. It now has the following enhancements.

  1. 960 new 3D images all created by yours truly using Photoshop and a lot of time and learning.
    • The images may not be perfectly accurate, sized, or shaped renditions of the original book, box, accessory, or component but they are quite good representations.
    • Here on the LaunchBox forums is the only place you will find any 3D image collection of this magnitude of these original Dungeons & Dragons items. Nowhere else will have these!
    • Searching for box side art, photoshop mockups, and action files plus fabricating all of these was a massive undertaking that I began last March.
    • There will definitely be updates to images as I find better shots of side art, better PSD mockups, and better actions files.
  2. In addition to the 3D images, I fixed a few hundred 2D images by cropping, blending, or replacing distorted, truncated, or otherwise poor images.
  3. Resampled many images that were either too large or too small so the size of the image cache is now much smaller and more evenly distributed.
  4. The old image collection was quite large (~5.5 GB). The new collection is similar in size but contains over 960 more images.
  5. Minor description and filename fixes.
  6. Follow the directions below in order to install. You can basically bolt this pack on by placing the folders in the archive into the corresponding LaunchBox folders.

Fabricating these images was a massive undertaking which has, hopefully, help to preserve the beauty of TSR's artwork. In addition, the synopsis for each TSR item, from D&D's inception to the end of 2nd Edition, is included with each image. If you're a Dungeons & Dragons fan, whether casual or serious, I hope you will enjoy the D&D M&M platform. More importantly, if you have never much paid attention to the Dungeons & Dragons universe, I hope this platform will spark you interest. Please take a risk and install the platform if for no other reason than to enjoy the beautiful artwork.

With a new Dungeons & Dragons movie in the works, I am hoping this platform may introduce or refamiliarize you to the world of D&D, preparing you for the onslaught of D&D fiction that is surely to come.

The PDF files these images are associate with are NOT included with this platform. A simple Google search will return a TROVE of results. Please let me know your thoughts on this system and the images. The images will continue to be updated as I find better photos to work with. I really enjoy hearing from D&D fans that enjoy the game/artwork as much as I do.

NOTE: In addition to this LaunchBox Platform being a graphical way to launch your games/PDFs, this system is also for historical and educational preservation purposes. 

Hope you Enjoy!







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For me, D&D is a space for creativity and new experiences. Creating an enjoyable, lively character on the fly (if it is not given to you in advance) is not an easy task, and this is where reading literature, watching movies, and just life experience help. Also, the role-playing element in D&D helps us try on different social roles, which allows us to understand ourselves better and learn to interact with the world. For example, becoming a leader in a party is not the most straightforward task because people and characters have very different motivations. How do you get the group to listen to your opinion? Among other things, players and wizards regularly get this experience when they gather around the same table using https://dndguide.net/.

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7 hours ago, EmmaClarkS said:

For me, D&D is a space for creativity and new experiences.

Thanks for the reply, Emma, I agree. D&D has been so influential in expanding my imagination of fantasy universes. The still images alone spark so much wonder.

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