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  1. If you are not seeing the D&D playlists, they are there. There are around 22 of them. They just need to be hooked up manually to the parent D&D Platform. I don't include this PARENTS.INI file in the pack as it is a global file that other platforms use and could ruin others' setups. I thought about putting the year in a 01/01/19XX long ago but decided making all the dates Jan 1st might be more confusing to those new to D&D or the platform. I didn't like the inexact date either so simply stating the year of the product's release made more sense to me. It is the way these products are categorized on many other websites. I disagree with the idea that there are too many custom fields. The attempt here was to include as much data as possible for each product but, since the application is designed for video games and not e-books/PDFs, the data fields provided were not enough to accomplish this goal. The extra filters were necessary and actually add to the scope of a product's series categorization and history. I gave the creation of the entire platform years of debate and customizing. This is the final outcome. That being said, you're of course welcome to customize the platform on your own device in any way that makes more sense to you.
  2. I just tried downloading and extracting once again and the files are still working. For some reason, as soon as the files are uploaded, they are never ready for community download until several hours later. It's a problem on LanuchBox's end. Perhaps because the files are large, they are being reviewed or scanned for any unauthorized ROMs or malware. Please try downloading again, one at a time, if you haven't already. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you run into any issues during setup.
  4. To have the PDFs Launch with the PDF reader of your choice: If you'd like to use Adobe Acrobat (or some other PDF Reader) you can easily add it as an emulator in LaunchBox. Install Adobe Acrobat on your computer. Go into Launchbox, right-click on any image and select EDIT. Select Emulation from the left menu Add Adobe Acrobat as a new emulator as seen in this image. Add a Platform (such as Dungeons & Dragons) on the 2nd tab. In LaunchBox, select ALL images that pertain to PDFs Right-click on one of the images and select EDIT. The BULK Edit window will pop up. Select EMULATOR from the Field and change the value to either Adobe Acrobat or Rocket Launcher I use Soda PDF reader connected to RocketLauncher. I've included the required Rocket Launcher scripts in the download archive. RocketLauncher already has built-in AHK files for Soda PDF which makes it super easy to run properly. Soda PDF has a nice 3D page-turning effect which makes the manuals more realistic.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not sure why I didn't get notified of this post. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I do have plans to do 3e, 3.5e, 4e, and 5th editions but it will take quite a bit of time to collect all the data and photoshop all the images. Fortunately, those versions don't have as much content as this one. I have 1 more release planned for this version as I am currently reworking all the boxed sets. This will likely take a few more months then I can start on 3e/3.5e. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this latest v3.9.0.
  6. I downloaded the 2 files and was able to successfully extract the data. Just a note... with RAR archives, you only need to extract PART 1 and it will extract all other parts automatically. No need to extract the individual parts. However, that still doesn't mean there isn't a problem, so I am pasting the missing image you need here. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I will investigate and upload a new archive, if needed. I'm not sure why this has become such a problem with the LaunchBox Forum servers. I have a updated set of spine images ready to go anyways.
  8. I see what the problem is. It appears to be on LaunchBox's end. The file is uploading fully at 5.9GB but only downloads about 5.2GB thinking the file is complete. When opening the archive, not all the folders are there.
  9. Thanks for the reply. It seems strange that the file upload process wouldn't inform the user that "the file is too large, please try a smaller file size," and instead read "success." The file I had uploaded before was only a bit smaller, unless new restrictions have since been implemented. The website appears to accept the file totally fine but somehow manages to corrupt the file. I usually remove any previous versions on my end but maybe older versions need to also be removed by an admin?
  10. I am attempting to upload a new version of my Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Platform pack. The LaunchBox file upload process keeps somehow damaging a perfectly good working archive file when uploaded, even though the result shows success and the uploaded file is the proper size. I had no idea the archive was damaged until someone informed me that files were missing. I downloaded the file myself and found it to have a premature end-of-archive error. The file is rather large (~5.9GB) but I've uploaded large files before without issue. I changed the file type from ZIP to RAR and shortened the filename so I am testing now to see if that helps. My network is fast and the connection is stable so I am not sure why this keeps happening. I'd rather not break the file up into individual pieces so is there something I can do to ensure a properly working archive gets uploaded? Also, is there a faster way to upload a file? It takes around 90 minutes to upload this file. Thanks!
  11. VERSION 3.0.0 IS OUT! From all the excitement surrounding the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie, I thought it would be prudent to celebrate with the latest Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules release. With the addition of new LaunchBox functionality, such as box spines, icons, filters, and custom fields, an enormous amount of data, images, and information was added to the Dungeons & Dragon Manuals & Modules Platform. There is so much new content, I'll need to roll a successful intelligence check to remember what was added/changed. Box Spines: 214 new Box - Spine left-sided images created for all boxed sets, all hardcovers books, and several soft cover products. These allow 214 of the 960 images to be viewed using LaunchBox's new 360-degree image viewer. Softcover and module spine images will be included in a later release as it will take several months to find and Photoshop the 300+ spine images. 22 Playlist Icons added. These new icons can be viewed in the LaunchBox left-hand playlist menu. 218 (whew!) updated Box - 3D images. Many softcover books now better represent the proper page-count and thickness of the original printed manuals. Dragon Magazines, around a dozen boxed sets, and several softcover manuals had their images completely refurbished from higher resolution photos, better preserved products, and include proper rear covers. Several images have been redesigned with new 3D models (see #7 below). 28 updated Box - Front images with much sharper and richer artwork. 18 updated Box - Back images with much sharper and richer artwork. 7 new custom fields that make searching/filtering for a product or series much easier. These new data fields expand not only the knowledge base of the original products but aid with historical preservation as well. Author: Usually 1 or more of the main contributors to the book, manual, module, or accessory. Category: Accessory, Adventure, Campaign Setting, Board Game, Core Rules, or Sourcebook. Values assigned to various items will likely change a bit in the future, as more data becomes available. Format: Hardcover, Softcover, Module, Boxed Set, Folding Cardstock, Leatherbound Book, et al. Pages: This helped greatly with redesigning many 3D images to better represent the book thickness of softcover manuals. Rule Set: Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, AD&D 2nd Edition, Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal, RPGA, Saga System, etc. Setting: Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, Ravenloft, Planescape, Lankhmar, Spelljammer, Greyhawk, Mystara, Birthright, et al. Year: Release Year of the product. This makes for a pleasurable and informative year-by-year journey though D&D history. 2 new types of 3D image designs: Folding Cardstock: Used to display products such as Dungeon Master's Screens. Leatherbound Books: Used for the 4 Encyclopedia Magica manuals (I love these!!!). Updates to some playlists to better represent a particular game setting. Updates to several filenames to better represent the product titles. Updates to game notes when errors or misspellings were found. I hope you're as excited to download version 3.0.0 of the D&D M&M Platform as I was to release it. This latest update is the culmination of months of data and image editing, while the entire platform is an avocation that I've been working on since 2018. You can simply extract the archive file to the directory where you have your LaunchBox directory installed. You may want to delete the D&D Images folder, if you have one already installed, to make sure you see the latest images and filenames, before extracting but it's not necessary. If I forgot to include anything, I will upload minor version updates, once I discover them. There should be another major update in a few months. Thanks so much to websites like RPGGeek, TSRArchive, DriveThruRPG, eBay, and Worthpoint which without these amazing sites, none of this would be possible. I must reiterate, however, that NO PDFs or Software are included with this platform. This is 100% for the preservation, enjoyment, and appreciation of the mythology, artwork, and universe that is D&D. Please let me know if you encounter any issues during setup. The XML file path for all items is set to Z:/ but I can help if anyone wants to use a different absolute or relative path. Also, please make sure to backup your LaunchBox installation before making any big changes such a this. There are no LaunchBox core files included in this archive but it's always wise to have a backup plan just in case you're waylaid by any dishonorable thieves or savage troglodytes. But most of all... roll a natural 20 and ENJOY!
  12. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. Glad you're enjoying the pinball pack!
  13. Sorry, just saw this. You have to use Rocket Launcher to help extract the archives then run the table programs. If you are not familiar with RocketLaucher, there is a bit of a learning curve. There are many tutorials and videos on YouTube on how to set up and use Rocket Launcher with LaunchBox. Look at this thread I started several years ago to get an idea about how to use RL to run zip archive: http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?5162-Future-Pinball-launching-zip-files
  14. I have all my Future Pinball tables launch from ZIP archives. You use the images and Videos as the artwork for LaunchBox. LaunchBox will launch the table once you set up the emulator.
  15. Thanks for the reply, Emma, I agree. D&D has been so influential in expanding my imagination of fantasy universes. The still images alone spark so much wonder.
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