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  1. Thanks for the reply, Emma, I agree. D&D has been so influential in expanding my imagination of fantasy universes. The still images alone spark so much wonder.
  2. Thanks, @C-Beats Confirmed working! Background artwork now shows in the Default Theme playlist menus when no video is available and menu is set to PLATFORM WHEEL 1, 2, 3, or 4. Thanks to @Retro808, @C-Beats, and all others who helped solve this issue! The BigBox theme for the Dungeons & Dragons Platform looks fantastic now
  3. Thanks, @Retro808 I really appreciate the help. I responded in the bitbucket ticket as well. I think the problem may reside with my D&D Platform. Perhaps I am not placing or naming images appropriately. I used your settings and still don't get the desired results. I do have a workaround by using other themes, using text playlist menus, or placing images in the video folder.
  4. Sure! I'll send it to you shortly. One more thing I just tested... Placing an image in the VIDEOS/PLAYLISTS folder and renaming it to the same name as the playlist works. However, only 1 image can have the same name, unless the images have different file extensions.
  5. I have figured out what's happening: Setting the Platform List View IN VIEWS to PLATFORM WHEEL 1, 2, 3, OR 4 will not show any artwork from the PLAYLIST ARTWORK FOLDERS. THIS IS BECAUSE THE PROGRAM IS ONLY LOOKING FOR VIDEOS IN THE PLAYLIST VIDEO FOLDER AND NOT DEFAULTING TO PLAYLIST ARTWORK WHEN NO VIDEO IS AVAILABLE. This may be a bug since setting the Playlist Menus to TEXT shows Playlist Artwork when no video is available but using CLEAR LOGOS for the playlist menu shows no playlist artwork. I tested this theory by renaming a video to Forgotten Realms, placing it in the Vide
  6. Thanks for looking into this. I've looked in the setting and see that this box has been checked this whole time yet it still shows no artwork in the playlists. I tried putting artwork in other folders where Default theme may be looking but still nothing appears. However, I started changing the theme menu styles and did find some success. Using PLATFORM LIST VIEW: TEXT WITH DETAILS for the Playlists, the artwork WORKS!!! If I select a PLATFORM WHEEL # such as 3, the playlist background art doesn't come through. So, apparently, the artwork isn’t workin
  7. Issue #6190 created. Let me know if you need any further information. Thanks!
  8. I finally had a chance to test the Beta version (11.13) to see if the DEFAULT theme shows background art like Critical Zone V2. After several attempts changing different settings, playlists still appear with no background image. I will make a ticket and try to explain the issue as best I can.
  9. No, sorry. I never figured it out and no one ever replied. I even asked on the reddit board and detailed the issue but there was no response. I need to look back into it.
  10. Forgot I posted this over 2 years ago but, alas, there was no response I suppose it's not possible for playlists to show FANART images when no video is present within the DEFAULT theme? I guess I am looking for a hybrid of the DEAFULT and CiriticalZone V2 Default themes (unless it's possible to simply edit the Default theme scripts to do this). I'd like these playlists in the Default theme... to show Fanart background images like this from the CriticalZone V2 theme...
  11. Version 2.0 of the D&D M&M Platform... now with 3D Images! After months of searching through countless images on numerous websites then fabricating nearly 1000 new 3D images, I am finally proud to bring you Version 2.0 of the Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules Launchbox Platform. It now has the following enhancements. 960 new 3D images all created by yours truly using Photoshop and a lot of time and learning. The images may not be perfectly accurate, sized, or shaped renditions of the original book, box, accessory, or component but they are quite good
  12. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Manuals & Modules View File After months of amassing the artwork, descriptions, playlists, and details, I have the first version of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Launchbox Platform! The system contains artwork for around 486 PDF files and 14 Playlists detailing manuals, adventures, errata, character sheets, DM rewards, etc. for use in your 5th edition gaming sessions. This is not a video game system but a PDF e-reader system for Dungeons & Dragon 5th Edition. THERE ARE NO D&D5E PDFs FOR DOWNLOA
  13. I see what's going on now. Under VIEWS - PLATFORM LIST VIEW, BigBox does the following: THEME: CritialZone V2 Default 1. Platform Wheel 1 - NO Platform Video plays but Background Artwork shows for Playlists. 2. Platform Wheel 2 - Platform Video plays in a square box but NO Background Artwork shows for Playlists (just a green glow). 3. Platform Wheel 3 - Bigger square Platform Video plays but NO Background Artwork shows for Playlists (it's all black and empty). 4. Platform Wheel 4 - Square Platform Video plays but NO Background Artwork shows for Playlists (just a green glow). 5.
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